Monday, 4 November 2013

We've only just begun !

I for one, had a great day last Tuesday 29th October 2013.  I met some lovely people, had a very pleasant walk around a very lovely park and had a nice cup of Yorkshire tea - several in fact !

So what if our little party was just that ! So what if hundreds of others did not join us for a walk for Justice For Jimmy Savile ?  It is, after all, early days yet ! The British public have been brainwashed - it will NOT be easy to turn the tide on the perpetrators, but turn it we must.  

I was sad when I read Moor Larkins final blog piece on his 'Death of the Life of Jimmy Savile' , then I was angry and then I was sad again.  Not for Jimmy Savile, as I've said many times before, he had a great life and, by all accounts died a happy man.  No, I am sorry for those of us who live in fear of the mob, those who feel that they have no choice but to just go along with the tide !

This is how I started my little blog in September :

In seven weeks time a group of people who have never met will walk around the lake in Roundhay Park Leeds with one hope in their heart.  That hope is to see the name and memory of the late Sir Jimmy Savile restored to where it was before a BBC journalist decided to attack this kind, gentle man just two days after his death.

I misplonked with the timeline there - that should have read 'five weeks time' not seven by the way. Whatever, NOTHING HAS CHANGED for me at least ! I'm sure that it took considerably longer than a year for Jimmy to fashion the life he wanted for himself and a great deal longer for him to endear himself to the populace.  

The silent majority remain, for the time being at least, silent. Who knows, maybe things will never change and folk will go on happy to ignore the suffering of others. The death of the life of any man 'diminishes' us all as another great soul once said so much better than me !

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend's
Or of thine own were:
Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee. 



  1. Hi Rabbit I think the sea change will come if Freddie Starr manages to successfully sue Karin Ward, if she is shown not to be credible, surely that must start a debate of how many of the "victims" really are reliable or mere bandwagon jumpers after attention and compensation.

    Also Max Clifford trial could be turning point. I am on trial next year due to a false allegation of historic abuse which strangely arose after I had discussed the whole savile/elm guest house business with the complainant and I know there are many more like me destined for court and possibly prison. Please take the baton from Moor and keep the fight going.

    1. Hello 'Anon' - I am sorry to hear of your problems and I hope that you all goes well for you and anyone else falsely accused of ANY crime ! The Ward issue will indeed be interesting - let's wait and see ! WE know what we are up against now ! WE must be strong and we must support each other !
      BTW - our headteacher used to quote that poem every morning in assembly, I never listened to the words then. 'No man is an Island' - how true !

    2. Meirion Jones is still hawking his "Karin Ward" scoop as some kind of national learning exercise, despite the fact it is plainly not a true story, whilst the ex-DPP, Kier Starmer is dancing around the same bonfire of vanity. It's all quite bizarre. The legal establishment has lost the plot big-style and it must be truly terrifying to be in it's clutches just now.

    3. It is terrifying, my defence witnesses have not been interviewed, one of whom was supposed to have been aware of the alleged "abuse" the investigations are totally slanted into building a case rather than finding the truth. And if you have young children you have ss crawling all over you, after all it was recently claimed that just because a child states they are not being abused that doesn't mean that they are not !

      I am lucky in that I will be able to fund a specialist defence, but really feel for the poor souls that have to depend on the third rate legal aid system where they have little or no choice in who defends them and the case preparation is minimal.

      I have been kicked out of the family home for over six months and I am only allowed supervised access to my bewildered children.

      The savile effect has made things worse but this has been going on for a number of years. I have spoken to others with similar cases where forensic evidence was never submitted that could have cleared people. The police are well aware that they are in effect fitting people up to enable them to reach conviction targets yet carry on regardless.

    4. The CPS seem to have turned the police into a State Prosecuting Authority. The police's only task is to search out "evidence" to allow the citizen to be prosecuted. It no longer matters whether the police 'believe' the "evidence", it is just their job to "find" it. The moral danger is that once the case is passed over to the CPS, the police are absolved of all responsibility, so there is no chance even of any corporate conscience since the decisions taken to prosecute are not even theirs.

      It is not "conviction rate" but rather "prosecution rate" that they must be being judged upon nowadays. Any investigation not resulting in CPS decisions to prosecute must be deemed as a black mark against the police I should think.

      The British public still seem to Labour under the delusions of the Seventies & Eighties when the police approach had to be justified in court later, if prosecution was attempted.

      The suing of the CPS by Le Vell is, I think, unprecedented but almost unmentioned by the media.

      You may know this forum:

    5. From my perspective your analysis is spot on. I did read the article you are refering to about Le Vell and if I remember correctly it was a CPS source that Le Vell "could" sue the CPS rather than it was a course of action he was undertaking. Having said that I hope he does , as it may set a precedent for others.

      As for that forum I am a member, there are many terrible stories of the misery and lives ruined by false accusations. As a general rule false accusers are not prosecuted, the true number of false allegations is not something tptb want the general public to be aware of as they are loathed to put off genuine complainants.

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  3. Is it just me or does that laddie holding Jimmy up look like James McAvoy ????

  4. My blog will remain up as long as nobody takes it down.
    Strangely enough I made a reference to the Freddie Starr case at The Guardian today, although my subsequent comments have been deleted, presumably because the Guardian doesn't allow Links and both contained links to different blogposts of mine.

    "Isn't there a major problem here in that the Karin Ward story is not actually true? Last I heard she's subject to legal action by Freddie Starr."

    1. Your blog will serve as a useful reference tool for current and future researchers Moor ! I also have a sneaky feeling that your last blog post about Sir Jimmy will NOT really be your last say on the matter ! You can't keep a good blogger down, ask Ms Raccoon !

  5. Hey - I just noticed the lanyard around Jim's neck says 'Leeds Marathon' - how fitting !

  6. Just popping a link in to Ian Hardcastle's excellent blog: he evidently has read Moor and Annaraccoons blogs and has his own analysis, he is also covering the Graham Ovendon case which made very intersting reading.

    1. Excellent stuff. I've read Hardcastle in the past but hadn't kept up with the fact that he's "still on the case". His blog doesn't do comments though, which is a shame because some dialogue could be helpful. I've noticed he's got a bit of a mistake in his Oct.14 post, "Research" about Meirion and the Aunt.

  7. It wasn't James McAvoy then - far too young ...that face just looks familiar .... anyways, here's link to the forum that Johnny Timeless started - we need to consolidate all our efforts now .... get the message out to as many folk as possible. The Leeds Forum yielded got a lot of interest - so, no potential avenue must be left unexplored .... !!! Big Smiley Face to all !!

  8. Oh, this should be interesting - two Sussex detectives (still serving) to be investigated about their handling of an allegation made in 2008 ?? - the article takes the view that she was put off taking the matter further ! I wonder, if this means that the story she presented will now be investigated !


    2. So they will investigate 2 officers - I wonder if both those officers spoke to the claimant at the same time ???? Someone should do a FOI request to see what the 2 put in their notebooks etc ..... they may have been trying to help the complainant - interesting !!
      The Guardian quotes Levitt's remarks ..... yeah, we all know how open and transparent that report turned out to be !!!

  9. Next post .... 'After Savile - "No more tears Enough is enough" - I'm into song titles just now !!!

  10. So this is Rape Culture 101. No matter how many witnesses come forward to say that this man raped them or they saw this man rape them, you bastards think that you can somehow disprove everything and get your hero back.

    You guys are pathetic.

    1. Thanks Tim ! Close the door on your way out !