Thursday, 9 November 2017

Slater and Gordon's One in eight or nine !

From the horses mouth guys and gals ! Richard Scorer revealed just how many compensation claims his company will 'filter out'. Why ? Well, because in his words, there simply isn't a legal basis upon which to proceed, that's why ! What the hell does he mean ? I'll let him and his learned pals explain it to you. The IICSA has it's own you tube channel. Here's Day One of the Civil Justice System seminar from December last year ! Scroll along to 30.17 if you want to get down to the brass tacks

I don't know all their names, but the bloke in the glasses is from Irwin Mitchel solicitors, and between him and Richard Scorer (far left) is Peter Garsden. What joy it is to listen to these ***** talk about money. But, listen we must if we are to learn anything at all. 

At some point the chairman questions Scorer about the 'large proportion of claims' that his company turns down. What is the criteria for acceptance of that, one in eight or nine ? Scorer's answer - Is (the claim) likely to be true ? Is it provable. Is there a defendant that can be sued ? He/she doesn't have to be alive, but they do have to be 'solvent'

We still don't know how many of the Savile claims were paid out. We do know, roughly at least, how many were accepted. Not sure how Mr Scorer's one in eight/nine sits with the following figures.


November 2014

Feb 2015 - from Joshua Rosenberg - Guardian relating to Oct 2014

So, that's 199

While, just a month later in November David Rose 

By July 2016, only 78 claims 'against the estate' had been 'agreed' by the High Court. Not sure how many of these were Liz Dux's 168 claimants 

Poor comfort for them that got nowt despite being accepted by Ms Dux and Co ! Laugh out loud as we often say ! Not sure how many survivors attended the first day of the compo solicitors gig. I think there may have been one or two more of them than solicitors. But I cannot be sure just looking at this clip. 

Mr Scorer notes his paydays usually total between £10,000 and £40,000. His - one-in-eight-or-nine, would get more, save the fact they couldn't prove loss of earnings ! Another participant quoted payments of just £3000 to £4000. Wow, what does Slater and Gordon have that he didn't ?

Someone, or rather, something very solvent, whose assets are generally not their own, no doubt. Such as : the Anglican Church, The Roman Catholic Church, Lambeth Council, Nottingham County Council etc etc etc

To be continued - Next time