Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sir Jimmy's Car Wagon

It's always nice to come across folk IN THE MEDIA who had a GOOD WORD to say about Jimmy Savile AFTER HE DIED, especially when you note that the piece is written TWO MONTHS after Goslett's masterpiece exposing Jimmy was published in the Oldie Magazine. 


 Reading on our h(z)ero describes how, his rag had been beaten to the story by the DAILY MIRROR a month before. I found this bit particually interesting !

Missed out on the name of the school, the 'victims' being 'underage'  and NO details about 'BBC premises' ? What on earth is he on about ? Surely Meirion Jones supplied all that information to his press chums. Why was it left to the Oldie to break the story I wonder ?

Read that headline again 'no newspapers would touch my story'. Is he doing a MTW here or could he be telling THE TRUTH ? I'll let you think about that one reader. After all, the forces had yet to assemble as they did indeed in September 2012. It takes time to mobilise a great army folks ! 

Going back to the title of my piece; Richard Streeton who is Deputy Editor of Land Rover Monthly wrote 'Jimmy's Saville Wagon' in April 2012. It's hard to find online but I tracked it down and provide extract for my readers. See how good I am to you guys and gals !!


would later have his own suite inside the hospital during his role as a hospital porter

This man obviously thinks alot of Sir Jimmy !

 He ends 

 BUT this earlier paragraph took my interest for VERY DIFFERENT reasons 

 The V5 ? That's a log book to you and me guys and gals. What was that story about the boys and the Rolls Royce ? 

 Erm, I'm not big on cars meself but I got kinda interested in Jimmy's Car wagon. I knew that there had been a story about the poor geezer who decided to TRY and sell Jimmy's Rolls post October 2012, but I was quite taken aback to find this ebay listing from 2011 

So what ? I hear you say. Well, I only came upon the above via this forum. Bear in mind, Jimmy was STILL ALIVE a fact that may account for some restraint on the part of some !

 You can read the comments here. They are or, should I say were libelous at the time !

Sir Jimmy's car wagon has found a certain notoriety online. It was for sale again just 3 months after 'Exposure' Oh dear !

The comments are as one would expect, nasty. The same troll forum carried this post the day Jimmy died ! Note how one commentator's mind has changed in that short period of time.

A week before Farqur's nasty piece. The following appeared elsewhere on the net. It's an interesting read in more ways than one ! The writer appears to be oblivious to the shits torm heading all our ways later in the year. Or is he ?

 It goes on to include details about Jimmy's appearance on 'Open to question' in 1987. That program where Jimmy gets a hard time with some of the youth of the day.

Read that again, Jimmy admitted 'sexual shenanigans' with 'young fans'

  Here's the video, see for yourself how 'open' Jimmy is. Alot more 'open' (minded) than his interviewer would be 14 years later ! Yes, that's Krishnan Guru Murthy by the way.

Oh well, at least some folk have some good words to say about/for Jimmy. I hope Mr Streeton has a bit more cop on than most and has not changed his mind about Jimmy. I liked that first paragraph 'a slew of prefabricated stories'. Indeed Sir, indeed !



  1. Well, if he bought that in 1978, that's not the vehicle he went to Duncroft in, in 1974. I noticed on that "chew-the-fat" forum they were so well-informed that they didn't seem to know whether Jimmy was alive or dead. That happened on a long-standing thread on Fortean Times.

    In 2002 someone says, " Uh .... who's Jimmy Savile? (Pardon my ignorance )"

    Then in 2006 someone says, "Is he still alive? "
    That was the year Jimmy did Celebrity Big Brother with George Galloway.

    1. Moor, in the first Max F link above he includes a photo shopped image of the carawagon in what I think is supposed to be Haut de la Garenne. I'm sure this was covered in one of your blog pieces ?

    2. I'm not sure I ever mentioned this vehicle. It did feature in a big piece in the Daily Mirror, identifying it as the scene of "abuse". I cannot honestly recall if they were specifying Duncroft though. It was right at the beginning though, so they probably were.

      The caravan I featured was the big Mercedes.

    3. OK thnx Moor - always good to get a link to any of ur blog posts anyway. I recall that we have had numerous discussions/comments re the time travelling Roller. That's why I thought the reference to the LOG BOOK was useful !

  2. Broadmore Hospital is in Berkshire, not Surrey as far as I know. An odd mistake.

    1. Even odder to spell moor as more, but then I would say that, wouldn't I..... :-D

    2. Maybe the boundaries have moved since 1978. In sympathy with the goalposts !! :-)