Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The LIE Detectors !

Whilst researching my last post, I came across this. Yes really !

Now, read what happened to Colin Stagg. Bear in mind, this article was published in 1994.

Two pages about a lie-detector test ? Of course, some bent cops were still telling their press mates that Stagg was guilty despite his acquittal. 

Now, let's stop right there shall we ? Maybe you were aware that papers used lie-detector testing, I wasn't ! And, what was their rival's response ? Them that didn't get the story 

So, there they all are in 1994. The press and the cops in their seedy bars, gossiping and bartering to see who gets the best story. I only mention 1994 folks because that's when Paul Connew editor of the mirror, says he was approached with the Savile story. His excuse for not publishing ? Because Savile would sue ? Now consider this - IF, they had any integrity whatsoever, why not make the women take a lie-detector test BEFORE going public ? OK, we know these things aren't fallible, but still, the means were there, my guess ? They didn't believe them in the first place, because, if they did, the least they could have done, was tell their mates, in the pub, who'd tell other mates, and pretty soon, everyone would KNOW, wouldn't they ? Such as Lyn Barber -

 Or maybe Private Eye 

But, back to the victims of these - lower than sewer level, hacks and their fellow bent coppers etc. Poor Colin Stagg had to wait until 2008 to fully clear his name. DNA could have cleared him in 2004, but the authorities just couldn't be bothered. However much compensation Mr Stagg got, was never enough as far as I'm concerned !

 They had the DNA match in 2004, why did it take another four years to 'build' 'an unshakeable case' against a maniac who'd already been convicted of Samantha Bissett's savage murder ? 

The media waited in a hotel to interview Colin Stagg after his acquittal, immediately after. What would their story have been, had he NOT been acquitted ? Who would the News of the World give their £50,000 to, and for what ?

Next time - the other 'victims' of the Colin Stagg cops



  1. I think in Pollard there is some suggestion that back in the 1990s "Duncroft girls" were selling a story about there being a murderess in their school. Not sure if you recall it being mentioned. It spoke of it being in a magazine, but I do wonder if Connew was not outright lying that their story in 1994 had anything to do with Jimmy Savile.

    I picked it up in this Blog
    and there's a notation of another Dunny-gal allegation about "police in Shepperton" saying Savile was paying the press to "keep their mouths shut"

  2. Just like how you lied about contacting the family members ? As a relative I'm disgusted, and you're not really fighting for "justice" when you're tweeting about being pro Islam, transphobic and other vile, irrelevant tripe.

    Personally I don't think He would definitely want a narrow-minded person like you "fighting" for Him. Leave it to Moor and the others who actually know what they're doing and are actually serious about all this. Even Anna made a huge difference.

    1. Oh, hello again, little troll person. Haven't heard from you in ages ! LOL

  3. Anonymous - as a relative also, I was wondering who you are? No doubt you'll know me and I would love to discuss this situation with you.

  4. Anonymous.
    As another of Jimmy's relatives I wonder who YOU are? Having met with Rabbit several times I very much appreciate the effort she has put in to 'fight' for him. Likewise having met Moor on more than one occasion I admire his dedication to getting at the truth.

    1. Well thank you 'Damian' always nice to hear from you. We must meet again soonish xxx