Sunday, 31 July 2016

Stick MY brick somewhere else pal

Amazing how one can change one's mind in the matter of a few days isn't it ? When I first heard about Ken Lynch I thought he was a shit, then my opinion changed and I decided he was just another victim of the Savile stitch-up. Today I'm confused, after realising that Mr Lynch's change of heart didn't just happen last week or even last year, but within weeks of exposure
I did laugh out loud at the irony of one of Jimmy's Stoke Mandeville hospital appeal bricks finding it's way in (and out) of the walls of a sex-shop just off the A1 and presumably with Ken's parish ?

 The story of this particular brick gets better in the telling
Yes, here he is with his own brick in 2011

Back in the days when Jimmy was Sir Jimmy and many of his associates bragged about their association, to the point of getting their knickers in a twist about a brick

Back to October 2012 and those few days/weeks when Lynch  defended Savile.
'after a damning 2015 report .. ' ? Now surely that cannot be true, Lynch had joined forces with the sex shop proprietor to have the darned brick sold in 2012

So now, I'm kinda back to my original position on Mr Lynch. Maybe I'm wrong to feel this way and I certainly mean the old man no harm. I'd have said he was another 'victim' of the Savile stitch up had I not come across those earlier articles. That and the fact that this latest version of events just happened to be published on the very day that the compensation payments were decided in the High Court.

And of course, compensation claimants claims are assessed before being accepted by lawyers such as Ms Dux ?

I think Mr Lynch is an attention seeker myself, because whilst looking for a suitable image to close, I find this from 2006 ! Make of it what you will 
I wonder if anyone has demanded the Biggleswade Post Office remove their brick ?


  1. All in all he's just,
    Another brick in the wall.

  2. Jimmy Savile is guilty of being smart, cheeky, hard working and generous – he’s guilty of being a Yorkshireman.

    But most of all he is guilty of being well known – known to every fantasist in the country.

    Happy Yorkshire Day, Jim!

  3. Lovely Misa - thank you!

    1. Went to see him again today, anon.
      It's a lovely spot, and we were lucky with the weather.
      Said next time we go there'll be a new headstone.
      Hope it won't be too long.