Monday, 25 July 2016

Back to Jersey AGAIN !

Sometimes I wished I'd never started this. The sensation lasts less than a few seconds because I know what I'm doing is right, still ...
Enough of my troubles, because last night I received some very important information that could put a very different light on the Dee Coles yarn. Someone calling themselves 'Dee Coles', living in Worthing has a Facebook page. She also contributes to sites like Trip Advisor. Whatever, I'll come back to that later. What I really want to know is 
How the hell Savile was able to travel to Jersey with his campervan, without the necessary PERMIT ? You see, even now, even residents themselves have to ask permission just to have a caravan, I kid you not. Something to do with affecting hotel trade/tourism I think. If this is how it is now, what was it like in 1972 ?

I cannot say for definite, as yet, but I'm guessing that Jimmy NEVER took his campervan to Jersey. It shouldn't be that hard to check, I wonder if Osbourne Clarke bothered to ? I mean it's not that much to ask is it ? And an awful lot hangs on this, wouldn't you agree ? 

There are various tales doing the rounds post October 2012, involving Jimmy and the channel Islands, mainly Jersey. The thing is, only Dee's involves a motor home/caravan. Here's another version by some other anonymous accuser

 That one involved Guernsey, as did this little number 
Did Mr Collins ever find Jimmy's hidden stash I wonder ? Doesn't look like it does it ?
 Strange that Mr Collins didn't attempt to find Jimmy's cash in 2008 when he represented all those other alleged victims of sexual abuse in Jersey. He did so try to interest as many claimants as possible.
Last week, the High Court gave permission for 78 claims to be paid. 78 out of an original 211 (just 3 shy of the 'crimes' attributed to Jimmy by Scotland Yard in January 2013). What happened to all the others ? Were the unlucky 133 claimant's stories so ridiculous, even Osbourne Clark didn't dare ? I'm still not convinced that the scrutiny process was as thorough as it could have been, I don't care who says otherwise. After all, we don't KNOW do we ? We're not allowed to know !

 Did anyone bother to ask Jimmy's friends if he brought a caravan with him to Jersey ? He was there often enough by all accounts, and everyone seemed to enjoy his visits. Oh, and NO his mother didn't have a home there, ever !
Meanwhile, everyone is pissed because the lawyers got the lions share of Jimmy's charity money, while his alleged victims, who weren't in it for the money anyway, get so little ! 
Wonder how much Dee Coles got ? How sad would it be if someone were to find some clear evidence that her story cannot possibly be true ? Go for it guys and gals !

Why would Jimmy have gone to all the trouble of taking his van to Jersey, getting the permit etc etc, just to stay in a hotel ? And don't tell me he parked it in the car park but didn't sleep in the hotel. I wonder if some of the inspiration for that yarn came from the Louis Theroux film ? That bit where Jimmy does that macho bit of sleeping in a freezing cold van in sub-zero temperatures near Fort William ! More questions than answers ... onwards !



  1. She lives in Worthing?

    So did Savile's very first police accuser.

    she claimed assault in his camper-van too.

    Small world.

    1. Yes, the caravan tale was quite popular with one or two of the duncroft gals too. Did Jimmy even drive it that much ? Most photos seem to include that driver chap. Jimmy was not a great driver and the roads in Jersey are not that great, some places no kerbs or footpaths ! Well, that's how it was when I was there

    2. It was a beast of a machine, as we saw in the video of him travelling to Buckingham Palace in it. I'm not the greatest of drivers either, but I wouldn't fancy negotiating Jersey's narrow winding lanes behind its wheel.

    3. Think Rabiit's point about why would he use it and stay in the hotel anyway, makes all of this moot.

      As you know, I've always doubted that was Dee in the pictures. Imagine if it was actually that other woman from Worthing and somehow along the way, dee got hold of them during her decades of working in Women's refuges and such-like. I gather she has now disposed of the evidence anyway and destroyed the polaroids.

