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Anonymous "Nutters" - Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Pt 4

Moor or less, as soon as I finished my last chapter, I found the answer to the question that had been bugging me foe ages.  And the answer had been staring me in the face all the time.  You see, I have a copy of a record made of a concert performed at BM in 1975 - you know the one !

Well, here is the reverse of the LP 

And here is a close up of that, bottom right hand corner where Jimmy himself tells me, the answer to my question !

Apologies for the poor quality, I must get a better camera or learn to use the one I've got properly.  That sentence that's affected reads; 'A major undertaking was a recording of BBC TV's Song of Praise, also Radio One's Speakeasy, an undited hour long free speech program with 250 patients from all wards' 

So, it was 1969 that Jimmy first became acquainted with BM.  I wonder if 'Britt' is still around, go on have a wry smile about that name guys and gals, I'm fairly certain that Leon, was not in post as 'entertainments officer' in Broadmoor Hospital in the 1960's !

Let's get back to 1972 shall we, that is where I left off last time.  Having now watched the rest of Exposure - the update (SEE HOW DIDICATED I AM !) I can see just how useful the BBC film of that year was to them - AND ME as it happens !

Here we go ! 

One thing that concerned me as I watched Exposure Pt 2 was the use that was made of Jimmy's own words.  Now ordinarally I would see this a good thing, were it not for the fact that I believe that it's inclusion only misleads the audience. Let me explain !  Below, is a still from Jimmy speaking about the staff at BM.  Thomas does not say WHERE this clip comes from, but it is obviously not 1972 !

My guess, is that this is a clip from 'Inside Broadmoor' made by the BBC in 1989.  Here's what Jimmy says, just after Thomas describes his role as something sinister in terms of being in a postion of authority at the hospital !

" If anybody was so basically unhappy here that they didn't like it then they should hand their notice in and leave " 

 We are not allowed to know the context of this statement, why he was discussing staff morale, but I guess the producer's felt that it somehow shows Jimmy as some kind of tyrant ! However, as will be seen, Jimmy had been appointed as part of a task force, as a result of huge problems regarding staff and management in 1988. He is obviously being questioned about the issue, wouldn't you agree ?

You will note that this clip comes in at 24.24 mins into the program.  Just 9 seconds later, we hear more from Jimmy and how he started at BM.  Thomas describes this speech as being from the 1972 film, I guess we will have to take his word for that.  He also describes Jimmy being inspired to go there  by a letter from a patient !

"Some years ago in my copious fan mail, I got a notice telling me that I was an honary member of 'nutter's anonymous', run by some of the patients at the world famous BM hospital "

It is strange is it not that someone would receive a letter which described an 'honary' role, as if you were ALREADY in that role, BEFORE you even got there !

Letters eh, they play a large part in the scandal that is 'the death of the life of Jimmy Savile' ! Real letters, fake one's and then there are REAL letters that are distorted before our very eyes - Read on folks !

Thomas goes in search of people closely involved with Jimmy at BM, first stop, Janet Cope, Jimmy's PA for 29 years. His questions her about a letter "seemingly, from a patient thanking Savile for taking her on a supervised day trip " Thomas' problem here is that the letter is NOT TO JIMMY at all, it is a letter to Janet, who was ALSO in attendance along with a friend, the trip, was to Bournemouth !

Why ITV felt the need to make this letter almost illegible I have no idea, but it is plain, it is TO JANET, thanking both her and Jimmy for a lovely day out, you will also note that she went 'home' (BM) alone !

Better still, it appears to have been a group event !  Again, the document is presented very badly but I've done the best I can to present it as clearly as possible !

Bless her, I like the mention of how the folks had 'never seen the sea or sand'.  Why does this line fill me up ?

Mrs Cope describes  "trouble at BM" that led to the appointment of a task force. She says that, "they put him in charge of the task force".  Senior mangers, Thomas says insist that Jimmy was NOT in charge of the task force. But, Jimmy was a powerful man, he had friends in high places according to Thomas as he cuts to a clip of Margaret Thatcher's appearance on Jim'll Fix it ! 

Thomas meets Edwina, we'll make this short and sweet shall we ? Ms Currie like Jimmy has been promoted for the purposes of this program, to the post of Health Minister 1986 - 1988 !  She is none the wiser for her elevation she still knows very little about anything useful !

"I feel fairly sure that Jimmy Savile suggested himself "

" He would have been seen as an extreemly useful person.  And to have a high profile person doing this would have been have been so much the better " Eh ? Why is Ms Currie speaking as though she was not involved in any of this at all ? 

"He was simply seen as a friend of the establishment" 

Once, in post, Currie meets with Jimmy who she says advises her about the staff finance issues.  He also , she says tells her tales of an IRA cell operating within BM, an officer having an affair and alleged embezzlement of funds ! Were any of these serious matters investigated ? well, it would appear not !

One good thing that came out of the program was this, a still of him getting out of his car and outside of a house outside the 'perimeter wall' of BM.  This is where Jimmy stayed when he was in BM 

 Again, I assume that this clip is from the 1989 film, Jimmy's hair is now white !

Let's talk to someone who really knows something about JS at BM shall we ? MWT gives Alan Franey a real going over, but Mr Franey can handle himself.  You might want to scroll along to 37.22 to see what I mean !

To be continued !




  1. Sterling work Rabbitaway.
    Icke and his so-called "truth-seekers" are such a bunch of twits to have swallowed this entire myth. That the British establishment has been revealed to be as easily deluded as them, is just depressing.

    1. The British Establishment are far from deluded. They are complicit.

    2. Judging by the two comments you have left on my blog today, I would suggest that it is you who is 'deluded' !

  2. Thanks Moor I forgot to inc the youtube video I'm using so here it is !

  3. Just as an aside, I noted the ludicrously incompetent editing employed by the "Exposure" producers in this blogpost.

    "This was particularly ridiculous because the background to the testimony we were hearing seemed based on some notion of Savile's influence and power at this time - in 1968/1969.

    First we are shown video of Savile
    These pictures are from 1997.... What the hell have they got do with 1968?

    Next we are shown images of the BBC TV Centre in what must be 1961, when it first opened. Does the producer of this show have the slightest idea about his subject? How the hell did this show get an Award from it's journalistic peers?

    Now we are flashed an image from 1973"

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  5. Thanks Ellen, your comment is proving very useful !

  6. So why remove Ellen's comment? Hoping for a scoop? Or aiming at a cover up?

  7. The comment was removed because it referred to Susan, a witness whose story had YET to be told ONLINE ! Some of us like to do the right thing and look after people !