Sunday, 13 November 2016

C, C and Victims Part 3 - Karin goes on holiday

I'm up to the bit where Karin is called to the stand to give evidence on oath against Freddie Starr. But before showing you extracts of this let me give you an overview of Karin's childhood, according to her that is !

From the age of three Karin has been abused emotionally by her natural mother who was herself adopted via Barnados. Karin acquires a step-father who sexually abuses her. ALL the kids at her primary school hate her calling her names, she absconds from her next fee paying convent school and is sent to the council run Columbine School in Norfolk. Columbine, yes really ! 

But here's where Karin's story get real interesting, because it's courtesy of Columbine that she gets to meet Jimmy Savile ! So she says 

Notice, it's June 1971 has she been reading her legally obtainable education reports ?

 'Another place' ? 

So, here we are being asked to believe that :

1) Karin met Sir Jimmy Savile in Jersey in the summer of either 1971 or 1972. Jimmy was certainly there in 1972 as he was in 1969. As was Dee Coles .... 

So that's TWO mini-buses on Jersey in the summer of 1972 - did Norfolk County Council get permission to take their bus ? Did Jimmy ? 

 But forget Dee, what the hell is this ? From my archive news reports dated 15th October 2012. This has to be Karin ?

 Goodness, Gracious - the plot that thickens itself ! Someone help me out here !


  1. Just wanted to say that accoring to t'internet, £5 in 1972 would be worth £64 nowadays.

  2. Sounds about right. In 1971, I was earning £20 a week working fulltime in a hotel in London, and that was quite decent pay then for somebody with no qualifications - it was enough to pay for rent, food, travel and entertainment; three of us rented a room together for a total of £7 a week (sorry, can't remember how we split the £7 rent between 3!) A fiver would have been a stupid amount of cash to give to a child - a 10 bob note would have been considered overly-generous.

    1. I think it was about that time my pocket money went up to 10p ! Even now, a fiver is a nice find when you're broke !

  3. Karin on the Fanstory forum:

    " reply by the author on 25-Jun-2010
    Thanks so much, not just for reading and reviewing, but for your wonderful supportive comments and advice. I have reconnected with several other girls from Duncroft. Between us we are piecing together the memories. Drugs mean that my own memories are very vague and disjointed. Same with the others, but as we all remember different 'bits' we are managing to realise it was far worse than we actually remembered!"

    1. Pieced together memory ! Yes, Ms ward addresses her therapy and how she was encouraged to write about her awful life. Stay tuned ! Her mother was such a brute, she paid for her to go to convent school and tried all sorts to curb her daughter's waywoodness.