Saturday, 10 July 2021


The great thing about keeping a blog going over a period of years is that it's there whenever you need to check something you think you might have written about already. Something that no one else might have bothered with. Certainly, no one - save me, and a few others - were daring to suggest that all those victims of Jimmy Savile might actually NOT BE ! In my case it was a gut-feeling that bothered me, call it my inner voice if you will. Something was NOT right about this, and that feeling just hasn't let me go. 

I started out seeking Justice For Jimmy Savile, but it's gone beyond that. For the Police (and others) back in November 2012, it had already gone beyond Savile. Indeed, I and a few others began to believe that none of it was about Savile to begin with. If it had been, surely they'd have actually investigated the claims ? No ! It was - straight to a guilty verdict for the dead, and a trawl amongst the living and the dead. The older, frailer and deader - the better !

So, here I am eight years after I began this blog, thinking about victims. Not those people described thus, by Policemen, who - haven't even bothered to establish, whether any claimed incident might have even have taken place, but the likes of Lady Lavinia Nourse who now has to live - not only with the knowledge of the ghastly things she was accused of, but also the fact that her accuser -  has gotten away with his evil deed ! Such injustice beggars belief, doesn't it ? Where's what some of us used to refer to as the concept of natural justice ? Presumably languishing in the same cell as the right to the presumption of innocence !

A victim who had to endure headlines such as these, before she was eventually cleared by a jury. How does anyone cope with this crap ?

I almost want to apologise for publishing the above. But, to not publish and comment on such testimony, would be aiding and abetting a crime that was repeatedly every time such utterances were and are made, against an innocent person, be they a Lady or a tramp !

“What’s been said, what’s been written will live with me forever. And yet the person who has made these accusations walks free, and can continue to say whatever he likes for the rest of his life,” she said.

I don't care who you are. You are entitled to protection from malicious people be their crimes verbal, physical or psychological ! The very least that should now happen is that her accuser be named. No - ifs, but's or why's. Fairness and Natural Justice demand this, and when nature is ignored it fights back, sooner or later.

You see - we are ALL OF US victims when such crimes are exposed, then ignored as though nothing had happened. The Police know they are victimising all of us They cannot be as dense as to think that subjecting the innocent to injustice and then compounding that injustice by not punishing those responsible, earns respect. But who punishes them when they do not ? Nobody, by the looks of it !

What a cesspit these people inhabit ! They know it, we know it and the press - when they're allowed to publish something challenging the malfeasance, know it too !

They press knew in 2017 that those who accused the late Edward Heath, were submitting compensation claims before the Police investigation had even been concluded.

 They had to have suspected the same about the Savile compensation compensation claims, hadn't they ? Whether they did or didn't, the Judiciary saw to it that Savile claimants would be paid. They even set up a 'scheme' specifically for the purpose. One that provided little or no checks into the claimants or their stories. One that pushed Natural Justice almost to breaking point, by threatening the token few scrutineer's of the claims, with prosecution should they dare discuss the claims allotted to them with another person doing exactly the same thing, rather - trying too !

The Savile thing was a crock of shit wasn't it ?

I tweeted those words a few days ago, and a fair few people agreed with me !

My blogs will continue, until Natural Justice is restored in this country. I'm not holding my breath but I'm optimistic ! 

Onwards !


Friday, 9 July 2021

"Because you're innocent, Jimmy"

 Hello again. No I haven't given up on this. I have other things to do, but - now and again, something interesting either happens, or comes my way, and what happened a few days ago, actually blew me away. 

Basically, I was contacted by someone a complete stranger, who'd seen my blog and asked me if I had any clips of Pans People's attendance on Clunk Click the BBC's precursor to Jim'll Fix it.

To cut a not long story short, I managed to dig out the recordings I have and - after some consideration - wondering whether if I should share even respond to the request, I decided - why not ? What harm could be done ? If anything, It would make someone happy, so why not ? Wasn't that what those TV shows were all about ?

So, off went a few clips from the show, after which I removed the disc so I could watch Dance with a Stranger again. There was nothing on TV and I needed a good film.

The person who received the clips was so happy, I decided I'd send more of the footage. I wanted to do as good a job possible, and make sure the clips joined together ( I had sent them in one minute or so bits, because I thought the uploading of 3 or 4 minutes would either - take forever or not send at all !

