Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Core participants - Cor Blimey

Well, would you believe it folks ? The IICSA have granted what they refer to a 'Core Participant' status to quite a few folk as it happens. Here's the rather long list ! 

As you can see, most of the core participants are represented by one solicitor or another. We start with 'complainants' - a result in itself for them that aren't being consulted, let alone granted any form of 'status'). There's 233 of these, then come the 'group core participants' 'survivor' groups totaling just seven. Then fourteen other individual core participants including Daniel Janner QC, who's described as not currently legally represented'. 

Mr Janner and other Janner family members had asked to be included in the proceedings, and their application was granted in January 2017 

Remember how we applauded when Daniel Janner threw his hat in the ring, in order to defend his late father ? Smart man, he knew this  'inquiry' would be a farce, but - you gotta be in it, as they saying goes ! 

Now- exactly a year later, news about another Core Status Participant. 

 Yes really ! This is a woman whose ridiculous tales kept a Police force busy for TWO YEARS ! Here's an article you don't have to pay to read. Yes, it's the mail folks 

Bravo Mr Hemming this spiteful woman and her 'followers' has been attacking you and various other decent folks on twitter for what seems like forever. I hope she is prosecuted, but, in the meantime, I wonder : Does she still retain 'Core Participant Status' ? Why on earth was she given any kind of status in the first place. Just google her name - here's one of the news articles linked to her

 Mr Hemming, like Daniel Janner QC, didn't lie down and let this liar destroy him ! No, he went to the Police voluntarily, and made a 'formal declaration' against HER ! 

Her status as a core participant entitles her to fully funded legal representation ! I'd laugh, but it's not funny, it's not funny at all. Even our old adversaries - the mail comment posters now agree !

I'm a bit confused as to Daniels Janner's status in the core participant status hierachy after reading the latest

This is going to be fun ! Go Daniel Janner QC. Go John Hemming MP. Go, all those falsely accused by liars ! And, jolly well GO ALL of us, because we must support them. Because they are us, if we're unlucky enough to be targeted by liars and their low-life buddies ! 

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  1. I don't know what to make of it all at this stage.

    Off the top of my head, the worst thing is that when idiots and nutters are granted the 'core participant' status, I fail to see how that serves the interests of justice for the genuine survivors (and there is at least one person on that list who I do believe to be a genuine survivor)