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The Power to abuse us all !

Monday nights much hyped edition of Panorama has been uploaded onto you tube already guys and gals. So, let's watch it together shall we ? I mean, is it really fair that I should have to sit through this crap alone ?

Shelly Jofre begins - "Ahead of 2 major inquiries into Jimmy Savile's abuse Panorama reveals the extent of the BBC star's links to the British establishment". Soon enough her attentions fall on her employer as she continues her scene setting ! "Now fresh evidence suggests that the BBC failed to act on advice that might have stopped some of Savile's abuse"

No introduction to another tap dance on Jimmy Savile's grave would be complete without Liz Dux who exclaims as if she knows the witnesses intimately - "They went there for the experince of their lives and they came away scarred for life" 

"Tonight how Jimmy Savile had the power to abuse for so long"

And that's just the introduction out the way in 1.20 mins of 29.16 

 "It's been 18moths since JS was unmasked as a PP and still the question remains, how was he able to use some of Britains bigest institutions as a cover 4 his child abuse ?"

Dux - "They all deserved protection from the organisation they were at and they didn't get it"

SJ "The institution that earned Savile the trust of the nation was the BBC "


We are in Brighton (I think) where we meet MARION HORTON-SMITH *

SJ "MHS was a receptionist at the BBC's Lime Grove Studios in the early 70's. She said that some stars behaved as they pleased"

MHS "When you were young and a bit naive and somebody famous said something near the edge you laughed it off because in a way you found it flattering, whether that's wrong or right"

SJ " One night M plucked up the courage to ask JS for a request on his radio show. He invited her outside to his caravan to record it.

MHS " I got up to go and he said, does it deserve a kiss then ? and I went to kiss him on the cheek and suddenly I was pushed back on the bed and he was on top of me "

HOLD ON GALS let's stop that one there a min. Firstly, we are not told how old this woman was but she was certainly no child. Secondly, what on earth was she doing on Jimmy's bed ? Having seen numerous pics of his motor homes, they all appear to have seating areas away from his sleeping area. 

Here's MJS by the way, how old do you think she would have been 40 years ago ? I'd say she's at least 65 myself !

 OK, her age is irrelevant - I'll let her continue !

" ... and from somewhere he put a light out " I know that bit doesn't make sense but it's what she says. A slight edit appears to have been made at this point then she continues

" He was very strong, I mean he pinned me down ...slobbering up and down my neck"

SJ " The ATTACK was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was another BBC employee bringing a teenage girl to see Savile"

ANOTHER TEENAGE GIRL ? DID THE PROGRAM MAKERS CHECK THIS STORY OUT ? Obviously not because Ms J explains WHY this is the first any of us have heard about this woman.

SJ " M blamed herself and has never spoken publically about what happened"

MJS " If you'd told someone they would have probably told you to keep quiet. It's what happens in television" 

So MJS did NOT tell anyone did she ? BUT why didn't she ? after all, it's not as though she remained a receptionist all her life is it ? She actually rose through the ranks and eventually became an 'assistant producer' on a rather successful quiz show in 2002.

 Marion is also a facebook friend of the Chiswick Christian Centre where supernatural 'events' are held

JS " It happened just as JS was becoming one of the BBC's biggest stars" - there we cut to our second contributor 

Second participant Dan Davies

" By 1975 when Jim'll fix it starts ... suddenly there's this sort of golden goose aura that develops around him"

Next Scene - shot of a clothes rail 

SJ " We now know that this was the PEAK of Savile's offending 
(NOTE in botton left hand screen the words 'source NSPCC') and there have been dozens of reports of abuse by him on BBC premises. This woman was just 14 when she met him at a BBC talent audition. She doesn't want to be identified she's never spoken publically about how he groomed her in his TOTP dressing room"

Accuser 2 (A2) speaks but note how she talks in the third person as though she is talking about someone else.

" He would speak to u and put his arm round you give u a cuddle and then he would say, "Come and sit on my lap and you would sit on his lap and he had an erection. "was vile you felt disgusted with yourself "

So 'disgusted, she went back for more and more and MORE !

SJ "How did he get u to keep coming back ?"