    4. I´m not sure they were destroyed, Moor, but certainly at the time of her first TV interview with Lucy Manning it was said that after holding on to them for 40-plus years she had now "given them away".
      Notwithstanding this, they were being handled by the pair in the film.

      Quite why anyone would want them other than the alleged victim herself is anyone's guess. Would a friend ask to be given them? It would be a bit weird...

      I'm still assuming that it IS Coles in the pics, but wko knows? There were some more family snaps in the 'Abused...' programme which are maybe worth a second glance.

    5. Where are all the other snaps from that holiday with her mum? Fairly sure this is a total shakedown. Imagine how many souvenir snaps there must be of Jimmy with folk over the years, and very sure now in the light of this evidence about Jersey roads and laws, that this story is bogus.

    6. So am I Moor, but no-one seems bothered. The real Savile effect- folk being either too scared or just plain couldn't care less.

  2. Here he is staying in a hotel in Jersey a few years before:

    "The shamed star, who visited Jersey several times throughout his career, made the comments during an interview while he was staying at the Marina Hotel in Havre de Pas in July 1967."

    Jersey Evening Post - Lock up your daughters!

    1. "Ten minute walk to car park"

  3. ------------------------------------
    Surfer Brett Muldoon started a campaign after being told he could not stay overnight in his campervan and he faced a fine of up to £500 if he did.
    The 1960s law was introduced to stop people living in the island illegally.
    Peter Le Gresley, from the planning department, said it would consider making changes if enough people came forward.
    He said currently campervan owners had to apply for a licence to bring them into the island and could only stay overnight at registered campsites.



    One would hope that the BBC had done their research and the law was indeed introduced in the 1960s.

    The more you dig Rabbit the bigger the evidential holes get.

    With luck a decent journalist will pick up the Savilisation story and run with it, dig deeper and ask proper questions and find proof.

    If it could be demonstrated and proven that any single claim was verified as true then I would happily sit back and accept it all - even though some spurious claims will have gotten through. Right now I have not seen anything qualifying as evidence of guilt - not a thing.

  4. That's pretty impressive google-fu, Barry. Glad I checked back before ploughing on.

  5. Barry great point there re living there illegally. Of course, it is very hard and expensive to buy a house on Jersey, even Bergerac had a hard time. Big shout to Bandini for this by the way what a fantastic find. I was feeling a bit dishearted today but you've all cheered me up. Thank you x

  6. I was thinking quite a lot recently of my week's holiday in Jersey in 1979 with three friends. We brought bikes and tents but hadn't booked anywhere to stay. When we arrived we couldn't find a space on a campsite and were thinking of camping rough on the side of the road. One of us knew a lad from the island whom he'd met on a sailing course. He rang him and was told that if we tried that we'd be deported straight away. His father, a member of the local 'voluntary' police, pulled some strings and got us a place. He even invited us to dinner that first evening. They had a beautiful view of the French coast, sparkling with lights. 'Have you been there often?' I asked the dad. 'What, France? No. Never.' The roads there are very narrow by the way.

    1. Thanks Sean, welcome to the madhouse !

  7. Karin Ward has been doing the rounds again, and what strange similarities there are between her story and that of Dee Coles:

    "You were abused by Jimmy Savile at 14..." -
    Ward nods in agreement! Same age as Coles - both lying!

    "Karin went on to meet Jimmy when she was 14 after being taken away on a camping trip..." - camping trip to Jersey versus Coles' campervan in Jersey.

    "One of the most traumatic memories for Karin is the day she fell seriously and vomited in front of her mother... and Karin now has an intense fear of vomiting" - what, like Coles' intense fear of vomiting?

    "If I feel nauseous, I am completely irrational and over-the-top. But it's something that is so far beyond my control. I would rather be shot dead than vomit."

    I wonder if Ward is also 'prevented' from travelling by her emetophobia (looked it up!) as Coles claims to be (despite evidence to the contrary)?

    LINK: Karin Ward flogging yet another book in the Mirror.