Saturday, 8 October 2016

Stoke Mandeville facts and fictions

They say that one needs a good memory if one wants to successfully sustain a lie. I'll get straight to business guys - here's what Cherie told Louis when she met him. She's just told him that he'd been 'gullible' in 2000, he'd been duped by the older, 'celebrity'. Then, the once gullible, film maker gets this old crap 
I was at school doing my A levels. All hell broke loose I found out I was pregnant. I had it on January 18th and they didn't know * I just wanted to go home and there was this huge electric fire - 2 bar fire behind the door and I fell on it.
I got to the hospital ... I couldn't use my hands and I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and I was just looking out of the window as I am now, and I saw somebody just running. But, as they were running, they looked at me .. they changed course and their eye fixed on me and they started running directly towards me, and the next minute the person tried to climb in the window ... he was climbing in, and by the time he got down, jumped down .. smiling, came straight at me, went to kiss me and his tongue went straight down my throat. And then he started jabbering ... you've been a naughty girl with your boyfriend.

Wow, did Louis really believe this ? Better still, did he even bother to compare this to the story she gave the dame ? You see, in Louis's version, she's on her own when running man comes bounding through her window - he'd spoken to the head surgeon 'or someone had told him that I was on my own in there' 
She says she rebukes herself for not telling anyone at the time 
'Why didn't I go up to someone and complain and make a thing of it ? But, you were scared to ... 

In the dame's version 
Consider the physical impossibilities of her tale ! When was the last time you were inside a room looking out a window and able to lock eyes with someone who's so far away he has to run to get to you ? Now, remember this is 1973, she'd been admitted after an accident, presumably to the burns unit. I doubt it would have been the spinal injuries unit huts whose windows looked like this

And this
In 1973 Jimmy filmed inside the spinal injuries unit for an episode of Clunk Click. Here he is cheering up two young patients, the 'gangsters' as he affectinately refers to them as

 Did I give you tee-shirts ? He jokingly berates the boy

   Jimmy's pulled out a picture the lad has drawn of him 
Making the boy blush about his girlfriend 
 Note the windows, the curtains that create a bed-space and some privacy on wards. OK, Cherie may not have been on one of these wards, but I ask you, would Jimmy have been able to get into ANY window on any ward ? Remember, she said he JUMPED DOWN from the window, meaning he'd have had to climb up the bloody thing. NO, this story is either an exaggeration of something harmless that may have happened, or, a complete fabrication ! Either way, Cheirie doesn't sound all there does she ? Sorry 
Here's Jimmy inside the ward during the campaign to rebuild the spinal injuries unit circa 1980 

The least thing either Louis or the dame could have done was ask her which ward she was on ? You see Stoke Mandeville Hospital is a very big place. Next time, I'll be considering what Jimmy's friend Sylvia Nichol has to say about Jimmy and Stoke Mandeville hospital. At least she knows when he first visited the place, the actual date that is. I leave you with an image I swiped from one of the Exposure films 



  1. Sounds as if maybe Louis just made any old crap because he contractually had to make a programme. Going through the motions as it were. Churn it out and get it over with. This woman seems to be the only "new" story tbh. Hasn't done any research at all. - just reinterviewing folk who've already been interviewed to oblivion, and two of them who knew Jimmy for years and years, seem to both be saying they never saw any of "it". Leastways I assume that's what Sylvia will be saying. Can't wait... :)

    1. Thanks M I'll get Sylvia's piece done tomorrow. As usual, this has opened another can ... !

  2. Did Savile actually visit the burns unit at any time? He was very much concerned with the spinal unit (presumably because of his own accident) and that's where most of the assaults were supposed to have taken place. And as you've pointed out, the hospital was a huge place with doezens of building.
    I've watched most of Cherie's video. Not only no mention of Savile, but no mention of Stoke Mandeville either! Precisely all she says about her treatment was that she spent "three years in and out of hospital" (it's around the 4:25 mark).
    If her burns were that serious, she would have been in a room on her own. In the mid-70s one of my kids was burned, also by falling on an electric fire, and she was put in an isolation room - not in Stoke Mandeville - because she had lost some skin and was very vulnerable to infection. (She made a full recovery btw, with minimal scarring.)
    As I remember, the room had an "entry chamber" - staff could come in, shut the outer door and put on gowns, face masks etc before opening the inner door. There was a large observation window from the entry area into this room, so that the nurses to see how the patient was without going in. With this level of infection control, it's unlikely that such a room would have had a window that could open onto the outside.
    Did she "bravely come forward" in 2012/3? She would have been 57/58 - coming up to retirement age, possibly facing disability benefits reassessment*. She probably didn't want a caravan, but her financial future would have been on her mind. Compensation was being offered for SM patients who had been assaulted by JS, no proof required except their allegation. She had been a SM patient....

    *I think it was around 2012 that the changes to the disability benefits system started and I often wonder how much that had to do with the rush of compensation claims for historical abuse. All of the claimants are middle-aged or older; most have chronic health problems. How many of them had their benefits cut, or sanctioned?

    1. I do wonder if this accident was as bad as she makes out. Would a burns unit have windows that open ? Isn't there an issue of infection ? Bloody hell, if only just one of these useless people would actually investigate anything !

    2. recall David Rose did a piece about a woman who'd been in hospital and become friends with Jimmy. Think Rose said she wrote a book even? Lauding Jimmy. According to Rose she was then pursuing a claim for £60k for abuse by 2013.

    3. That's right we're not allowed to name her despite the fact she wrote a book saying how great Jimmy was in the early 90's I think it was. Wonder what came of the investigation into her compo claim. We're not allowed to know about that either ! Grrr

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  3. LOL anyone spotted the eyeballs yet ? Answers on a postcard !

    1. When did Cherie make her claim to Yewtree anyway? Could she possibly have been influenced by this Oct 2012 story:

      Louis Theroux, if you're reading this, you should be running through the streets flagellating yourself! Not for being "hoodwinked" by Savile (you wern't) but for being so gullible and such an easy mark for a sob story. How many bridges have you bought by now?

    2. The Indians were circling the wagons as soon as folk remembered how to spell 'vicarious liability'. NO CLAIMS had been made about hospital patients until that old bird Thornton fetched up a few days after Exposure. That was in connection with an alleged incident in Leeds LGI - See my next post for more info

  4. Mrs G, there's a second video from the woman made in 2008, apparently, which does mention Stoke Mandeville.

    Rabbit, I hope I'm not jumping the gun here, but I've just managed to watch the video and been utterly bowled over by two wonderful ladies – Sylvia and Janet. What extraordinary women! I'm at a bit of a loss to explain why on earth Louis thought he needed to make this programme, but in showing us that there are some decent, loyal, honest people left, he's performed a real service. Thanks, mate.

    1. You know what Misa ? I agree with you. Theroux presented these two fine women whose story has never changed. While the others are clearly, not right in the head ! LOL plus see by next post and that giveaway sentence of his. Of course I could be mistaken !!!! ??