A2 "Every time he did a bad thing, he's do a good thing, u know, I promise I'm gonna get u an agent, I'm gonna get you PAYING GIGS.

14 year old getting 'paying gigs' ? Looks like this happened in 1972 because SJ describes the well noted sex scandal that erupted surrounding TOTP's that year. An inquiry was held and recommendations were made to tighten security at televison centre and avoid teenagers running around unsupervised !

But SJ goes on to describe how A2 "went unchaparoned to Savile's dressing room where she said she was MOLESTED many times" for another 3 years after the payola scandal.

SJ " We've been told that S abused at least 5 young people in BBC dressing rooms, after the advice to improve supervision of audiences" 

'Young people now is it Ms J ? Was it your next guest who TOLD YOU about those 5 ?

Liz Dux (6.49)

LD " Here we have youngsters who were visiting the BBC maybe for One day , going to a recording of TOTP or, appearing on Jim'll Fix it ... they went for the experience of their lives and they came away, scarred for life"

So that will be 5 claims she's handling against the BBC (one a Jim'll fix it contestant - who could that be - the scout ?) 

SJ completes the first TEN MINS with a statement about the BBC's response to the story - "The BBC say's it's appalled at Savile's crimes. It is unable to give a commentary on 40 year old documants but is fully co-operating with the ongoing inquiry into THE BBC"

Broadmoor Hospital

" Savile's offending went far beyond the BBC. NEW RESEARCH for Panorama by childrens charity the NSPCC .. there have now been 500 reports of his abuse across 6 decades. THE MOST COMMON AGE GROUP FOR VICTIMS IS 13 to 15. The YOUNGEST ALLEGED victim was JUST 2"

So that's the FIRST Refererence to the TWO YEAR OLD (I'll come back to this later) as per press reporting in the lead up to transmission the BBC even plugging it themselves !

Then, we cut to a clip from the film that we'd all like to see but are NOT able to. One we've mentioned on numerous occasions now  this one -

 Ms S does not tell us what film is being used maybe she doesn't know. At least she gives us a clue !

" This film was shot at the hospital by the BBC 25 YEARS AGO. It's never been shown since. To access to film the BBC had to NEGOTIATE with IT's OWN STAR who had incredibly just been given a top job at BM by the government"

" Savile certainly saw himself as in charge at the hospital" CUT to clip of Jimmy arriving at the gatehouse to the hospital in his car. Here's Jimmy's voice accompanying the clip 

JS " If you want to win any popularity awards. you don't take the job as boss here"

Now, here is where Ms J slips up in her attempt at making Jimmy to appear to be MORE IMPORTANT THAN HE WAS in the hospital. She goes on -

SJ " So how had the BBC entertainer become so embedded with THE BRITISH establishment, that, for a FEW MONTHS, he was entrusted with a senior role at a high security hospital ?"

She's referring to the fact that Jimmy was involved in a Task force that was sent into BM by the then Tory government in 1988 to sort out an institution in crisis. I've covered this already in earlier blog posts so I won't repeat myself but here's a link to one of my six posts on Bmoor.

Next we are back to accuser no 2 (A2) who finds herself in BM entertaining the patients in 1971 !

SJ " In 1971 he was able to bring the girl from the BBC audition into the hospital to sing for the patients. It's where he FIRST MOLESTED her.

Wait a minute, I need to rewind this video because, I'm sure that she earlier reported being attacked. molested whatever in Jimmy's dressing room at the BBC ? 

4.50 or thereabouts in the video. She does not say WHEN or where she was first ALONE with JS but, please, it's obvious that it could NOT have been in BM if any of this even happened at all. 

So, now it's Broadmoor's turn to get a lashing as A2 exhorts " The authorities should have said NO, she's only 14, she's too young to come in here and see this"

Ms J doesn't ask A2 where her PARENTS were at the time. She's not interested in that though is she ? 

Next cut to Dr Chandra Ghosh who SJ describes as having worked there in the 'late 80's'. She relates NO first hand knowledge about JS, she's merely there to described the harsh conditions there at the time - DrG "It felt like a government asylum" 

Keith Paver and Neville Sandiford 

These two former nurses make a few appearances in Ms J's film. They describe a level of resentment on the part of the staff about Savile describing him as "in charge, Lock stock and barrel"

NS  " They had plenty of people to chose from. The man was only a celebrity"  

Dr Peter Jeffreys - former Mental health Act Commissioner

SJ "Peter J was a regular inspector of BM in that period. He was concerned about how the patients were being treated"

'Treated' by whom Ms J ?

