Thursday, 21 July 2016

Payday Pt 1

It's that day guys and gals ! The Savile compensation claims will be decided today, as I type although Justice Warren is probably having his lunch now (12.56 gmt) The Justice You Gov site which publishes the UK courts Daily Listings, was down this morning, but little old me, found the case on another
 I've no idea why the application hearing is described as being held 'in private', my sources tell me otherwise, but suffice to say, it's happening and no one in the media seems to be interested. NO-ONE !
So, that leaves me to spread the word as best I can ! I think it was Exaro news who claimed that a blogger with just 2000 followers, could have as much influence or summat like that, than the mainstream media. Well, guess what ?
 And, just look at the account name of my 2000th yesterday
 Blimey folks, there are more things in heaven and earth and all that, but what happened later in the day 
 Exaro 'news' are kaput, how the hell did that happen ? These were front-line (behind a keyboard) soldiers in the Savile Gestapo Press wing. Obviously, exaggeration shit-stirrer's, had gone a Bridge too Far, had some of the more powerful members of an 'establishment' that they have attacked so maliciously, finally had enough ? Who knows, I'm just glad they've finally got what they deserve, 'Next' as Jimmy said to Louis in 1999. 

One such NEXT might well be Liz Dux, Slater Gordon and all the others who have feasted on a dead man for the last four years. Strangely silent on the most recent Savile event, even their press release updates don't appear to have been 'updated' since Liz still had 170 claimants ! 
 Dux wasn't slow in getting in on the Savile free-for-all. From the get-go, she had 'dozens' of alleged 'victims' and she knew exactly who her lot would be putting the squeeze on once Jimmy's few million were gone !
 Dux knew that there would be hurdles for any would-be claimant's lawyer's to navigate. The courts don't like to appear as though they just give other people's money away, willy nilly !
 And while Jimmy's friends, no doubt still in shock a few weeks after Exposure, were telling it like it was with the financially challenged Savile, ridiculous claims were being peddled, including some nonsense involving a Rolls Royce
 Moor Larkin covered this not once but several times in his wonderful blog (obviously, not as wonderful as mine cos I've got 2000 followers now) 
 JUST THREE days after Exposure mind you 

But, how many of these claims will pass muster with Justice Warren today ? I won't judge his book by his cover, I'll wait and see what he says in his judgement 

 Curiously enough, another great blogger (much greater than me cos he's got lots more followers) barrister Matthew Scott published this fine piece about a man, a hero no less, who served time in prison on the basis of claims that turned out to be demonstrably false, once the liar himself attempted the bridge too far via the CIVIL court ! Snork as we say on twitter !

It's 2.06 pm gmt now, I wonder how many of Ms Dux's claims have come good for her clients ? She'll get her fee regardless ! 




  1. Well the S&G pin-up gal was celebrating that "justice prevailed" so someone's bank account will soon be feeling the 'Savile dividend'...

    If this was signed-off they'll sign off just about anything. A total disgrace.

    1. Dee Coles you mean ? Really ?

    2. Oh, heaven help us. Not so surprising, if true...but still hard to stomach.

      As is this little item which saddened me to read. You can hardly blame the guy, but it’s a sad state of affairs when someone who was willing to defend an old friend is cowed.

    3. Good Lord. See this quote?

      "When I used to see him on TV after he was convicted... "

  2. " Exaro 'news' are kaput, how the hell did that happen ? These were front-line (behind a keyboard) soldiers in the Savile Gestapo Press wing"
    Afraid its back online;
    Rumors of their demise have been exaggerated!