Sunday, 22 May 2016

A day in the life of Jimmy Savile 1978

Seems like the press had a more or less, constant interest in how Jimmy Savile spent his days, and it wasn't just the tabloids, oh no, the above article appeared in The Sunday Times July 16th 1978 ! I purchased this a few years ago, and having dragged it out of my stash, re-read it and goodness gracious what a gem it is. To those who want the truth that is, and you won't find much of that in dame dimwit's baloney. Now, read Mr Gales article, I really cannot begin to explain how important it is in terms of SEVERAL of the founding stories in the case against Jim. First off, there's his London pad
 OK, we know Jim had a kip in Park Crescent, a mile from Broadcasting House, fine ! 
He didn't say long at the hi-powered do, he presents his cheque and away he goes. 
 Off to BBC TVC in Shepherds Bush to record Top of the Pops. The dame's crew could have at least read this

Spot the venue for his late night feast guys and gals ? Why if it isn't the old Lotus House on Edgware Road, the name De'ath used in his Exposure pitch in October 2012. 
The above photo is said to be the 'Mascot Hotel' circa 1960 ish I guess. I still don't know if a place of this name actually existed, I can only find an Ascot Hotel in Mayfair which is very close to the Radio Luxemberg studios, I know because I've been there.
At least we KNOW that the Lotus Garden did indeed exist in the 1960's thanks to a telegraph article 2006. We even know who ran it and what cigars he enjoyed

There's a Chinese by the same name on Edgware Road to this day, could this be the same place ? 
 'Days before the recording, Savile, then in his late thirties asked to meet him in a Chinese restaurant in Central London' (MWT voice-over Exposure October 3rd 2012). 
Is part of De'aths story starting to make sense ? Remember, the show he'd asked Jimmy to appear in was made in 1965, when Jimmy was still working at Radio Luxumberg ? After all, the best lies generally have an element of truth in them, maybe he did meet Jimmy in London, but how much of his 2012 tale can we reasonably accept, especially that bit about meeting the 12 year old with Savile on a Friday night in London (he thinks ?). He says Savile told him he'd met the 12, 13, 14 year old girl at Top of the Pops, the night before.
'I think it was a a Thursday night, Top of the Pops went out on a Thursday night ... I would ring him next morning at the Mascot hotel' 
Which makes no sense when you know that De'ath was based in Manchester, his show was to be made in Manchester and best of all, Top of the Pops itself, was being made in Manchester too. Why didn't he just catch Jimmy in Manchester ? 
 Anyways, back to someone who knows exactly where he was in 1978, when TOTP was recorded, what time it generally ended and what tended to happen afterwards !
 Did dame expensive waste of space, Smith not bother speaking to all those other folk that were in and out of the star's dressing rooms while Jimmy was there ? How many technical hitches did they have back then ? Another piece of the jigsaw no-one's bothered to look for. Thank God we have the sort of evidence that would squash these claims long before they were even considered part of a criminal investigation. 
Mr Thomas's crew did some research didn't they ? Problem for him being that his researcher's were no doubt only paid for a few hours/days. Me ? I'm not paid by anyone, I do it because I care about Jimmy and all the other poor dead souls being stitched by these horrible people ! As for the dame, don't make me laugh


  1. The Lotus Position... indeed. Fantastic. It must be that photo-shot where they got all the Mensa hat pictures from, that they were regurgitating in 2012..... like thirty years old puke.

  2. Just made out in your first image that it mentions his involvement with Broadmoor... and "dame expensive waste of space" says in her report that his involvement there was "not widely known" bfore his death... sheesh....

    1. A few have said that I think. What was it Odema Curry junior Health Sec in 1970 ish, said in 2012 ? 'I think he appointed himself' OMG, give me strength !

  3. Great stuff again, Rabbit.

    Off topic: have you heard the John Ziegler interview with Jay Mohr?

    In a way I think it's quite instructive. It's very long, but Mohr is incredibly patient in forcing John to tell the Paterno/Sandusky story in a reasonably linear fashion, and he's quite good at identifying the key points which might be best presented and which pretty much speak for themselves.

    Of course, JZ has it easy, he only has *eight* alleged victims to deal with.

    1. Thanks Misa, no I haven't watched that but John is very good and very passionate about what he does. When I get a spare hour ... x

    2. I'm afraid the spare hour won't be enough, but it's well worth the listen to hear how Mohr manages to focus some of the passion. I've no doubt that John's passion is what has got him so far, but I suspect it's also what stands between him and those he needs to convince.

    3. nice thought Misa, but I think Ziegler faces pretty much the same problem as anyone arguing "Savile". Establishment has too much invested to ever step back.

      The two scenario's have many similarities.

    4. @Misa... opps sorry, that was the Cosby link.
      This is Ziegler

    5. Certainly lots of similarities. And, yes, it's going to be very tough to persuade people on either side of the Atlantic. But I must say that when there are only eight victims, and you point out that one or two of them don't stand up, that sounds an awful lot easier than we have it.

      More generally, JZ suffers from the problem of knowing so much about it all that it's almost impossible for him to explain it in under five hours. I thought Jay Mohr was very good at homing in on the points which *could* begin to change people's minds.

      I was reminded again of the recent anonymous poster who asked Rabbit whether Savile could actually be innocent in the face of 200+ 'victims'..."surely they can't all be lying?" I had the same conversation with someone quite open minded last night, but I just get the same 'hundreds of victims' and then blank incomprehension, glazed eyes and polite nods to whatever else I said.

    6. It will be interesting to see how many compensation settlements will be agreed by the Judge in the High Court.