Monday, 15 May 2017

Steven George GUILTY as charged

Been so busy with my real life lately, I quite forgot Steven George was up to court sometime in May. Looks like he was found guilty ... he claims he isn't, and I make no comment as to that. I more interested in this .. 

 'Patient B' as in the Savile Broadmoor NHS report. Of course anyone with half a brain-cell could work out that Steven was 'Patient B' - here's one I made earlier 

From one of my better blog efforts 

Got right close to the truth back then didn't I guys and gals ? You always know when you're right - THEY don't like it ! Read the comments you'll see what I mean. 

Then, when you've finished - try reading this one too ! You see, Steven George was one of the MAIN Savile accusers. His stories took us into hospitals - the NHS and a very large pay-day for the likes of Liz Dux and Co 

How well I remember how I felt when I wrote the following

Let me just repeat those last few lines 

Bingo Slater and Gordon now have the NHS and the BBC in their sights. And the star of their show is Steven George, who - just a few years later would be convicted himself  and place on the sex-offender register. 

 What's more, he doesn't seem to mind who knows 

He's 'not quite right' is he ? something we used to say when we could still say such things without being locked up ! 

When you're corrupt, there's always plenty even more corrupt than you are. 

Come on Steven, spill the beans - did you make a compo claim ? 

Want to read Steven's views of his court case etc ? Go to his twitter feed 


  1. Folk such as Steven have all the power just now. If he was to explain just how the lawyers, media and perhaps police manipulated him, he could blow them all the way to hell.

    1. Only if they print it M !! After all, he got the big G didn't he ?

    2. if he wants to tell us some facts, this might be the only place - other than his rewritten book, which the media will ignore.

    3. I suppose the pay out would hardly have left him with enough to get a decent lawyer out of bed.

      "I am officially a sex offender, doesn't matter that I'm not nor any evidence to the contrary"

      That seems to be how it works. Hard not to feel for the guy, whatever trouble he's caused for others.

    4. I'd feel a lot more for him if he told the truth Misa. But I do take your point. Most of these people obviously saw a chance to either make a few quid or get the attention they craved. NO ONE should be forced into a situation where they cannot defend themselves. I do not gloat in this instance of Karma. The man is obviously very disturbed

  2. Looks like Alison Pink, even in her masculine disguise can't get away from her loony past