Friday, 20 April 2018

The Instigator

Mark Williams-Thomas has been reveling in the praise his latest TV show has attracted. Least-ways, that's what was going down a few days ago when I burrowed into his Twitter TL. It's all here for them not blocked by our hero 

No one has ever been able to successfully pin down the exact reason  why Mouthwash as I call him, left Surrey Police. His wiki page has been updated more times than Jack the Ripper's, but wait .... the lowest of the low plumb new depths to bring us their take on 'Mark' The Investigator !

Much as I hate including this filthy rag on my blog, I'll wash my hands when I finish typing, it's useful reinforcing the adage - judge people by their 'friends'. That these useless beings are still peddling this nonsense, doesn't beggar belief does it ? 'lead many investigations' ?

Anyways enough of the here and nowish, today I want to focus my attentions on Mouthwash's true claim to fame. The one skill we actually KNOW he possesses and uses freely regardless of the consequences for others. Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, and read all about Mark Williams-Thomas - The Instigator. 

Yes, here's Mouthwash in the TV show that made him a household implement - Exposure - the other side of Jimmy Savile. story of Fiona is a long one, but in short for those who cannot be bothered to read five years of blog posts, this is basically her :

She was one of the two allegedly ex-Duncroft women who agreed to do on-camera interviews claiming that Jimmy Savile was a child abuser. The two who actually met him that is. Only problem for Fiona and her enabler, being that she's a proven liar. She may have met Savile, but crucially NOT at the relevant time for the purposes of the Savile stitch-up. Read this for starters

Even the publication of half-facts


MWT had no choice but to keep his most valuable Savile assets sweet did he ? Imagine Fiona or her pals deciding to break tradition and tell the truth about their obvious lies ? 

But I digress, after all, who cares about the truth especially where it concerns the dead ? And now, here's we things get interesting in two words : Cliff Richard !

Cliff is currently suing the BBC. You can read all about that elsewhere, everywhere in fact, apart from on MWT's twitter account that is. To be sure, his silence on the matter is deafening, given his interest and actual involvement in Sir Cliff's downfall ! He was after all advising Cliff's first accuser 

 Cliff's home was raided by Police on August 14th 2014. A few days later Cliff's friends came out for him in this article. Note MWT's comment

The question everyone wants answering is : who leaked the fact that the raid was taking place to the BBC ? Not South Yorkshire police say the BBC

But, rather confusingly

Meanwhile, in MWT land

 Next day - the accusers were said to be growing in numbers !

So basically, here's the deal : Cliff's accuser watched MWT's exposure of Sir Jimmy Savile. Doubtless, he spots an opportunity for some attention and/or cash and contacts the former 'detective'. Former Surrey Police officer MWT passes this information to the Savile cops, then hears fuck all, until low and behold - the cops raid Sir Cliff's place. 

So, what was happening from the summer of 2013 or thereabouts when it's claimed the accuser allegedly first contacted MWT and that day in August 2014 ? Here's a taster of activity on his twitter account around that time. Those of you NOT blocked by him might do a whole lot better than me, just google twitter advanced search and away you go.

He's not completely without some sense is he ? He's been very careful NOT to make any claims about Cliff since the latter decided to start suing people. But, he just couldn't resist tweeting all sorts of crap in the interim, keeping the allegations alive and inferring that the investigation bore weight. 

 Homework for someone - look up any further exchanges between 'Chantal' and Mouthwash. 

And there's so much more ! But, that's enough for me guys and gals. Some day Mouthwash will have to answer for the damage he's done, and as my standing friend often says - we can wait !

Ooops I almost forgot - this made me laugh out loud. Not everyone's impressed by the great investigator ! Thank you Digital Spy 

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  1. It's interesting what MWT says and doesn't say. Have you seen his IMDb biography and selected quotes, Rabbit? Written by "Anonymous", so perhaps not him, but one would think he might have some influence on what appears on that page.