Thursday, 29 December 2016

It wasn't about the money .. but it is now

Now, guys and gals - time for a bit of lighthearted fun as someone else's expense. After all they've been having fun at ours for the last 4 years, so it's payback (of sorts) time. It's not the big I am - Karma will no doubt, take care of that one. But while we wait for the big K, let's have a look at how life has panned out for, some of the bastards who pimped the Savile lies to the max. Starting with this one (thanks Moor)

 Ex Commander Spindler is now a voice for hire, making money out of all them years he spent not pounding the beat. I've written about this geezer before, so I won't bore you. But you can gen up here

'Grip and good Governance' ? Sounds like a barrel of, does it not ? Give me Nipping with Nipper any day. Now this bloke was a REAL copper who copped in the days when cops investigated criminals. 'Nipper' Read knew who he couldn't trust to keep their mouths shut: most of the Met, by the looks of it. Someone should have told him about Sir Jimmy eh ? He'd have got the job done. Had there been a job to do that is ! 

Somehow, I can't see Pete Spindler nicking the Krays like Nipper did. Can you ?


Sounds a bit like the two year Savile Police investigation doesn't it ? No one outside the need-to-knows, got to hear about that either. Kind of extraordinary when you know, as WE DO NOW, just how many folk actually did know at the time. Including the Sun 'newspaper' whose hacks did everything they could to get Jimmy nailed at the time. 

Fair play to Surrey Police - they held the thin blue. Nipper would be proud of them.

When Peter Spindler looks back at his career as a cop, is it with pride do you think ? Does the same hold true for ex PC Thomas. Him who tried to carry himself off as a former big-cheese  detective when all he actually was was a trainee detective constable for several months.  Ordinary folk exposed him. Well done guys and gals !! 

Actions and words speak a hell of a lot louder than just words. And no one shows this better than them: used to be, fighting for justice, ex coppers, social workers and lawyers who flee your cause for there own. Take Dr Susan Proctor, she who led the Savile Leeds NHS 'inquiry'. Remember her great contribution to the health of our great nation ? 


Of course, Sue had already left the NHS in 2010. Hence her suitability to chair an expensive inquiry into the NHS. We certainly got our monies worth there didn't we guys and gals ? No idea how much she got for confirming Jimmy's interest in the dead. But for a lot less, I would have tried to sound like I wasn't just taking the money, and the piss !! 

 All her views are of course her own. After all, who the fuck else would want them ? 

Ho Ho Ho - how the likes of the Nipper would be laughing as he bought me my 17th Bacardi and coke. 

Happy New Year guys and gals !! 


  1. Curious to recall that Jimmy was the subject of a ten day terrorist police operation back in 1974 (an auspicious year).

    They've never dusted off those files have they - not to even to label Jimmy a fibber, as I'm sure they would have done - if Jimmy had been fibbing.

    1. Who are 'they' ? The real Police have little to do with this nonsense

  2. Mother of two greyhounds?... wtf?... :-D

    Edward Gorey comes to mind...

  3. I think I recognize Sue Proctor from a YouTube video I watched last February or March and have been looking for again recently, without any success. I recall it being about Jimmy Savile's exploits in the morgue at Leeds Hospital. This excited, breathless, smiling woman was telling the journalist all about it. Then she said that the mortician had since died so they couldn't check it. And then she just carried on! Surreal.

    1. Blimey Sean,I'll be looking for that myself now. If it's meant to be found ... it will !! LOL TY

  4. Sean, could it have been this one, from March 2015, from the press conference on the release of the NHS reports?

    Not much smiling, but somewhat breathless, and at each stage an admission along the lines of, "We have no way of verifying whether that was true or not, but what we do know is that his interest in the dead was pretty unwholesome...."

  5. Sean/Misa - here's one there's more on same page

  6. I spent an hour looking for the video but with no luck. From what I can work out it was an AP YouTube video featuring at one point a woman who looked like Mrs Proctor in the article above (but not so much like her on the YouTube video linked here, strangely). She said (as I recall) that Jimmy Savile had access to the morgue, had told a student nurse the tale quoted above (although my notes (actually a comment I just found, by me on an article by Alexander Baron nearly a year ago) say "he told a student nurse that he liked having sex with dead bodies", but this might not be accurate) My comment continues: "The man in charge of the morgue had since died ('unfortunately') 'so we couldn't talk to him'".

    It struck me because she was excited and smiling (to my mind) and the fact that there was no corroboration was just a minor detail. In Rabbitaway's linked video her voice sounds deeper and she is clearly more careful in reporting the evidence. In my video the speaker seemed to be on a high while in the linked one Mrs Proctor isn't, but seems very emotional.