Friday, 6 October 2017

Pendulums a swinging - but not far enough !

There appears to be, in some quarters at least, a semi revolt against the - getting thinner by the minute, thin blue line, that all victims must be believed. I've deliberately left on the inverted commas I usually include around the word 'victims'. Call it a semi-protest of my own, if you will, as a respsonse to this little beauty of a headline in the telegraph rag.

I somehow managed to miss this when it was published a month ago. I've been busy with other things. But, my word, if one article could accurately sum up why so many became convinced of Savile's guilt, this is it ! It was the numbers that did for Jim. That and the fact that the media peddled the idea in the first place, and the police followed through ! 

 Here's the telegraph thing for those that want to read it. Alleged victims indeed ! No such words were used by many, when it was Jimmy's good name being destroyed. After all, that's where the you will be believed narrative caught on. Around the same time the then DPP, now politician Starmer was apologising for his crew NOT believing 'Susie' and the other helpless youngsters being used by creeps in Rochdale.

And now, irony of ironies - that just last night, the same BBC news show that spawned Savile, presented this mini-debate. Has the pendulum swung too far ? 

 The clip on twitter from where I sourced this, begins 

we're all aware of the missed opportunity with Jimmy Savile  to which Proctor (bless him) interjects 
It's the pendulum swung too far, and it's still too far

The eschelons of the police have not followed the independent advice of Sir Richard Henriques with regards to calling complainants, not victims and survivors. And making sure that the allegations are fully investigated. 

I have nothing but respect for Mr Proctor. He didn't just lie down when he was accused. He fought back, and eventually his voice was heard. The upper eschelon of the media agreed. Especially when the statistics basically spoke for themselves 

One could have almost felt sorry for that one dissenting voice on the - the pendulum's swung too far, show, almost ! Ms Shaw is not best pleased with a former DPP's admonishment of the police operation either.

 It was all happening yesterday as Witless Wilting Wiltshire police attempted to justify their expensive, resource draining investigation into Heath

 You can't read Fiona Hamilton's article unless you pay or register for 2 free articles a week. But you can read her twitter reportage of the event here 

So, what are we to make of all this ? Is there any chance that the same dissenting voices will ever be raised, and, more importantly, given a platform so that enough people know of our existence ? The short answer of course is NO ! Because, as my fellow blogger and pal Moor Larking keeps repeating, without Savile, they have nothing. Forget Operation conifer, midland, etc etc etc. If the Savile scam was ever revealed, they's be ... well there's only one word for it so forgive me folks - FUCKED ! 

Fear not pals, we may not have friends in high places, but we have real ones. I'll take real friends any day ! 

Onwards ! 


Ooops forgot to link the Newsnight episode - via BBCiplayer 


  1. Creepy Veale's epic act of financial bean blowing may have been an "expensive, resource draining investigation" but compared to the Dame Janet Smith Hotpant Review it was a bleeding bargain... did we ever actually find out the total cost for THAT waste of money? The £6.5M figure was subject to revision and they ought to have worked it all out by now but I'll be buggered if I can find it:

  2. Your first blog-post in a while, I was beginning to fear you'd given up on the aul bloggin'!

    I copied and pasted this extract from the Witness Statement of Leonard Harper, former Deputy Head of the Jersey Police, provided to the Jersey Care Inquiry

    “263. I would also like to confirm, for the record, that during my investigations into
    . child abuse on the island of Jersey, I received no allegations against Jimmy
    • Savile or Sir Edward Heath. I understand that both of these have
    ·subsequently been linked to the island of Jersey. I do however know that Sir
    Edward Heath was a frequent visitor to the island and a member of the
    boating community.”

  3. LOL tdf I'm still here, and on twitter fighting the good fight. Prefer not to blog until I've got something new or interesting to pass on. Yes, I've seen Lenny's statements loads of times, blogged about them. Bear in mind Alan Collins before he moved to Slater Gordon had compensation claims/cases in Jersey from the early 2000's. No claims submitted against Jimmy until he was dead. That's why I hate these people, if hate's the right word !! Cheers

  4. I remember that tweet from the police. I remember replying to it too. If I'm not mistaken, I think Barbara did too.
    I was utterly shocked to see an advert on social media asking for witnesses!!!
    I mean, that's something you do if you crashed the car. This isn't the kind of alleged offence that you simply cast a net for.

    I'm doing my best here to stay away from a rant because, these headlines via the idiot box in a corner of the room, aimed at anyone who can't speak up for themselves.

    I'm so glad there are people who will fight and blog for the people who can't.

    1. Thanks Julie ! They'll always be an 'awkward squad' of bloggers Thank God !