Saturday, 1 October 2016

Louis looks (at his) back and - covers it

Finally, Louis Theroux produces his Savile story, in it's almost, entirety, ahead of tomorrow night's show
 The first thing we learn about Mr T's confession is that he was told about the expose in July 2012, at his wedding as it it happens ! Next, he explains why he kept in touch with Jimmy after filming ended. 
 Then, he explains WHY he wasn't particulary bothered when, shortly after the broadcast he was contacted by two of Savile's ex-girlfriends, one of whom claimed to have had a sexual relationship with him when she was just 15.
 There, right there, is when Louis Savile problems began. He didn't think a great deal of it and neither did the woman, and neither did anyone else, after all, the women were NOT complaining, they were NOT accusing Savile of abusing them, the sex was consensural, end of story. They were just a bit miffed that Jimmy said during filming that he'd never having had girlfriend. 
Here's what happened When Louis met the Dame in 2013 
Jimmy did not know Louis was meeting these two woman

 Now, here's the important bit, the bit where his boss confirms that neither woman was complaining or alleging abuse 
So, what's the problem ? Why the big fuss now ? OK, if Savile had had sex with a 15 year old, that would make him sleazy, but a paedophile ? The worlds worst predatory paedophile ever ? Give me a break ! 

Back to today's revelations, one of which quite literally took the wind out of my sails. The fact that Theroux contacted Savile's alleged 'victims' via their lawyer. He doesn't say who it is, but she's female, so I'm guessing it's Dux 


Four alleged victims, four compensation claimants - fact ! 
 Savile didn't think much of his friends either according to Janet Cope, according to Theroux
 Did Theroux manage to speak to many of these few close friends 
 And, wait for it, best of all ! Those two non-abused, self-confessed, ex-girlfriends of Savile have now become ? Yes, you guessed it - VICTIMS ! 

Goodness, gracious, I'm starting too feel a tad sorry for Mr T, least-ways I would, if he'd just kept his mouth shut and said nothing. But then he couldn't could he ? He had to speak to the dame, because of that question he asked Savile 
 A question he had not planned to ask, an issue he was not planning to discuss, or so he told the BBC inquistion. Did Jimmy raise the subject of kids ? I'd have to watch the dvd again ... 
Caught between a rock and a hard place, Mr Theroux has chosen the former. For the time being, it's an easier position to take, but rocks get uncomfortable the longer you sit on them !

Oh, and yes, I've seen the scum article too ! I won't bother to link it, suffice to say

 Oh, BTW you need to read this excellent piece by my fellow blogger par-excellence, Moor Larkin. Were those two women Val and Angie ? Who knows ? 

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  1. No mention of Will Yapp?

    Yapp was Theroux's Producer on the original 2000 wild weekend thing and it was Yapp, not "the journalist" who go Jimmy gabbing about being a gangster. Back in 2000 it was Jimmy the Gangster that was the scandal... Mr.Fixit was not such a "nice guy"......