Thursday, 29 September 2016


Yes, guys and gals, this is on this Sunday at 9pm ! I'll be watching, I can't wait to see what this old 'friend' of Jimmy, comes up with in his 75 minute film. It doesn't sound as if will be very kind, does it ? 
 I'll be interested to see WHO Theroux includes in his film, and who he does NOT ! Let's wait and see shall we folks ? A preview copy has already been sent out to, who knows how many individuals/media folk

We can talk about afterwards guys and gals. Can't we ? 

Update 17.24 same day 

Published today in the Guardian


  1. Whoops, forgot the link:

    (More noncesense: "It has since been revealed that Theroux tried to report sexual abuse carried out by Savile after making the film, but it was not followed up." No he didn't! But let's blame the BBC anyway, right?!? Strewth...)

    1. Sorry I haven't responded to both you and Misa, I've been so busy. So many bloody stories being recycled, where to start ?? Big Smiley to BOTH of you x

  2. Mark Lawson in his write up says, “As the Dame Janet Smith Report records, I witnessed a sexual assault by Savile on an adult female colleague in 2006, reported it to BBC management but, as with Theroux’s evidence, no action was taken.” But what he means is “Afterwards, Mr Lawson and C23 mentioned that Savile had behaved in a lecherous way to John Goudie, the Editor of Front Row, although not as a formal complaint. In any event, C23 did not wish to make a complaint; she regarded the incident as unpleasant but thought that it was really a case of an old man acting in a clumsy, outdated and inappropriate manner. “