Sunday, 11 February 2018

What's the difference between Yewtree and Midland ?

Goodness Gracious guys and gals, I'll never get to retire at this rate. Or, maybe I will ! After all, surely it only has to be a matter of WHEN, not IF, the Savile accuser's will be put to the same scrutiny, as the likes of them accusing Lords and dead Prime Ministers. 

Fleet Street are out for the Operation Midland accusers, 'Nick' and Esther Baker. The articles have been coming thick and fast. Here's bits of the latest one from today's Sunday Times 

 You can pay to read the whole thing here if you like. Alternatively, you can read the bits I picked out, as of particular interest to me !

I've already tweeted my interest to the author - James Gillespie. Let's see if he reads this, and responds accordingly ! 

I really shouldn't have to ask Gillespie to read my blogs, should I ? Anyone with a stem and a brain attached to it, can work out the point I'm making. Nevertheless, here goes - 

The first point I should like to make is this - 

WHY shouldn't someone in a secure psychiatric patient be granted Core Participant Status in Alexis Jay's IICSA gig ? OK, I see where he's going with this, and I agree with him. But, wasn't an ex-Broadmoor patient deemed a credible witness, when it came to Savile ? 

Next, further dismantling of Esther LOL

So, one alleged victim, is attacking another ? Welcome to twitter Mr Gillespie. Where have you been this past six years ? 

Now. listen up, because JG's making sense isn't he ? The claims against the late Lord Janner in the civil courts, have been dropped. But they will be ventilated again and again in the course of the Jay IICSA charade, unless these people are removed as Core Participants, or arrested, which would be my preference, and charged with attempting to pervert ... 

Next Gillespie identifies Tom Watson's involvement in the matter. 

And, what 'evidence'  did have upon which to base his subsequent campaign ? Well, very little according to JG 

 Now, let's get to my point shall we ? It lies in the next few snippets 

 The Police adopted a flawed approach ? The same 'approach' they'd used in Operation Yewtree, as it happens ! 

Read that last paragraph again, and tell me what's wrong with it ? Hundreds of witnesses DID NOT come forward during ANY investigation. We know this, because, there was NO Police investigation. The Police merely encouraged 'victims', not 'witnesses' not complainants, but 'victims' to 'come forward'. They struggled to get very many in the first few days. Then an added incentive came along - MONEY ! Just a week after Exposure aired, the fragrant Liz appeared on our screens and across the airwaves ! 

 Strange, how that 'page' in Slater and Gordon's history appears to have been wiped !

Are you getting my drift Mr Gillespie ? 

 Another bell not ringing for you Mr Gillespie ? What evidence beyond the unsubstantiated accounts of a handful of individuals and fantasists' has anyone produced substantiating ANY of Savile claims ? 

And there's also the matter of the part you yourself played in this nonsense. Remember this ? 

 Politics !


  1. "Watson had been told nothing more than that a half-brother of a former aide had been jailed for child sex attacks"

    I was wondering when the MSM would 'admit' to this. The man jailed is now in prison again, and likely to remain there for quite a while. He WAS linked to the influential Peter Righton, but as Gillespie says, there is no evidence (that I'm aware of) that either of them were linked to Westminister.

    1. I really cannot, for the life of me understand why Watson acted in the way he did. He's not an honorable man !

    2. Politics is so dirty. I very much hope that you will continue blogging.

    3. What a good man ! Thank you for posting that video tdf

  2. Very revealing about the timing of the Liz Dux intervention. As Moor Larkin keeps reminding us 'follow the money'.

  3. I first started looking into this a couple of years ago and it was obvious after about 24 hours that there was very little or nothing there, which is what I had expected. (It took perhaps a further two or three weeks to decide that there was nothing at all there.) An interview with Steven George was one of the early pennies that dropped, and possibly the biggest. Was this the best they could come up with? If there was good evidence there then surely we would be told all about it, non-stop, over and over and over. So where was it then?

    This question applies in all of these many mass hoaxes and delusions. It is taken for granted that the issue is settled and beyond dispute because otherwise why all the fuss? If you question it you are told that there is masses of evidence. 'Everyone knows that.' But the evidence produced is never better than dodgy and often worse.

    1. Fiona was my penny dropping moment Sean and she was about half-way through 'Exposure' LOL. There's a new episode on ITV tonight about boarding schools. Should be a nice little earner for some !

  4. I watched a bit of Exposure last night and was struck by the woman just before Fiona (in the middle), the one who said that she had been attacked by Jimmy Savile in a caravan at the school and then dragged out by two teachers, who took her under the arms, and told her to retract her accusations. She was then sent to an 'isolation room' where she was kept for two (or was it three?) days. I must not have been paying attention when I first saw it because this is ridiculous. Real life is nothing like this.

  5. Been a bit busy, so I'm late to this...
    Anyway, right at the end, there's that tired old claim that Savile and Mrs T were bestie mates, and that he had spent many a cheery Christmas with the Thatchers at Chequers. This claim, as far as I can discover, came from Savile himself, with no corroboration. It was strongly denied by Carol Thatcher in 2009 - well before Exposure and and the creation of the evil PaedoSavile Monster, so there wasn't much reason for her to lie about it.
    I've lost the URL, but it's all in a 2009 Daily Mail interview with JS - so a little bit of googling (oooh matron!) should turn it up.

    1. Cheers Mrs G & Sean. I've been busy myself. Jimmy boasting again is all.

  6. Just to be clear, are you disputing that Savile had this role at Broadmoor? What part are you saying Mr Gillespie played if he was merely reporting the facts of what happened?