Monday, 3 October 2016

When Louis got 'mugged off' Part 1

Yes, I've watched it and yes it was bad, but not in the way I thought it might be. Poor Louis, if only he had spent less time in that car and more speaking to people who could have given him so much more. Maybe then he might have woken up feeling good about himself this morning, because I'm pretty sure he didn't. 
 When Louis got mugged off 

OK, here we go ! The first thing that struck me was how small Louis's Jimmy box was - this one ! 
Goodness gracious, I'd struggle to get a tenth of my Jimmy magazines in that. 
Louis begins by explaining his reasons for doing this film
Fifteen years after I first met him and three years after the revelation of his vast offence history, I decided to speak to some of the people who'd known Jimmy Savile, his friends and his victims. I wanted to try to understand how he got away with his crimes for so long, to see what clues there were in hindsight, and make sense of my own failure to recognise him for what he was. 
Blimey, that was a tall order you gave yourself Louis, let's see how you did.
Straight to business, the first person Louis interviews is Kat Ward, aka Karin Ward who is described as the first person to speak out after he died. Mmm, no Louis, that would be Meirion Jones, but let's hear what she has to say this time 
Of her admission toDuncroft
I was sent there because I was in care in Norfolk and I kept running away.
So, can you remember the first time Jimmy came to the school ? - There was a level of excitement I suppose'
Damn you Louis, you asked her two bloody questions instead of just the one, the one we all wanted her to answer, WHEN did Jimmy first show up at Duncroft - so many lies depend on this answer ! But no, she answered the second one instead
Oh God we'd all get excited about it, or we'd wonder what he's gonna bring this time
And some of the girls would be chosen to take a ride in the rolls ?
They weren't whispers, we talked about it openly. He had mainly been doing a bit of snogging .. and sticking his tongue your throat.
Next, Karin decides to be absolutely honest. To be as fair as I'm willing to be with this bloody woman, this is something she has sort of, said all along.
Now, if I'm absolutely honest  with you the abuse I suffered at the hands of JS was nothing compared to what had gone before so .. 
From your step father ?
Yeah and my step-father's friends. By the time I was about ten I believed that men were predators.. bullies .. only wanted women for sexual favours
Then back to 1972, 1973 or whenever it was 
First time in car he wanted me to fellate him I didn't want to I gave him hand relief (paraphrasing) - second time he said he'd take me to London to his show if I did.

Next, Louis does something strange. He asks her if she watched his documentary back in the day, and what she made of it. She says -
I thought poor Louis, he's really been hoodwinked here. Sorry - ha ha ha ha 
 NB something's gone wrong with my fonts here. I can't change it back, so bear with me !

Louis exclaims What did I miss, what more could I have done ?
KW - He told us what he was and we didn't see it. Why didn't we see it ? 

Back to Louis mea culpa - 
The idea that he might have a secret was one of my motivations behind my original documentary. Like many, in my teenage years I heard unsavory rumours about him.
On one of our last days of filming I asked him about the rumours that swelled around him. 
Now, here's where me and Louis get it ! You see, when Louis asks him that question the answer he gives is just plain silly. Would Fleet street sewer rats be put off by some silly statement about - not liking kids ?

Louis 'To me that sounds more suspicious in a way' You're damn right Louis, but never mind because apparently the conversation 'hadn't felt like a particulary revealing exchange'to him
Next, there's stuff about the media stuff post 'When Louis met Savile'. Theroux was grateful for the effort Savile had put into the filming, one reason he 'kept in touch' afterwards.

'Our association had lasted a number of years. JS used to boast that he didn't have emotions, but there are many peple who knew him, in friendly ways for decades. I wondered if they might shed light on who he really was'
So, now we meet ONE of the TWO people 'who knew him in friendly ways' - Janet Cope, his secretary for almost 30 years. It's straight into the garage where Mark W-T went four years before. 
The next few words out of Louis's mouth did make me smile, get this any friends of Jimmy out there !
'It's been quite hard to find close friends of his to speak now'
'Yeah, he didn't have many close friends, he didn't want anything that weighed him down'
LT - He wanted one-way relationships ?'  
JC - He controlled things, not in a nasty way 
Louis fastens on a card sent to her by Savile signed Jimmy 'Loves Janet' 
JC - 'He loves me because I'm convenient' 
No, I didn't love him !

Next he asks her about his earlier film, that night Savile slept in the campervan instead of the hotel. 
'Poor old louis, he believes him'
'Cos he's a good liar'- the number of marathons he did changed every time he was asked etc. Strewth, Louis, could you have at least found a friend who at least, like the man ?   
Did you feel he had any sexual interests ?
I used to tell people he was assexual cos people were always accusing him of being gay, and he wasn't gay but he wasn't craving female closeness.
Then, of the time he sacked her, she'd asked him 
Jim, why have you done this to me. I've lied for you ... but all he said was 'todays today, tomorrow's tomorrow, I've got a train to catch. 
He didn't understand people's feelings ... they weren't important to him' 
Poor Janet, Louis concludes 'Janet too has been used by Jimmy Savile' 

 Next, we're back in 2000, in Scarborough, in Jimmy's mother's room when Louis asked him another awkward question.
You mean you never had a girlfriend ?
Friends that are girls. seven million, but GF in the sense of today that is, you are together, you don't bother with anybody else etc, NO ! NEVER !! NEVER !!!
 Back to 2016 and Louis tells us about those two women who contacted him in 2000, describing themselves as girlfreinds of Jimmy's.
Now, remember what Jimmy said guys and gals. He did NOT say he did not have girl friends, he said he didn't have an exclusive girlfriend. Anyone out there getting my drift ? I'm sure Louis did at the time, and probably still does, but hey ho !
 The Letter
Contrary to what Jim would like you to believe, Jim did have girlfriends, not girlfriends who were just friends. We were two of them. All Jim's girlfriends knew each-other. There was never jealousies, we are friends to this day. 

To be continued !  





  1. Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.

    Source - Wikipedia (and common sense).

    This was not presented as a documentary (they always have an agenda) - it was presented as FACTUAL and a search for the truth. You could take every single interviewee in that show, re-edit the commentary and present the exact opposite conclusion to what LT did. i.e. These awful claimants hoodwinked everyone.

    1. This film was about one thing and one thing only, Louis Theroux's fake guilt trip. It's as if he never heard of the blogs that have provided proof that Karin is a liar. And, he does read them !

  2. I found it pretty weird that Karin was named Kat.. I take it she's lying about her name just like she did with her age.. and the 'girlfriend' letter sounds so fake. Louis really is gullible.

    1. TBF she was known as Kat, indeed it forms part of her twitter account. As for the letter, who knows ?

    2. Poor Kat. All those men. Seven children? Predators? Puerile nonsense.