Sunday, 24 July 2016

Payday for the lawyers ! LOL

It's out guys and gals, the payments have been agreed, and I think it's safe to say that they'll be quite a few disappointed 'claimants' out there. At least TWO of Liz Dux's claims must have been rejected because just 166 got the go-ahead from the judge on Thursday (her firm alone had 168).
This is the Sunday Times' header from this morning. It's pay to view the whole thing, but the mail has the same information for free so let's go with that one eh ? 

This next bit needs a bit more investigation, maybe them at the pay to view, folk explained it better. Is some of the estate going to the BBC etc ?
Goodness, gracious, just £1000,000 split between 166 claimants. I'm crap at maths but I reckon that's about £9000 per claimant maybe less. Not sure what Dux means in this next bit, she's obviously trying to reassure her customers about something.  Wouldn't want any loose mouths contacting the press wing now would we ?
'No deductions' ? What does she mean by that ? Tax maybe ? Never mind, 'closure' apparently awaits her customers next week when they get paid !

And she just couldn't help having that pop at the beneficiaries of the estate'. Them that was supposed to get his money that is, his charity and a few quid for his nearest and dearest. 

In ambulance-chasing lawyer-land, there's no such thing as 'closure'. So, now that the Savile purse has been emptied, it's time too move onto richer pickings. The possibilities are endless 
Meanwhile, where it counts 

Will Dux admit how many of her claims got through ? Let's see shall we ?
You can put the checkbook away now Jim. Rest in the peace you deserve !

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