Sunday, 9 July 2017

£20,000,000 and counting

Goodness Gracious - just when you think you've been force-fed enough bullshit about so-called 'child sex abuse' - you read this

'Dark Forces' ? Well, you've said it now Ms Jay. You've officially delved into conspiracy  theorists territory. The least you could do is tell us WHO these dark forces are. Of course, she doesn't, she's too busy bigging up an assignment that has, so far cost the British taxpayer twenty big ones. 

Not so sure about them 'strong vested interests' but certainly, I for one would like to see this so-called 'inquiry implode', indeed, most folk were under the impression that it already had. But no, Ms Jay a woman who no doubt has good intentions, is determined that it will not, and we shall reap the rewards sometime in the 2020's ! 

Now, the prudent, sane among us might celebrate Ms Jay's dogged determination to expose the scale and incidence of the heinous  crime of child sex abuse, if only she didn't exaggerate the numbers so much. Again with the number 14 -

At least 14,000 girls abused - yet just 24 'eventually convicted' - give me a break ! 

And then there's the falsely accused, those rare instances generally involving important folks 

These include the supposed Westminster VIP paedophile ring, where the key witness in a now-aborted police inquiry, known as ‘Nick’, has been discredited – having falsely accused figures such as the late former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, and Field Marshal Lord Bramall.

Then there's the dodgy compensation claims, dismissed by the very ordinary Professor Jay, as not a real motivation beings as though the 'average' amount to be gained by such dishonesty is a mere £14,000 ! Goodness Gracious, this Jay-bird needs to follow some of the people I follow on twitter. The instances of these rare false claims appears to multiply on an almost daily basis.
I guess £14K is modest to someone whose salary if half of £355,000 - Is this per annum ? 

Well, at least the lawyers and the (some) journalists are happy. The rest of us are none the wiser who them dark forces, vested interests might actually be. Those, oh so powerful folk who want to see this inquiry fail ! The list of suspects is infinite - and at £20,000,000 per year, their exposure better be bloody worth it !


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