Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy 90th Birthday Jim

Sorry folks I've been a tad unwell for a few weeks. But, I just couldn't end the day without wishing Sir Jimmy a great big HAPPY 90th Birthday. Back in 1977 when folk were sensible celebrities such as Jimmy fronted various public service campaigns. You may have seen this image before, alongside some moronic comment about who NOT to let babysit your little ones.
Yes, another one from my library - here's inside the annual

 Yes, that's 1977 when some 8, 11 or 12 year old was being attacked in the TV room at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. 1977, by which time, the world and his wife had heard tales about Jimmy yet, there he is a poster boy for child protection !
 The book and no doubt the BBC TV program presented advice for childminders, things to look out for, signs that their charges might be in some kind of danger 

Two years later, Jimmy's still the greatest thing since sliced bread 

Meirion Jones is a couple of years older than me, he'd be about 22 when this annual came out. Old enough to pick up that phone and call someone anonymously if need be. It was only seven years since he'd claimed to have seen Jimmy at his auntie's approved school for delinquent girls. 
No, the majority of the population of Great Britain loved Jimmy Savile OBE 

Not easy to make out but that's a cheque for the NSPCC Jimmy's holding in his hand 
 Try as I might, I still haven't found anything that even remotely comes close to proving that Jimmy did anything except good for others. So, again I say : Well done Sir Jimmy. I know you're still smiling down on us ! 

Onwards !


  1. What a guy!

    Happy birthday, Sir Jim.

  2. I hope you're feeling better & firing on all four soon, Rabbitaway. All the best.

  3. Get well soon Rabbit. Yet another great post !

  4. Thanks Rabbit - watch the post!
    His birthday didn't pass without more nastiness in the press, but lovely blogs like this make the heart sing - thank you again from me and him xxx

  5. Hope youre feeling better now, great article as always.

    1. Thanks Anne - getting there ! x

    2. Aw, I missed reading this while I was ill last week - hope you're bouncing around properly now!
      How quickly everyone forgets how Jimmy spent so much time doing his charity work. "He spent every waking moment thinking about abuse"? Yeah, and I'm Donald Trump's next wife!

    3. LOL Mrs G - I think we can safely say, you'll not be seeing the inside of the Oval office anytime soon ! x