Friday, 15 December 2017

Private Eyes and Ears

Someone told me the other day about a Radio 4 interview during which Ian Hislop discussed what he didn't know about Sir Jimmy Savile. Now, I haven't heard this, so I cannot repeat what he said. But, I believe in deeds, not words. After all, would you sit right next to a man you suspected was a child rapist ? 

Now, this video is definitely worth watching. It kicks off with a discussion of the hoax 'transcript' of 'outakes' from Savile's guest appearance, and quickly moves on to the subject of who KNEW what and when ! Hislop repeats what just about everyone else in the know, didn't. Yes, he'd heard rumours, but he knew nothing ! 

At 1.46 minutes - "It's what the word 'Know' means. If you say, 'I knew about it' you mean, you'd heard the rumours. Everyone had heard the rumours. If you actually knew about it, you should have done something about it. The only people who know about it are people to whom it happened, and they tend to be - disadvantaged, 12 and not in the mood to go to a court trial. I mean, that is why nothing came out" 

But, 12 year old's, don't stay 12 for more than 365 days Mr Hislop. But, I'll not come back to that flippant part of your - otherwise sensible argument. Sensible, that is, if you've not the editor of the magazine Private Eye since 1986. You can read all about it's relationship with the defamation courts, here. As you can see they didn't exactly give a 'fuck' did they ?

Must say, I do admire their spunk ! A magazine after my own heart ! LOL

 Before there was Ian Hislop, there was Richard Ingrams and it was his magazine that first published the Savile allegations, because he thought it was a good story !


But, why would someone, anyone mention rumours ? After all, you didn't during your long tenure at the Eye !

 It's that 'know' word again isn't it ? That's their great excuse isn't it ? But, surely, in the Savile case, there has to be more to it that simply not 'knowing'. Because, if we're to believe the likes of Paul Connew at the Mirror, those that did allegedly KNOW, had repeatedly contacted the press before Savile died. According to him, he was alerted in 1994. The alleged knower's contacted the Sun in 2007. Heck, they even contacted the Police, and still, the press didn't know enough to risk a few quid in the courts. 

If it doesn't make sense - it isn't true ! As Judge Judy would say 

But let's hear from Mr Hislop's opposing captain on the Have I Got News for You  front. What did Paul Merton not know, or more crucially - not believe about his guest panelist back in 1999 ?

Read that again - " How can he be ? He is the most recognisable man in Britain, how could he possibly be doing this stuff without people saying: 'that's the man' 

Hard not to like Paul Merton isn't it ? He went that one bit further. He added that bit of common sense that's missing from nearly all the press reportage so far. After all : How could he have gotten away with such hideous crimes for so long ? Someone, would have exposed him. Someone who knew would have followed through on their accusations. After all, they'd already gone to the Police, and the press, hadn't they ?

Happy Christmas Guys and Gals 


  1. Off topic Rabbit. Sorry. I have been reading your blog (and that of Moor and the late Anna

    Raccoon) with some interest over the years and have been impressed and convinced by what you


    I have, however been deeply offended and disappointed by Moor's recent tweet and your

    support of it. "Establishment M$M deployed to vindicate the dead Christians". You bigots.

    There is no more evidence about what he refers to as "clerical sexual criminality" than

    there is about Jimmy Savile. As far as I am concerned they are just the same.

    The facts (something you and your friend pretend to know a good deal about). No-one was

    "deployed" as you put it (paranoid fantasy). The Church of England was in fact sitting on a

    report vindicating the sixty years dead cleric who had been accused by ONE PERSON with no

    more concrete evidence than anyone else that makes these assertions! A well known

    conservative, Tory hating Christian journalist pressured them to release the report, which

    apparently they did despite now wanting to.

    You ought to be pleased!

    I get that you and Moor are atheists. Good for you. But please get off your high horses and

    leave Christians alone. I am sick of self righteous atheist bigots like you. Your hatred of

    Christians does not make Christians any more or less guilty than Jimmy Savile!

    1. Anon, like you, I've been reading over a number of years, and appreciate what Rabbit and Moor have tried to do. Of course, as it happens, all along they have been writing about a dead Christian.

      I think I can understand some frustration at the fact that influential figures have stepped forward to defend a former church figure, yet still no-one seems willing to question the accusations against JS.

      I gather twitter requires a slightly more pithy approach to debate than might be used on a blog. Perhaps, in an effort to draw attention to the apparent inconsistency of those who would defend one but condemn the other, they have given you the impression that they are anti-Christian, but I really don't recall seeing any indication of that on either blog.

      There are obviously a number of famous figures who have been caught up in all this mess, some no doubt Christian, others perhaps not, as well as plenty of ordinary people who have not made the headlines, yet who languish in prison, and whose loved ones will be preparing to spend (another) Christmas without them. And, of course, plenty of people have been rounded up as part of ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ - if evidence in their cases has been collected and presented in the same way, presumably some of them are innocent too.