So - in goes the disc and what the first words I hear is "you're innocent, Jimmy" Not believing my ears, I scrolled back a few seconds, because the disc had started at the exact point I'd last viewed it at, and I wasn't expecting that to happen. I must have stopped the recording on my phone before pausing the video, if that makes sense !

Anyway - the Pans People fan was going to have to wait for those next few clips, while I took in what had just happened. What are the chances of any of this folks ?

1) Someone quite out of the blue, asking if I even had any clips of that show, then me actually being willing to send them ? 

2) The disc starting at that moment ? Of course, this might be perfectly normal in recordings made privately. Normal discs only resume so long as you don't remove them from the player, but I'll not go there, the important thing is the dialogue. Yes, it was probably scripted, but what cannot be scripted is a person's non-verbal behaviour, and let me tell you, those ladies looked pretty relaxed and OK with their host, to me ! 

Here's the dialogue. I've posted this clip to my twitter account, so you can view it here :

"Because you're innocent, Jimmy" 

Was Jimmy more surprised than me, I wonder ?

Jimmy also mentions that it's three days after Valentine's Day. Clunk Click was broadcast on a Saturday night. The nearest applicable Saturday in 1974 would have been the 23rd February. Someone remind me when this episode actually aired. I've looked on the Radio Times Genome but I don't see any mention of PP as guests. I'll leave that with you guys to sort out !

Onwards !


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

My Line in Duty : Part Two

 I was going to write more about the programme - Line of Duty, but in all honesty, what is there to say but - it's not true, it's a BBC Television programme. It wouldn't be fair of me to say, it's shit, I haven't watched enough of it to come to any conclusion as to its merits creatively and dramatically. But, here's what I'd like to say to Jed Mercurio : Mr Mercurio, you should not have brought Jimmy Savile into your story about corrupt police officers. 

I see your latest episode drew record-breaking audience viewing figures and I congratulate you on that, I really do. But you should NOT have portrayed an innocent real person as a convicted felon. 

Jimmy Savile's family reached out to you via social media about this and you snubbed her. All she wanted was for you to engage with her and you refused. What's done is done. You cannot remove her uncle from you television programme, but you could if you are a decent man - consider adding a note at the end of the episode in question. Nothing controversial - just a FACT !

That FACT being that Sir Jimmy Savile was NOT arrested or charged with any offence during his lifetime. Had he been, he'd have had the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. It's what's commonly known as Natural Justice. 

I invite you to contact me should you wish to discuss the Savile claims in any depth. I have spent almost eight years examining the facts, so I claim some authority on the subject.

In the meantime - let me remind you of the reaction to Jimmy Savile's death almost ten years ago. The press and the media published such articles, would that really have happened if Savile had been half the monster we've been told to believe he was ? Wouldn't the press know ? The same press and media did an about turn on the strength of a television programme full of lies, and presented by a lying ex-police constable - FACT !

Perhaps you should make series 7, 8 or 9 about that ? I'd be more than happy to help you write it !

In 1971, he was awarded an OBE, and, in 1990, he received two knighthoods. The first was from the Queen in her birthday list, and the other from the Pope, who made him a Knight Commander of St Gregory The Great. Only last year, he committed half a million pounds of his own money to students at the University of Leeds, for medical research.

 I'll leave you with something Jimmy Savile said about corruption. I understood it the first time I read it, I hope you do too !

Oh and this is just one of the hundreds of blog posts I have done.

Monday, 3 May 2021

My Line in Duty

 Goodness Gracious how long has it been ? 

Semi-retired ex Detective Inspector Rabbit signing in for duty. Nobody called me back into service like they do in them awful-oft-repeated shit films. No, I act as and when required. I may be late to this particular party, but when I come, I bring something with me - ME !

OK straight to business - Recently this appeared on my Twitter timeline.

The person Carolina was tweeting was this chap. I hadn't heard of him before, I don't watch his show, but it certainly attracts great notices. My sense of duty bade me to find out more, so here I am ! 

It's called 'Line of Duty'. It's not just popular - it's mega-so and then some ! Every time another episode airs, it's number one trending on Twitter. Never mind oxygen for India, what happened in this weeks : Line of Duty ? That's life I suppose, and we all need a bit of a distraction from the madness we're currently living in. Fiction works for most people. I prefer non-fiction myself, but I do love a good drama, especially if it's based on a 'true story'. 

