Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Louis - an alternate scenario

I'll come back to Jimmy's friend Sylvia later. Her interview would have been next chronologically speaking, but I just had to write about this one, today. You see, Theroux did achieve something during that 75 minutes, he asked a Mail on Sunday journalist, why her paper did NOT expose Savile in the mid-eighties. The Mail was not happy with Louis, not happy at all 


Ouch ! So what of the 'cowardly attempt to trap a freelance journalist' ? Let's listen to how that one went down shall we ? I've just watched it again and transcribed the conversation word for word.
 Like most of us including Meirion Jones, Louis had an aunt. Unlike most of us that aunt worked for the Mail on Sunday ! Louis explains how he'd heard some Savile rumours in his teenage years but could not remember their source. He did however manage to trace ONE ! 
I traced one back through my my mum to my aunt who worked at the Mail on Sunday. She told me she heard it from a co-worker called Angela Levin.
Enters cafe & begins interview
You heard that there was an interest in disabled youngsters - when ? What year ?
In the mid eighties
When you did your first profile ?
Well, I found him despicable .. bully. He would, and I was told (inaudible) one nurse, play with little girls who were paralyzed from the waist down.
I mean, it seems odd that a newspaper, where you have the resources to get that story out there and do something about it. That, if you believed it, um, that you couldn't have somehow, done something ?
It wasn't a case that, if you believed it you could do it, because the libel laws were very strong, he was also extremely connected .... he raised thirty million pounds, he could threaten to not raise another penny. You'd have to be a very brave newspaper to do that. 
Anyone thinking what I am ? This woman is clearly out of her depth, how silly are the arguments she presents. So what if he never raised another penny, if he really was molesting disabled youngsters, it was Fleet Street's Finest, duty to do something. Read on folks !

Let me present an alternate scenario to you. That a nurse tells you that Jimmy Savile comes to visit her hospital and he molests disabled girls, right ? Which is, sort of, what she told you, is that right ? And then you feed this back to the investigations team, or some senior people at the Mail, and they go to work attempting to substantiate that, and he's caught. And then maybe even hundreds of victims are prevented from ever being molested ?

Erm, it's not a scenario that ever happened. I don't think I went back and told the investigations team.
Yeah, but I'm saying, if you had, if you'd sort - blown the whistle

(inaudible) trying to blame this on me ? 

Louis then launches into a speech about what 'we could have done' etc etc
Levin - Yes, I think you mustn't be overwhelmed by someone's fame ... He was very very famous, he had very good connections .. he knew people in high places ...

Blimey, poor woman, is this what you get for spreading tittle-tattle 30 years after the alleged event ? Why am I not feeling too sorry for her ? After all, Theroux has a bloody good point, why didn't SOMEONE in the press, at least, THINK about investigating Savile ? Could it be that the truth is, they just didn't believe that nurse, that ex-convict, that serial liar ? And, even if they did, they sure as hell weren't going to risk a few quid investigating the claim/s, let alone, thousands in the libel courts. 

Best, leave him be eh ? Best, let him carry on abusing disabled youngsters ? Sorry, folks I don't buy it - never have, never will !

 Happy days - tweeting backwards and forwards with the seriously dense, former editor of the mirror, who, bypassing his own investigations team, decided to go straight to the professionals. According to him that is ! 
 Here's my own alternate scenario for Mr Theroux 

I wonder if Louis could tell SOMEONE if these two 'victims' were the same two 'girlfriends' of Jimmy. Could he maybe - compare notes with Paul Connew, maybe get an BBC investigations team together himself so that he could corroborate the stories he presented on Monday night ! 
Not blaming you Louis, just thinking of all those poor sods who might end up in prison because folk just give in and believe any old cock and bull ! 

Just saying !


  1. Angela Levin story is definitely nonsense. Louis' questions were right but his conclusions also nonsense. If I understand she was working in one of Top Gossip extraordinaire papers and a Savile Expose story anytime would be manna from heaven. No this is in fact very strong evidence to how much there are stories that are lies. Full Stop and certainly not for an expose documentary as it shows the opposite except to the deluded.
    Well put.

    1. Thanks John, yep her nursey story is crap but its inclusion has its uses ! Show the MSM for what it is - full of shit ! :-)

    2. "I traced one back through my my mum to my aunt who worked at the Mail on Sunday. She told me she heard it from a co-worker called Angela Levin."

      Isn't that hear-hear-hearsay?