Saturday, 15 March 2014

"I think he appointed himself" ! Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Part 3

The title of my latest came straight out of one of the horse's, mouthsYou would think that the woman who held the post of Junior Health Minister (1986 - 1988) would remember, how, when and, most importantly WHY, Jimmy Savile was part of a 'task force' sent into Broadmoor in August 1988.  

Ms C delivered these words in an interview on RTE presumably late October 2012 as it was uploaded to youtube on the 3rd November 2012 !

Yes, guys and gals, I sat through this garbage to bring you some of the statements that she came out with - here are some of them !

"I didn't give him the keys" - she's actually putting her hands up as she says this !

"What it appears I was involved in, can't be sure til they all the paperwork" 

Then she 'appears' to remember, well, quite alot actually !

"What we were in the process of doing was improving the life of patients, because it was being run like a prison.  WE asked various people, chaired by a senior civil servant, how the lives of the patients could be improved, and Jimmy made an appointment to see me" 

Earlier, Currie described Jimmy as having been "in and out" of BM for years, since Wilson was PM "long before my time" !

She was quite impressed with the ideas that Jimmy had at the time "what he came up with was quite good".

Ms Currie did not share any of these idea's, she's far moor interested in a potential motive behind Jimmy's enthusiasm to be part of the force at BM !

"He'd gone through the payroll" finding that some officers were paying themselves moor than they should have been.

Q "How did he get access to the payroll ? " 
A "Good Question" so good she did not have an answer but she did have a theory as to why Jimmy would have been busying himself with the accounts !

He was, she says, finding stuff he could use as a way of "suborning the staff" !

Q "You put him in charge of a task force"
A "He, was NOT in charge, the civil Servant was IN CHARGE "

Had this been a serious investigative style interview and not some 'Loose women' type entertainment program, my next question would have been !

"So WHO was that 'senior civil Servant ?" 

The only other interesting piece of information that she comes out with is the fact that she NEVER heard ANY "rumours" about Jimmy, after all she was, she admits, "in a position to stop him".  She is obviously only referring to the start of the engagement of the force's deployment, because she was forced to resign a few months later , something to do with eggs and salmonella !

That is more than enough of Edwina, time to look at the reasons WHY the government felt that it was necessary to REMOVE the whole management of Broadmoor Hospital and replace it with a task force in the first place ! 

First things first, when did Jimmy first become involved with BM ? WE know he was there in 1972, there's lots of evidence of that in both the mainstream press and other less well known publications such as the Catholic Herald ! 

The BBC know that he was there before March 1972, because they were trying to pay him for the 'Songs of Praise' that he took part in there !

Maybe this episode actually took place in 1971 


But, when did he actually START volunteering at BM.  Currie mentioned Harold Wilson whose premiership witnessed the 'I'm backing Britain Campaign' in 1968.  Jimmy started working at the LGI, as a way of doing his bit so he probably started at BM at around the same time !  Moor covered aspects of this in his blog 'Patriot' !

BUT - here is where it gets interesting folks because, what I want to know is when this still from a film was actually taken ?

I took this from a Sun newspaper article that is pay walled - I left in the description at the bottom because, despite it's offensiveness, it actually helps us to pinpoint roughly when it was taken.  

Jimmy, starred in a documentary film about BM entitled 'Inside Broadmoor' in 1989 ! Now, I may be wrong, but there is NO WAY that the above came from that film, why, because Jimmy is far too young.  

I believe that this is actually a still from a documentary about and indeed called 'The World of Jimmy Savile' which was made some time after June 1972 - How do I know that ?

You know the film I'm talking about, I believe it's the one from which those clips of him on the exercise bicycle talking about his work in hospitals. 

AS IT HAPPENS, guys and gals I tracked my film down, MWT featured it in his Exposure Update tsk tsk Marky, because, from out of the horses mouth came this !

"Five minutes in a hospital is a gimmick, if you've got the newspapers there, and the televison there, five minutes is a gimmick.  Five years, is not a gimmick !" 

 Jimmy is still in his 'volunteering' days in that still the Sun has provided.  I assume that someone at the BBC loaned ITV a copy of the film this clip was taken from.  

There's more to come - I'm only up to 1972, the year Jimmy got his OBE ! 

 Well done Jim - I'm sure your family were and are, very proud of you ! 



  1. Intriguing. You will recall that it was Channel 4 News, which is actually made by ITN, an ITV company, that came up with "lost" BBC footage of Clunk-Click a couple of days after Freddie Starr denied ever being on that show (because he didn't even remember it obviously).

    I always wondered how BBC archive footage was lost by the BBC and then found by ITV. Makes me think of anew title for a movie, One of our Programmes is Missing"

  2. I wonder why the BBC felt the need to make at least two films called 'Inside Broadmoor' - it really would be useful to see the 1989 edition. I've got moor to tell in my next part - so stay tuned !

  3. I think the 1989 film refers to the launch of a new regime, meaning care regimes. Perhaps it was the beginnings of the concepts of "Care in the Community". One of the things Jimmy seemed to be saying about Broadmoor was that it had a mystique that was entirely unmerited and that was one reason he was trying to allow the media in - presumably with the idea being that for a person to have once been in Broadmoor did not then blight the rest of their life. It was a hospital not a prison. His success in this transformation is witnessed by the way the media now promote the idea that Broadmoor was full of helpess "children" who could be subject to terrible abuse by celebrities. I suspect neither story is quite true, but Jimmy's might be much closer to the truth.

    Anyhow, I guess Broadmoor would be in the news whenever either somebody escaped or a "new regime" was launched, so maybe this was why the beeb found it news-worthy at two different times. I gather there was a big TV documentary about Broadmoor made in 2002. I've not watched it but I'm guessing Jimmy never even rated a mention in that show.

  4. You're right about the 2002 film again called 'Inside Broadmoor' it's on youtube and includes Alan Franey but NO sign of Jimmy - I guess he wasn't the 'boss' of BM after all. Moor about Mr Franey et al next time !!

  5. Jimmy started working at BM in 1969, I'll tell you how I know this in my next chapter !