That said - I do like alleged 'true' stories to actually be as near the truth as possible. All fictionalised drama's 'based on a true story' are allowed some poetic licence, a few words put in the long ago convicted mass-murderer's mouth, who cares ? There had to be some dialogue between John Reginald Christie and his wife prior to her internment under the floorboards in their front room, and only a script-writer can provide words Ethel unfortunately couldn't. 

But the producer's of Line of Duty made a huge mistake - as far as I'm concerned, when they chose to include references and an image of Sir Jimmy Savile in episode 2 broadcast in March 2021. 

I don't know if that's a photo-shopped image of Jimmy Savile with fictionalised character's ? Someone let me know. But, what really got me was the dialogue that went with it. Here's how the press outlined the story, including PART of the dialogue of 

The fictionalised report from outside court continued 

" We now realise what Savile was getting out of those relationships with senior Police Officers. What remains to be seen is what they were getting out of their relationship with Savile ?"

Ouch ! Where does fiction end and alluding to established fact's begin one wonders ? Now, bear with me here, I have NOT watched this or any other episode of this show, but I'm sure I'd be a tad angry if I just happened to be someone who was - in real life - friendly with JS and I just happened to be a totally innocent ex-Police officer 

That script jars on me for another reason ! I've heard it before and it wasn't true then either ! It was in Exposure : Part 2 or whatever it was called, broadcast in November 2012, which began with the words :

"We now know Jimmy Savile was a predatory paedophile for more than 40 years" (Mark Williams-Thomas ex-police constable turned tv presenter). 

Of course, 'we' knew nothing of the sort, either then or now, almost nine years later. We do know more about Mr Williams-Thomas, as much as we've been allowed to know that is. The ex-police constable who was arrested, and charged with the criminal offence of attempted blackmail, still being paid by the gutter for his expertise on spotting 'bent coppers' The irony 

It appears a lot of folks were pissed to see Jimmy Savile appear in an episode of their favourite show. Not for the same reasons 'Carolina' was mind ! Oh no ! They were just pissed because they are fools who hate the very sight of JS because the swallowed the lies presented by a bent ex-police officer who was cleared of the blackmail rap but not of his attempts to SELL the names of alleged sex abuse complainants. These are facts, the latter we 'now know' thanks to a High Court Judge ! 

Here's how the show's fans reacted

So this isn't the first time Jed's folk have used Savile in their show for entertainment purposes ? I must be getting a bit rusty on all this. Thankfully someone else called him out before now. Our friend 'Bandini' who I send my best wishes to, if he's reading this !

I've no idea what that last one is about, but it made me smile, so it goes in !

Anyway I'll be signing off duty for today, but I'll be back shortly with more. I haven't finished my investigations YET ! 

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Arthur minute !

 Long time no blog folks ! Well, I just haven't had much inclination to be  honest, what with all the other drama's going on this year. But, I couldn't resist this story, if - for no other reason, than it might bring a few more people into the : question everything fold. Just one would do !

Anyway, let's get on ! Earlier today came this tweet from my friend and co-Savile-not-so surer : Moor Larkin. Naturally, my paws sprang into action. I had to know more. 

Claims made in connection with that wonderful TV Series :This Is Your Life ? This demanded some attention. I got to work, straight away !


 First off : What does Wiki say ?

Next click on the reference link

OK Wiki - I'm with you so far. Let's take a look at that article then ! If you can find it that is.
This is all I could find to begin with. Not the primary source but replicated in something called The Free Library, whatever that is


But where's the bit about This is Your Life, wiki ? It's not in that article ? 


Fortunately for you dear reader, I like to see first hand stuff, so a-burrowing I went. I paid a few quid and I found stuff you won't find unless you do ! Here is the full - This is your Life story. Excuse the pun from the bun !!! Of course, I include the top of the page for the date etc. It's the Sunday Mirror May 12 1996.





 Arf' a minute ! Is that someone challenging the claims, in one and the same article ? What sort of journalism is this ? Certainly not the sort, we in Savile-land are used to ! Goodness gracious, give that journalist an award if she's still around. And the brother, bless him !