      Perhaps, we should all think of those less fortunate than ourselves at this time of year, be grateful for those who are willing to speak up on behalf of even the most despised. Who knows, with a little good will, and good cheer, we might yet persuade a few more people that witch hunting is not such good sport.

      A very Merry Christmas to you, Rabbit, Moor, and everyone who reads.

    2. "... yet still no-one seems willing to question the accusations against JS. "

      Daniel Finkelstein did make an attempt, back 5 years ago.

    3. Thanks, tdf. I'm not sure whether I saw that at the time, but it's worth a read.

      btw did you ever get round to finding further items regarding HDLG in the Sun/NOTW?

    4. Anonymous, Misa has replied to your comment better than I could. In fact, he has interpreted my actions (Retweeting Moor Larkin's tweet) perfectly ! Thank you Misa x

    5. Misa, no, sorry, haven't got around to it yet, but you're right to remind me. Dublin city centre, including the street where the National Museum is located, has been nightmarish recently with the light rail works, but fortunately they are now completed. Fwiw -

    6. TDF/Misa,
      La seƱorita Bandini was in Dublin a week or so ago on her annual gal friends getaway. It did cross my mind to put in a request but being realistic didn´t think there was much chance a gang of shivering Spaniards (with the volume usually turned all the way up to 'Geordie Hen Party') would be likely to fancy a trip to a library, so I didn't.

      But I should have done! When she showed me the photos there they were, inside the bloody place... aaargh! Missed opportunity. Bah!

    7. @ Bandini

      Please tell me they didn't imbibe in this notorious tourist trap...

    8. TDF, no they didn´t... but they had a fair "few" photos taken standing outside it!

    9. Ah ok. Dublin is expensive in general, but those pubs around there, the prices they charge...gah.

    10. <<< old skool Dublin rave party in the house>>>

      (from the appropriately named 'Asylum' in 1992, a notorious rave club)

    11. "It's such a such a
      such a such a...good vibration"

      RIP Frankie Knuckles

    12. Can't help but wonder if there mightn't be some connection between a generation which convinced itself that flailing around for 10 hours at a time - while a "genius" DJ span the soundtrack to Frogger, Pac-man & Pong - and the plague of mentalists who found a home on the David Icke/Hencke forums a few years later, their drug-addled minds ripe pickings for the sellers of deranged conspiracy theories.

      (I have a vague memory of reading about one of Icke's journeys into other realms, taking the "sacred" bark or powdered skin of a toxic tree or lizard or summat - though he may have already been flogging his lucrative garbage by this point, who knows?)

      It's no wonder people believe that Jimmy Savile raped kids whilst dressed as a Womble, really.
      The sweaty grip of the moron...

    13. What's the matter, Bandini, can't you feel the love vibrations?? :)

      Brian Dougans of Stakker Humanoid and later of the Future Sound of London lives in a house that is situated on the intersection of nine leylines, apparently.

      Ley lines. Hmmmm.

    14. All those "love vibrations" did was loosen deteriorating asbestos roofing panels from condemned warehouses, showering the generation below - a generation that would later bring us the onesie & other design classics based on the elasticated waistband - with "love dust sprinkles"... looked great at the time thanks to whatever drug was trying to pass itself off as ecstasy, but the damage can take years to show itself.
      'Avin' it large...

      Too much to dream last night...

    15. I seem to have touched a nerve here!

      I've never personally taken ecstasy/'acid' in my life, believe it or not (or anything illegal for that matter, with the exception of the occasional toke at house parties. And I do mean occasional). I enjoy some of the music from that era, that's all. Your suggestion that it was all Pacman noises is not correct. The more interesting stuff actually came from the States - Donna Summer, Chicago House, etc.

      My 'issues' are with a fully legal substance, as you've astutely remarked on previous occasions.

      But, anyway, according to the research boffins:

    16. Not to dispute that there was a moronic 'Pacman noises' element to the music. but there was a bit more to it than that. To quote the late George Michael, listen without prejudice:

    17. I'm just overflowing with Christmas goodwill, TDF! But you'd have to do better than this to convince me:

      "The original mix notably samples the bassline from Meat Beat Manifesto's proto-jungle track "Radio Babylon", the tambourine from Bobby Byrd's "Hot Pants - I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming", vocals of Lisa Gerrard's singing lifted from the Dead Can Dance song "Dawn of the Iconoclast", from their 1987 album 'Within the Realm of a Dying Sun' and "Shelter Me" by Circuit..."

      Basically Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers with a hat on.

      Happy Christmas to all!

  2. You'll particularly enjoy this one, Bandini:

  3. It's all here. All you have to do is reach out and touch it.

    1. Don't smack your bitch up, Bandini. That wouldn't be nice.


  4. Happy new year Rabbit and to everyone who keeps supporting us - I'll never give up and I may have news very soon -onwards! Surely good will prevail?

    1. Happy New Year to you too Amanda. And to all our friends x