Thursday, 26 June 2014

Corruption - an update !

As I type these words a press conference is being held following the release of two Reports into Sir Jimmy Savile's 'role' within the NHS. 

Whatever is said today by whomever, I will continue in my quest for Justice For Jimmy Savile. Him, his loved ones, his supporters, and the rest of us deserve NO LESS.

Never give up on a good thing and always question something that just DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT.

For those of us sickened by the nasty, uniformed rantings of a corrupt media, Justice and Political system, there's always other folks' words to hang onto. 

The following is an extract from an interview with Jimmy published in Mensa Magazine 1992. I've blogged about it before under the heading 'Corruption all round Corruption'. These are Jimmy's own words for what he believed was the worlds 'problems' 

Nothing changes eh ? So, whilst the corrupt do what they have to do today, the rest of us can do what we have to do. We will not be silent ! "ONWARDS" !

Mensa Magazine 1992 David Tebbutt -

I asked him what major problems he thought the world faces.  "The common denominator of world problems, must be AGAIN, corruption.  It is is patently obvious that individual corruption has ruined many an emergent African state.  It is patently obvious that corruption has ruined the country of, shall we say, Iraq.  Somebody like Saddam Husssein who professes to work with God on his side but at the same time builds himself a fifty million pound palace and gasses the Kurds.  Which he did.  Then obviously, the guy is a con man.  If he is not a con man, he is totally deluded in what he is thinking.

"Corruption spreads.  If the boss is corrupt then the deputy boss is corrupt.  And so is the deputy's deputy and so on and so forth, right down as far as it can possibly reach.  If one poses the question, 'Will you ever eradicate corruption', the answer is 'No'.  Because the resolution of the vast majority of things in the world is attempted by debate.  But very few bring into the frame the thing called human nature.  CORRUPTION IN ALL IT's FORMS, IS THE BEDEVILMENT OF THE WORLD (My emphasis) .

"The Alternative is within your circle, to do what you can starting with yourself, to resist corruption.  At the end of the day, you have to be prepared to jettison those people who won't knock corruption on the head and get on with your own little thing.  Conversely, you can have ceaseless, endless, pointless and stupid debates about so - called global problems when it's comfortable not to acknowledge the real problem, which is corruption."

 Another answer,he suggests is  "sensible and honest education.  Education is different things to different people.  If you have a nationalist group that instructs it's children to sing nationalist songs and actively hate those not of their nation, that is not education, that is corruption.  So corruption can be passed on by education"

I'll close with words that are not Jimmy's but those of the the man who interviewed him that day. I was surprised when I read the opening sentence - was Jimmy that misunderstood by those who had yet to spend a little time with him ?

I'll tell you now.  I was not  lookinf forward to meeting Sir James Savile OBE.  Although I love programmes like Jim'll Fix it and Savile's Travels, I was convinced he'd bury me in banter.  I am delighted to say that I was wrong.  He was  extremely pleasant and courteous and  gave very thoughtful answers to my questions.  The man is undeniably kind. He is relentlessly logical.  But the thing that impressed me most was the quality and strength of his convictions. 

I sincerely hope to meet even  at least one person with a fraction of the 'quality and strength' of conviction that this man obviously had.  I've spent a long time on this wee post.  I wanted to do right by Jimmy.  I hope you will do the same !


  1. Sadly, but no surprise, there seems to have been very little actual investigation undertaken in these inquiries, all they seem to have done is made a list of unsubstantiated allegations. I am particularly appalled to see those ludicrous necrophilia claims being repeated, this time in an official report (it even goes as far as to say they cannot be substantiated).

    Despite your best efforts Rabbitaway, it appears we are no closer to getting to the truth. The powers-that-be seem to be intent on simply taken the easiest path, rather than suggest that some or all of those making claims may not be entirely truthful.

    1. Thank you ! They are digging an even greater hole for themselves attaching so much importance to gossip that has been doing the rounds since DDay (the morgues) !
      For anyone who has NOT seen the Reports yet here's a link - check it out ! Rings made out of glass eyes - Oh dear !

  2. Oh hell.
    Good stuff again, rabbit.
    I've just read the Guardian's account...stuff like this:
    "An allegation was made that Savile was witnessed sexually assaulting a teenager who was in traction at the time. But investigators traced the patient, who denied that it happened."
    Yet the headlines roll.
    Hang in there.

    1. Thank you Misa - great comment. Really, the stuff about dead bodies, people actually believe this crap !

    2. Photos of the man posing with dead bodies might well be enough to persuade me to consider that you're quite wrong, and Sir James was a very unpleasant man indeed. Presumably, such claims, if presented in a court, would require someone to produce the physical evidence, or at least make a sensible account of how it came to be unavailable.

      Artificial eyes as rings...I suppose many a child might be persuaded of such a thing. Though quite what such a ring would look like, how big it would be, and why it would necessarily have been taken from a dead body...oh, hell. I think I was trying to apply reason.

      I'm reminded of the fact that I know some sane, decent people who have repeated the words, "groomed the nation," "every waking moment," and are furious when challenged on how this was possible, or in what way they themselves were taken in. Of course, this final question needs to be answered at one level or another.

      We seem to have a very bleak view of humanity. If we can so easily imagine others behaving in such grotesque ways, with so little evidence, what does that say about our own capacity to behave so?

      (If this comes out more than once, please delete as you see fit. Connection problems. Apologies.)

    3. Misa, funnily enough one of the items sold at the auction of his personal belongings in July 2012 was what is described as an 'artificial eye mounted pendant' - FACT ! As far as I have read, the report has not mentioned this fact (correct me if I am wrong). There were NO rings with false eyes listed. There's a saying isn't there, they'd take your eyes out of your sockets if you let them away with it. Given the fact that it's been announced that compensation might now be paid from the public purse, I think we can safely say, all our eyes are being removed, right in front of our very eyes. Excuse the pun it was/is not intended. Here's the link to the auction item !

    4. Who wears a glass eye as a pendant? It doesn't strike me as a particularly healthy or normal thing to do.

    5. It's NOT a glass eye. These artificial eyes pendants/rings are sold as jewellery. Perhaps you are the one who needs help if you don't understand that.

  3. It really is absolute Fantasy Island crap. Who do they think they are kidding? Does anyone actually believe this BS? Mass hysteria and media BS given official blessing.

  4. Kimi here... I found an article that popped up on my windows 8 laptop this morning (msn / outlook news) the headline read that he interefered with dead bodies at NHS hospitals and rather interestingly and in a contradicting manner I found that 'investigators said while there was NO WAY OF PROVING Savile interefered with the bodies in this way, it is evident his interest in the mortuary was not within accepted boundaries'. They're trying to change the subject and twist the reader into believing all this bs... he's being described as a satanist, a wizard and now someone that abuses dying and dead patients and pulls out glass eyes of the dead... all with no proof but to add some kind of shock factor... WTF is wrong with the media ?!

    1. WTF is wrong with England?
      WTF is wrong with the English?
      To keep putting up with this endless, puerile none sense?
      The Lawyers have taken over the Asylum.