Thursday, 7 November 2013

'After Savile..' - No more tears ( Enough is Enough) !

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Meirion Jones has done it, well, not, again, being as though he did not get away with his little venture to ruin Jimmy Savile's name in December 2011. But, he has done it, he has produced a documentary called 'After Savile, No more secrets' and I have just finished watching this on the BBCi player.

Phew, I thought that Jimmy had gotten off kind of lightly and that the only reason that his name had been featured was to boost viewing figures, and then I got to 21.19 of the 28.57 minutes.  

Meirion's crew have tightened up their act since anyone with a stem and a brain attached to it noticed how rubbish his first film that never was, was ! However, this time, they produced an alleged 'victim' who actually remembered; where, when and how old she was when she was, she says, raped by a 'porter' in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1977 ! But, not any old porter you understand, this was the most famous man in the UK at the time !
So, why refer to a 'porter' then ? Why not just come out with it, surely she must have recognised Sir Jimmy after all, this was 1977 when 'Jim'll Fix it' was the most popular televison programme on the telly on a Saturday Night !  
Celia explains that she was recovering from an operation to have her tonsils removed and was on an old people's ward and 'bored'.  She asked the nurse if she could go and watch telly.

"I was bored because I was in an old peoples ward so I asked the nurse if I could go and watch telly and she said I could go to the television room, and, I came out of the ward, and there was a porter, seemed very nice (SB Nodding her head throughout) and he asked me where I was going and I couldn't speak properly, but I said to him, I was going to the tv room and he said he'd show me where it was"

SB "C says the porter took her into the empty TV room and raped her"
 Berg then questions Celia but it's obvious that their interview has been scripted/rehearsed, Berg is almost coaching her responses as she nods her head during the following exchange.

SB "You told the Nurse absolutely what had happened ?"
'C' "That he'd hurt me down there, the porter had hurt me down there" 
SB "And she said ?"
'C' "Don't say a thing, you'll get me in trouble"
SB "Do you think she knew (what) the kind of thing he was doing there ?"
'C' "She knew"
 For some reason, 'Celia' was talking in an almost child like manner during the above exchange !

SB 'The reason the nurse had told C to keep quiet about the attack was because the porter wasn't a porter at all.  He was Jimmy Savile now accused of assaults in 30 hospitals.'

Liz Dux a solicitor acting FOR the people who have made claims against Jimmy was asked about what she thought 'people' might or might not know about him !

SB "People may think they know about Jimmy Savile in the NHS, but do they ?"

LD " No, I don't think they do. I don't think they know the half of it"

 But, my question would be : how can folk KNOW anything apart from what they have been told by the MSM - the NHS investigation is still proceeding ?

SB goes on to explain that Stoke Mandeville Hospital cannot comment on the story because of the ongoing NHS investigation but I guess the programme makers and participants just wanted to make doubly sure that they were aware of this story !

I've had a real battle with my conscience here, deciding how best to approach this most sensitive of issues.  No one but no one wants to cause any genuine victim of a heinous crime any pain and suffering, but, I just cannot, with the best will in the world, accept the way this story has been presented.  For a start, where is the Nurse ? is she being questioned or is she conveniently dead ?  Then there is the story itself ! Really now, ask yourself this question, how likely is it that a man as smart as Jimmy Savile would have chosen a television room in a hospital to assault anyone ?  Remember hospitals in the 70's, the TV room was the place to be, the place to have a nice smoke etc !

SB reports that 'Celia's lawyer believes that if there had been a mandatory law then, details of Savile could have been reported to the police as early as 1964' 
1964 where does she get that year from ?  She's clearly referring to an institution here, Duncroft perhaps ?? I'll let someone else work that one out !

I did not enjoy watching this film but I forced myself to do it more than once.  I needed to make sure I reported this correctly.  If I have made any mistakes in the transcript please let me know by all means. Peter Rippon does not work at the BBC anymore unfortunately !  What sort of people present an uncorroborated story as fact in the middle of an ongoing countrywide investigation ? I am appalled !
Next time - Mandatory Reporting - the first 21 minutes of 'Savile - No more secrets ' !


I have amended my blog piece to day.  I listened to the exchange again between LD and SB.  SB asked LD what she thought the 'people' might know about JS not what the NHS might or might not have known. Rather than merely adding an addendum I have changed the few but relevant words.  

November 10th

I have amended again because I'd missed out a few words in 'C's description of her meeting with the 'porter' - apologies but I did this blog in a bit of a rush the other night.  From now on I'll make sure I include all the words spoken, I wouldn't want to be accused of censoring or redacting other people's words !



  1. These fabricated accounts are so easy to spot when your brain still works! Unfortunately so many TV Drones are fogged up beyond redemption these days

    I have noticed an increase in online bile this week - a couple of cretins signed up to M.Eps just to cause trouble (they were quickly exterminated)

  2. There was a 12/13yr-old supposedly raped in the chapel and another supposedly abused in a satanic ritual in a cellar, at Stoke Mandeville. Presumably everyone's lost interest in them.
    If anyone other than crooked lawyers and journalists believe this crock then more fool them, It's all quite contemptible and the fact that they can get away with this sort of crap only goes to demonstrate how corrupted the British media is just now. As I've said more than once, there seems not to be a single honest journalist left in the country just now.

    1. Blimey - did Stoke Mandeville know where any of their child patients were and as for putting a child in a ward with elderly patients!! And just to put the icing on the cake the Yewtree Police have racked up £490,000 worth of overtime!

  3. Must be true, Liz Dux is on the case.

    1. How effing obvious was that - she gets a slot on prime time telly to tout the he is guilty - they don't know the half of it shit ! Thankfully we can turn to Babs and Donna for succour !

    2. Hate that woman.

  4. Bloody hell, Donna Summer died in 2012 - I never knew RIP !

  5. Just like old time's on Moor's - I love this version of 'Guilty' Go Babs !

  6. I couldn't bring myself to watch this, so would like to thank you for disemminating the intersting bits. Liz Dux according to a daily mail article form June is representing 60 savile victims. What a nice little earner and great for raising the profile. Does anyone know if slater and gordon are representing the duncroft claimants ?

    1. She is representing the biggest liar of them all, Sir Jim's great niece!

  7. Seems it's actually swollen to 72 claimants now !

  8. They were gearing up for 'mandatory reporting' - from your link

    Dux, head of abuse at law firm Slater & Gordon, added: "His victims will be distressed to read that those that protected him put monetary gain and his celebrity above looking after their welfare.

    'head of abuse' is abuse a new specialism in the law now ?

  9. 'Head Of Abuse Of Process' would be a more accuate job title...

    1. Maybe the Guardian 'comment is free' forgot to disengage the redact button when they described her so !

  10. I refuse to believe an not of this. My reason is, a TV room in a hospital is not a secluded place, nobody would choose a TV room. Also, I can see more and more stories with a bit more added on each time you read. Each time these people come up with a new headline or programme, the family of Jimmy gets a taser strike to their heart. Today I turned off the news as the witch hunt starts on the weatherman.
    Fictitious media bull crap. End of rant ��

    1. Thank you Julie. I re-examined this story in 2014 and found that Ms Dux claims TWO children raped by JS one ('Celia' in 1977) the other an 8 yr old in 1986 ??