Saturday, 12 November 2016

Claimants, complainants and their victims Part 2

Karin Ward is sitting in  court listening to Susan describing how she had met Savile not at Duncroft, Jimmy hadn't fetched up there by chance.  No, he had met her at a social function and it was she who invited HIM to visit her thereafter. Now, read this  strange passage


  Strange how memory works - Ward has forgotten so much of what went on that night, for example, how the school staff had come to be in the audience and not onstage with the girls. Stands to reason that the same women would have been with the girls as they toured the dressing rooms before and after the show !

 Ward's own memory has kicked in by the time she gets round to writing her book
 'All' that would include Theo and Miss Jones then ?

 Younger by six months ? How old were you then Karin, I'm on page 40 and you still haven't said.

 A lift home ? Did he think she wasn't part of the school party ? The one that came in a mini-bus ?


Dream on Karin, he's just another has-been hack, feeding on Savile, thanks to you and his mate, soon to be ex-BBC hack, Jones ( Miss Jones's nephew) was he there too ? In the audience I mean, or maybe on the bean bags !!! 


Back to court via the ladies toilet where she finds Susan. The ever proper Susan who still calls toilet's WC's and knows that one witness is really NOT supposed to speak to another.
 To be continued 


  1. as I recall the Anna Raccon version of Susan, she bumped into Freddie in a corridor... no swinging with blond hair flying mentioned. What on earth has gone on here? And Freddie is only 5ft 5in. This Susan must have looked about 12, not bloody 18. This story sounds mad.

  2. I wonder who took the notes, unless she got a free transcript ? I found it quite difficult to follow the discussions despite the fact it was a relatively small room. The barristers were not addressing a jury, just each other and the judge. The corridor pre-show incident is consistant

  3. Just going back to the masturbation, which I was willing to believe at first, even if it did seem a bit strange, since men generally masturbate alone. However I do recall Status Quo telling a story of them all doing it together as a band. Perhaps that was what Rick Parfitt meant, when he said he was invited to a TotP party - all wankers together.

    But I digress. What I meant to suggest was that by her own story Susan was high on LSD? Doesn't that make a person hallucinate? How can anyyhing she thinks she remebers be beyond all reasonable doubt. The whole thing seems a complete waste of time, but her drug-induced memory now seems to have basically destroyed Freddie Starr even more effectively than Karin could. Keep your enemies close, but keep your friends closer. No wonder Jimmy worked alone.

    1. She said that she saw "flowers coming out of the pretty wallpaper". Obviously more reliable than KW's memories but still...