A 'bust-up with Barbara a couple of years before he died ...' and leaving his money to charity ! Kinda makes sense, doesn't it ? Especially, when you read that that part of the story was indeed true ! No, I haven't paid to see the will and I'm not going to. I just wanted to share all this with you, dear readers.

Believe NOTHING. Check your sources. Then check them again. If something is not readily available, tell yourself :

"Arthur minute - Is this true ?" 


Oh, I almost forgot my good friend's valuable input into the story ! Maybe hold on another arf-a-minute before handing over that journalism award ! 

Eamon Andrews died in 1987. I double-checked !!!

Addendum added within the hour of first publishing

We don't know to which year/series of This Is Your Life, the claimant's refer to. It may well have been hosted by Eamon Andrews. Silly mistake I thought I must correct as soon as. Doesn't detract from the purpose of the blog-post though. 

Always check - especially when it's you that might be wrong !




Sunday, 17 May 2020

Wor Simon Reporting

Well, I've been meaning to write a blog about the Carl Beech Trial, so here's one I hope you will all enjoy. It's called 'Wor Simon' because - as much as anything - I hope this will serve as a small token of appreciation for the work of Simon Warr who died in February this year. And what a shock his death was ! Chiefly because it all happened so quickly. But, at least, he gave us a chance to say a few farewell's, when he tweeted this !

 One of Simon's important contributions to Justice was his part coverage of the Carl Beech trial held in Newcastle Crown Court last summer. You could see by some of his tweets in May, that he was disappointed by the lack of media coverage the case attracted. He must have been chomping at the bit to get up North ! But ever the professional - he acknowledged the few decent journalist's who were there, especially those that were doing a bloody good job of it !

Certainly one or two were there, almost everyday. But where were the rest ? This was one of the most important trials for decades, yet the media didn't seem that interested !


Now, let me take a short detour from Simon's journey North, in order to acquaint you with my experiences of Simon on twitter prior to either of us, hearing of the name Carl Beech !!! 

I'll assume that most of you know Simon's story. For those that don't, maybe consider buying his book. To say this man went through hell, is an understatement. This piece in the Mail is a good summary of the injustice meted out to him ! 

I think I'd been 'following' Simon and he'd been following me, since not long after he opened his account in 2016. By March 2017, it was clear that he wasn't exactly, what one might describe as - sympathetic with the Savile cause. But who could blame him ?

I wasn't happy with the reference to Jimmy Savile, and I let him know, respectfully ! I had respect for what Simon had been through, and I certainly wasn't going to have a go at him. Had I been through what he had, I'd probably have felt the same way. In short - I cut him some slack and let it go !

I knew that Simon and I were singing from the same hymn sheet. We both wanted the same thing at the end of the day, and part of that same thing, was to see those, who falsely accused others, get what they deserved ! He might not have agreed with half of what I'd written and/or tweeted, but - unlike some, he wasn't afraid to retweet someone whose Twitter profile picture was Jimmy Savile in a hospital corridor ! For those not in the know, a retweet now, is akin to a mention in dispatches at Verdun ! Most people merely like tweets. I personally, don't see much point in that, but there you are !

 Anyways, back to Newcastle, and by July 5th Simon had obviously bought his train ticket !

And by the 16th July he was live tweeting ! So now, we had a reliable source to take us through the closing stages of the trial. I will link the individual day's thread's so you can read ALL of his them !

 You see, it's those little details : the Prosecutor on his feet that makes for interesting reporting. Of course, he'd be on his feet to say anything, but that detail, almost allows those following, to feel part of the - drama, if you will !

What follows is what I think is the first of Simon's thread's that morning. The hearing started at 10am but the Jury were sent out for 17 minutes while legal arguments were discussed.

Tony Bradenoch QC speaks to the Jury

There's a short break around 11am until 11.17 when this was tweeted

Continuing the thread

The Court rises for lunch at 12.07. As an aside - at 5.01 pm Matthew Scott requested a thread unroll, whatever that is ? I guess it's an unroll of all the tweets that day ? Whatever it is, it wasn't available ! Thank God for people like me eh ? 
Actually to be fair, I don't think it's possible to fully unroll people's tweets chronologically. It takes perseverance to make sense of them retrospectively. But I guess that's where people like me come in ! Go me !!!


