Monday, 10 October 2016

I didn't see anything like that either

I've replayed Louis Theroux's interview with Sylvia Nichol to ensure I had her words right. But, in doing so I picked up on this rather telling remark, and it's not said by Sylvia, it's Louis.
Sylvia has just told him how, every morning since the story broke, she goes to her shed where she keeps a painting of Savile and speaks to him
I open the door and say why don't you do something about all this ?
Do something about what ?
This, what's, furor that's arisen since he died
Do you really do that
Now, here's the cruncher listen up !
So, basically, am I right in thinking - you don't really believe that, um, he raped, abused, molested ? 
NO ! I've never said that I don't believe that - I've made an absolute point of saying I've only saw the good in Jimmy Savile. I never saw anything, in that line. And, had I seen anything in that line I would have been the first to report it.

I believe you that you didn't see anything. I didn't see anything like that either (voice changes) But, I also have to believe those accounts, and try to square them with the person I thought I knew.

But, you didn't know him as long as I did. We've had a ghastly time.
 That's Sylvia behind Jimmy, along with Janet Cope his secretary.
I'm getting a very strong feeling that Louis's been hedging his bets since October 2012. Right now I'm not sure if he even believes his own words, I could be wrong !
But, let's rewind the tape a few minutes as she describes how Jimmy came to be at SMH. She was 'a medical secretary at the NHS at the spinal centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital'

He came to Stoke in '69, and it was to do a walk for the red cross and he stayed ... It was the second of January 1980, we had a really bad snowstorm, all our ceilings were caving in. They were wooden huts. Dr Silver phoned Jim, 'you must come, you must come, you've got to do something'. And Jim did, and within two days we were flooded with letters .. checks, money 

August 3rd was the grand opening day says Sylvia. A new Spinal Injuries Centre was built, and twenty eight years later, the hospital mourned the death of their best FRIEND ! 

How all this would change within a year ! Obviously the NHS bosses had to react to the claims made in exposure on October 3rd. Unlike, Louis though, at this point, they did not 'have to believe' any claims relating to hospitals for the simple reason that there hadn't been any ! NONE 
Ex- PC Thomas presented one alleged 'victim' who wasn't a patient but a visiting member of a choir, or so her ridiculous story goes. Then, just two days after the show, a stroke of - Meirion Jones style luck befell him and the Personal Injury Law fraternity in the shape of June Thornton. 
 A week later along came Caroline Moore, the hare was well and truly running now. Enter Ms Dux
 And, while the hospital confirmed it had had NO reports previously filed, the Police were building their case against a dead man 
One of those 'several' presumably being the eight year old girl, who turned out to be an eight year old boy. But, that's for next time guys and gals - I'm staying with Stoke Mandeville for now, I've so much to tell you. Starting with this little mystery - See if any of you can work this one out. Sylvia says that Jimmy first came to SMH in 1969. That makes sense because of his backing Britain effort wherein he began portering at Leeds and Broadmoor that year. But, did he do a Savile's Travels radio show there ? Even the dame didn't quite get her head round this one !
The Independent paid tribute to Savile in 2011 


  1. No way to pin down a Savile's Travel from the BBC chitties, because Jimmy just did them alone with his tape recorder and I donlt think anyone knew what he had until he turned up in the studio each week with it.

    He did do a Speakeasy from Stoke Mandeville in 1972, recorded on a Friday in August for broadcast on the Sunday.

    1. Must burrow a bit harder on that one - when I get more time !

    2. Sure that it was the BBC profile of him in 1972 that has him playing wheelchair baseball in front of those barrack sheds. His original interest there may be explained within that programme. More information under BBC embargo.

    3. Well remembered M. He did a film in 1969 too didn't he ? Among your chits ??

  2. First one was in 1965 for sure, but as you mention, his Backing Britain thing garnered attention. There are a few chitties where he's on discussion forums for that campaign.

  3. "That's Sylvia behind Jimmy, along with Janet Cope his secretary."

    Who's the bird from the Daily Mirror?