Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Duncroft Detectives criticised AGAIN ?

Happy New Year All - here we go ! Just this minute, I decided to google 'Jimmy Savile' - as you do. And it turns out that the Detective Inspector, who can only be the one referenced as DI 3, faces possible disciplinary action. Yes REALLY ! 

I had to check I had the right year ! Yes, this came out just a few days ago, when I certainly wasn't looking. Strangely enough, we were tweeting about DI 3 last night ! Here's some background for any newcomers 

I've done several (at least) blogs involving DI 3 and the investigation he headed up. I remember suggesting my surprise at how little we'd heard of him, up until now that is ! What the hell is the IPPC up to now ? 

I know it's DI 3 because I remember reading how he'd so conveniently, retired. OK, it's almost ten years since Operation whatever it was, but it was only about four years when I first started my burrowing into it ! It ran from 2007 until late 2009.

Oh, and he's not the only one in the frame, for a bit of Savile scapegoating. Oh no, it seems that one of the two female Police officers (so that makes 2/3 of those working on it) also comes in for criticism. Her days of being portrayed as a potential victim of Sir Jimmy's threats to see her in court, are no longer of interest to the media. 

 Let's cover DI 3 first shall we ? Again, off the top of my head, it was him who pushed the investigation despite being advised by the CPS not to pursue it. The BBC really should read my blogs before they publish any further distorted articles. 

 DI B ? Who the hell is DI B - has the BBC looked at DI 3 and seen B instead ? 

And, as for this latest alleged report. Is this the final findings of a complaint that began in 2014 ?

Poor DC whoever she is. Imagine having this crap hanging over you for God knows how many years. Have the BBC just regurgitated earlier findings ? I see no recent reports being issued.

No, it's just another of those : woulds, coulda, shoulda - media distortions of the truth ? Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong ! 

Link to our twitter exchange last night ! 

If anyone wants the facts about the Jimmy Savile story (for want of a better word) they should steer well clear of the Plymouth Herald that's for sure. The amount of people who might actually believe that Savile was actually prosecuted. Scary isn't it ? 


  1. Keep it up rabbit.

    It amazes me how the media and people in social media, make up their own little stories and invent new things to say.

    Jimmy will get justice one day. All the false allegations made will suddenly be withdrawn. He will be smiling down on you and your relentless research.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for your support Julie. Much appreciated xx

  2. Rabbitaway, I can only repeat what I've said to you privately. I don't agree with you on everything, but I admire your integrity and honesty. That takes guts and courage, given the powerful forces on the other side.

    "grow, grow, the lightning tree, never give in too easily"

    1. Why thanks tdf - that's real nice of you to say ! x