The following thread covers the PM session on the 16th July. The case did not restart until 2.55 pm and there was a short break about ten minutes later, hence this begins at 3.16pm 



Simon's tweets were appreciated. He was fulfilling what he'd set out to do. If the media wouldn't report lucidly on the case, he would. And he did so - splendidly !

 The next day Carl Beech's defence barrister began his summing up. He didn't have much to work with, so he wasn't 'on his feet' too long ! Just two members of the press were in court that day. TWO !

The Jury didn't look remotely convinced by Thompson's meanderings into potential innocent reason's why anyone would flee the country, rather than speak to the Police 

The Jury didn't look remotely convinced by Thompson's meanderings into potential innocent reason's why his client would flee the country, rather than speak to the Police. Why his client would write a book called 'Nurse Nurse' under a pseudonym etc etc

Naturally, people on the outside replied to Simon's tweets. He would not respond, but they're there, on his timeline. I have to say the following did make me smile !

 Collingwood Thompson QC defending

 Meanwhile, slightly closer to the building, his adversary Tony Bradenoch QC

The following day - Thursday 18th, Judge Goss is still offering his directions to the Jury, and Simon Warr is still there, reporting for us ! 

And the afternoon session 

It seems surreal that anyone, let alone two Police Forces, wasted valuable resources on Carl Beech. As you read the these tweets. I pick out just a few in case the reader cannot see the threads I've linked. 

An hour after the afternoon session begins, there's a short break for some reason. I add the following, including the time, because twitter's time zone is Pacific time, so you must always add seven hours, as you trawl through the threads. 

So that 7.11 am is actually 2.11pm in Newcastle. I just think Simon would like me to be as forensic, and as helpful to the reader, as possible ! 

They are out for eleven minutes 

At 2.27 the Judge references Beech's contact with Exaro News 

 By 3.25 pm it's close of play. 'Someone is lying' says the Judge. 

19th July 2019

According to the twitter clock, Simon's day started at 9.24 am, not 10.15.

Another break at 10.39

Back at 10.56 

Lunch at 12.37 

Looks like that lunch break only lasted about 30 minutes ! 

Just thirty-two minutes later, the Jury goes out 

 Twitter threads can be difficult to follow. They can appear incomplete as they veer off in another direction, for example when someone responds. For completeness - here's the same thread (different reference number) where folks show their appreciation for Simon's hard work !

'Rather exhausting but well worth it'

The Jury didn't take too long, announcing their verdict the following sitting day - Monday 22nd July.  Simon obviously couldn't attend that day, but he followed the excellent press reporting by Jordan Milne. Her tweets start at 8.37 am, and the Jury returns with a verdict at 1.36pm !

 Naturally, Simon had plenty to say following Beech's conviction. Of the latter's motivations 

 And he wasn't about to suffer any fool who might challenge the verdict 

As for Beech's enabler's 

Simon would be back in Newcastle on Friday 26th for the sentencing

And what a journey he had ! The rail network was in chaos it was so hot !

Simon had told me his train left London at 4.40. The above was tweeted at 9.21pm. 

 Simon was quite rightly outraged by the whole Carl Beech saga. Five years earlier, he had been cleared by a Jury after less than 40 minutes, yet he still hadn't had an apology, let alone Justice !

Imagine how he must have felt writing this, en-route to witness the FIRST ever sentencing of someone who'd lied about others, almost destroying their lives ? 

But he made it

I'm confused with the twitter timings now. Simon says that it's 11am, so that means it's GMT + 8 hours because this is twitter timed 3.07 am. There are different Pacific time zones, and I'm not going to say anymore about it because I'm done with trying to work it out. Sorry !

Carl Beech's victims or their representatives, got to read individual impact statements prior to sentencing.

A ten minute break was needed an hour later, after which

" Take him down"


I'm glad Simon came to Newcastle. It was exhausting but you could tell he loved being there, reporting on the action, in person, and meeting fellow victims.  It must have been so cathartic for him ! 

He didn't hang around though. He had a radio show to do in London later that day !

Simon felt he had a 'moral duty' to attend the Beech trial.  I'll let him tell you about it.

Indeed, check out his other posts that month. I like how he includes a relatively nice photo of - Sir Jimmy Savile 

I could go on, but I think that's enough for now. I hope I've done Simon proud with my little appreciation of him and his work. I was privileged to know him for just a short while, and I'm glad I let him know !