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'I was a patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital' in 1977 !

No, not me but this person was :

The above blog was written on 13th October 2012.  On 10th October, the following statements appeared in the press as attentions became focused on the hospitals most closely associated with Sir Jimmy.

 In a statement, Buckinghamshire Healthcare said it was "unaware of any record or reports of inappropriate behaviour of this nature during Sir Jimmy Savile's work with the Trust."

A spokesman for Leeds Teaching Hospitals said it did not have any record of complaints about his behaviour while he supported the hospital. 

On the 11th October, Broadmoor Hospital offered it's statement.

A West London Mental Health NHS Trust spokeswoman said: "We have not been approached by police or by any former patients or their representatives with any allegations of abuse by the late Jimmy Savile.

In December 2012, three Hospital Trusts announced their  individual investigations into allegations of abuse at their establishments. Stoke Mandeville and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust called their inquiries 'Speaking out' whilst Broadmoor under the West London Mental Health Trust (WLMHT) just called it's the 'Broadmoor Hospital investigation' !

 I wanted to know more about the development and progress of the hospital investigations. After all, it is this aspect of the scandal that has caused the most heartbreak and disgust amongst the general public has it not ?

I have not been able to find out much about the progress of the Leeds and Stoke Mandeville inquiries but I have found some interesting pieces of information courtesy of the Board of West London Mental Heath Trust who now run the Hospital

For a start, they have monthly 'Board Meetings' of which minutes are printed ! I decided to see what they might (or might not) have been saying in their meetings since the end of last year, especially when I saw this !

 Naturally, I clicked on that link, and skim read each entry.  The first reference to JS came in the Mins for 31st October 2012 

The next mention came in 30th January 2013

 Then this on 27th March 2013

Then 29th May 2013

Then nothing until June :

Wasn't the first 'call' enough ?

In the last few weeks we have seen that the NHS investigation as a whole has been extended to more hospitals.  The lawyers representing the claimants are not happy ! This from Slater and Gordon 

'We agree with Mr Hunt’s comments that it is important that the NHS investigation is as thorough and detailed as possible. However we are keen to ensure that the reports are not prolonged. '

Ms Stanley's blog goes on 

 Our clients have taken part in these inquiries and are keen to obtain closure without enduring yet another arduous and drawn-out investigation. It is therefore important that any further investigation is treated as a priority and dealt with expeditiously.

Well, Ms Stanley, I guess you'll just have to wait because it looks as though the Hospital Investigations could go on for some time yet !

Here are the appeals made to the public by Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville Hospital at the start of their investigations



I'm sure that there are a lot of good folk out there who would be happy to give their views about these investigations and their feelings about Jimmy Savile's 'ROLE' in their lives ! PERHAPS OUR BLOGGER FROM ABLEIZE WOULD CONSIDER GETTING IN TOUCH, WITH US IF NO ONE ELSE !

There's still time to SPEAK UP .... not out !

P.S I never did find the info about the 'costs' of the investigation at Broadmoor, but, I guess we'll all hear about it soon enough !


  1. The Broadmoor Allegations were perhaps the most absurd of any made, given the nature of the "patients". As Jimmy remarked in his interview with Surrey Police in 2009:

    "..... for fifty years I've had a set of keys at Broadmoor, but I never ever forget the rules, never forget the rules. You can if you want but you finish up dead."

    On the other hand, there has been more than one sex scandal at the place in the 21st century, so you'd think they'd have little problem pinning the past down.

  2. For me, the most abhorrent aspect of the whole 'scandal' are the claims made about alleged assaults in hospitals - the Panorama example especially exemplified the depths to which some folk have dropped in their determination to use JS as a scapegoat with which to forward their own agenda - whatever that is !

    1. "A 78-year-old man has been charged with rape and indecent assault in connection with incidents at several hospitals including Stoke Mandeville in the 1970s and 1980s."

    2. He's the same bloke that was prosecuted years ago!!
      "Dr Michael Salmon, consultant paediatrician at Stoke Mandeville hospital, was convicted and jailed for three years in 1990 for indecent assaults on teenaged girl patients, two thirteen year olds and one sixteen year old girl"

    3. Looks like this has been brewing since last year.

    4. @Moor - this Salmon chap had nothing to do with JS - the mail added

      'Following publication of this article, Dr Salmon contacted the PCC to say that although he worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, he was based at a separate campus to Savile. We are also happy to clarify that Dr Salmon never met or had dealings with Savile.'

      But - he did apparently have a Jim'll Fix it picture in his office !!!

  3. What is the connection between ward closures at Broadmoor and the extended investigation into the allegations against Sir Jim? Surely it can't just be about money as you seem to imply? There is a huge investment programme at Broadmoor at the moment with a new 16 ward unit with 234 beds costing £285 million underway, which is due to open in 2017.
    "Some of the hospital's 150-year-old buildings, which were deemed unfit for purpose in 2003, will be demolished during the redevelopment, which was approved in July.".

  4. Thank you for that information. I merely included the point about ward closures as a matter of interest and was not implying any connection between that and the extended investigation. It is you that appears to have made that connection !

  5. It was the juxtaposition of the issues in your blog post as well as the way it was written that gave me that impression so please don't blame me for connecting the two just because it wasn't clear that you included the ward closures merely as a matter of interest. .

  6. @Rabbitaway and Anonymous
    FYI the Starlight Ward referred to in the minutes of the WLMHT September board meeting was in Ealing, and its closure is completely irrelevant, financially and otherwise, to any investigation at Broadmoor.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. 'Anon thank you for the information regarding the ward closures. I have decided to remove that paragraph for now at least in order to avoid any misunderstanding ! My blog posts are intended to inform, not mislead !

  9. Being a DJ, in the pop business, show business, television and radio. It's difficult to imagine any job more likely to attract willing young girls and women.

    But no, apparently this man, obsessed with sex all the time spent endless hours of his life being a hospital porter because access to sex would be easier!?

    Is there a hospital porter in the country who would agree that their job would give them more opportunities for sex, than that of a TV star Disc Jockey?
    Do people suggesting this nonsense really believe it?

    1. Curious notes here, from behind a paywall:
      "Nurses will be heavily involved in a Department of Health investigation into alleged abuse of patients by the late broadcaster Jimmy Savile."

      "A male nurse who worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the late 1970s has described how former broadcaster Jimmy Savile was 'universally loathed' by nursing staff."

    2. @John S - don't really know how to answer that ... nice one, no one seemed to mind Jimmy volunteering at the hospitals at the time did they ? Must check out that article Moor - looks interesting !!

  10. Oh, never mind the payrolll
    guys and gals - I've found the letter from the former staff nurse interesting BUT nothing about patients or youngsters !!

  11. Was it another Pratt?

    4:57 PM, WED 31 OCT 2012
    Hospital Trust: Porter 'mistaken' over Savile claims
    Jimmy Savile regularly took teenage girls to an accommodation block at Leeds General Infirmary alone during the later 1980s, a former porter has claimed. Earlier today, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said it was "shocked" by the claims made by Terry Pratt. In a later statement, the Trust said it believed Mr Pratt was wrong because he was not working at the hospital at the time.

    We are concerned to hear the allegations which have been made by Mr Pratt and have been quoted widely in the media. We have investigated his claims today with other staff who were around at Leeds General Infirmary at the time and we believe he is mistaken in his comments.

    Mr Pratt appears to have been talking about a period in the 1980s before he started work at the hospital in 1990 and not from first-hand knowledge.

  12. Has any contact been made with the mother of the girl who introduced Jimmy to Duncroft who apparently worked at Broadmoor and lived in the area?