Sunday, 17 July 2016

Driving everyone except Savile

Goodness gracious, someone's been busy in one : lower than sewer level rag, to have unearthed this one. I haven't skimmed the dame report recently, but I think I'll go out on a limb and accept that this guy won't be in it
 Niven Sinclair who was 81 in the above picture, taken in 2005,  so he'll be about 92 now, a fitting candidate for the Savile Gestapo press wing to harass. 
 Another 'ex-chaffeur' ? But to be fair, Mr Sinclair does have a past, a past that seems to have alluded them at the BBC who contracted his firm to get their guests to the studios on time, in 1977. 
No mention of Savile, the, lower than sewer have bigger fish on their minds, for this one
It's kind of hard to discern who is the intended target for the Savile Gestapo press wing's latest. But, I think we can safely say that it's the BBC, with a little bit of the 'establishment' thrown in. 

But, why would the Savile Gestapo independent dame's 'probe' have identified this story ? Her remit, terms of reference, call it what you will, was focused on light entertainment, specifically any show connected with Jimmy Savile. Perish the thought, she'd be instructed to go a burrowing into the high-brow end of things, like election night ! 
You have to laugh at the old boys stories, when he thought it was safe to tell them back in 2005 that is
His firm managed to get the great and good, to the studios, on time that election year. 
 Back in 1977, Sinclair had done his time, and appears not to have any further convictions since 1971. He wasn't even directly employed by the BBC, yet here he is, in the middle of the Savile gestapo stitch-up. And, best thing about it, it's all Jimmy's fault 
No, you've been 'dragged into this' because the, lower than sewer, Savile press wing, are out to destroy as many dead men's good names as they can, and they don't care who suffers as a result ! 




  1. David Smith was first convicted for sexual offences in 1966 and supposedly worked for the BBC too, although nobody has ever proved the fact. Surprised there's no Ring Theory going on. Perhaps just another legal firm attempting to put the squeeze on the BBC with some media pressure stories.

  2. The gestation of this story is quite interesting: hard-working bloggers had their work ripped-off by hacks who slapped the word 'Exclusive' above their stolen article.

    I don't think I have too much in common with the bloggers behind it all but I can see that plenty of work went into their efforts. Why a bloke who hasn't apparently been in trouble for several decades should have so much attention devoted to his past crimes is another matter, but then it's no different to what the 'real' press will do when it suits them, so...

    The three thieving hacks who slapped their names on the tale had, as might be expected, already displayed their crummy credentials.

    - Nick Dorman: 'Edward Heath fixed it for Jimmy Savile to receive OBE and attended Paedophile Information Exchange meetings'.

    (Our old pal Don Hale had a hand with this one and another favourite - Mark Williams-Thomas - helped him pen 'Ex-cop claims a ROYAL was in paedophile ring but inquiry was closed to shield Buckingham Palace from scandal' which even managed to sling the mud at Oliver Reed of all people.)

    - Simon Boyle: 'Body of disgraced TV star Jimmy Savile could be removed from his now unmarked grave'.

    - Alan Selby: 'Tragic BBC girl was seduced by world famous singer - and pal vows to reveal name'.

    (She never did, of course, as it was all made up rubbish but Selby got a frontpage out of it.)

    In short, if either one of them were to spontaneously combust my first instinct would be to cross the legs. Their dissembling when challenged over the larceny was amusing to watch but at the end of the day they'll be back at their desks scribbling more lies & bullshit and their dreadful articles will probably be pored over as if they were 'the truth' by the next generation of 'truthseeking bloggers'.

    Until then, here's a link to the original: Credit where it's due...

    I haven't followed any of it up but it seems that the now-elderly man is a bit of a 'character' whose story might be interesting even if the past-crimes and 'links' to Savile were removed.

    1. Hilarious to see "dedicated" CSA blogger only interested in #justice, furious the meejia have nicked all her stuff and she gets no stardom out of it. LOLz

      If someone in the media would nick all my stuff and publish it, I'd be purring like a cat with the cream.

    2. One of the journos tried that, Moor:
      "Simon Boyles even had the gall to suggest to me “if your intentions are honourable you would be pleased” – like he understands what honourable means."

      I'm with the blogger on this one.
      If after all the effort you've put in someone were to lift your work, pretend it was theirs and failed to credit you for it, would you really not be bothered?