Dr PJ " At the time I thought, how on earth could Jimmy Savile sort out the SERIOUS ACCOUNTABILITY and Management PROBLEMS at BM"

But what does the doctor actually know ? He goes on using the words - "My understanding was he was allowed a free pass to go in and go out whenever he wanted .. quite extraordinary"

Edwina Currie 

SJ "EC was health Minister .. she says there was no reason then, to think his access to the hospital was odd"

SJ "Really"

EC " Because he PROVED HIMSELF to be very useful at BM in the sense that, WHEN WE ASKED His HELP in trying to improve matters, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND what anyone suggested he might do"

Pan back to the 1989 film and a clip of Jimmy talking to gardeners/ patients ? and asking them "Have you got everything you need here"

 Next it's time for the first in a series of references to 'CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS' which Ms J shows to 'the former nurses' after describing a 'senior civil servant' as appearing 'star struck' and repeatedly referring to JS in the memo as 'Dr Savile'

The three have a good chuckle about this KP to SJ "Did you say Dr Savile ?" (laughing) 

So what was the government trying to achieve at BM ? Take a look at my previous posts on the subject. Ms J goes on to say how the "government wanted broadmoor to be run MORE LIKE A HOSPITAL "

But wasn't that a good thing Ms J ? Obviously not as far as you're concerned because you go on to describe how Jimmy took on the fierce Prison Officer's association union who were on an OVERTIME BAN at the time ! 
Back to EC who describes Jimmy's methods for breaking the stranglehold of the nurses/officers. He had discovered that some of them were on the fiddle sub letting hospital accomadation and fiddling their overtime claims. Phew, NO WONDER THEY DIDN'T Like him !

SJ " Within a month of JS at the helm the overtime ban was called off "

LET ME BRIEFLY EXPLAIN something here. This work to rule had a devistaing effect on the patients lives in the hospital. Alan Franey the general manager who was appointed by the task force in 1989, described a scene of chaos. Patients were confined to their rooms early in the evening. Basically, there was almost no one available to look after them so they were LOCKED UP !

EC recounts to SJ how they had "ends justifying means" - Indeed !

The "popularity" contest win for Jim get's less likely as he is described as having 'drew up a list of DISMISSABLE OFFENCES'. SJ continues to read from her 'confidential memo' which goes on to indicate that JS may have been responsible for getting his "lifelong friend (Alan Franey) the job as manager. She reads -  'Dr Savile may wish to press for Mr Franey in this position" 

Cut to a clip of Alan F talking about BM in a film from November 1993. He's has learned from his earlier experience of being interviewed by MWT in Exposure update and has declined to be interviewed this time !

SJ suggests that JS only continued working at BM as a means to get a knighthood 
Trevor Smith (former facility Manager BMoor)

Tells her "His (Jimmy's) words to me were "When I get a knighthood I will then stop because he said, " I want a pit boy, which I was to end up with a knighthood. Look how that will look !"


Lord Bell (former advisor to Margaret Thatcher)

SJ questions him about HOW THE UNLIKELY relationship between JS and MT began - he confirms - "Their relationship began because of advice from political advisors - You've got to reach out to ordinary people "

Then it's back to the EX NURSES who tell how he would "boast about connections to No 10"They laugh about how he talked about having "tea with Margaret"

Lord Bell refutes the claim (I'm not sure who made this) of his (JS) spending numerous Xmas's at Chequers - "I never saw him there once"

Dan Davies is next up for another, short contribution about Jimmy's reputation as a hard man from his early days in Leeds and how he "dealt with trouble makers in a fairly PHYSICAL fashion"

The reader needs to be aware that Jimmy ran a number of clubs in Leeds, Manchester and elswhere from the late 50's. He needed to be hard there, just as he needed to be firm at Bmoor.

Next, the subject of his knighthood and WHY it took so long to happen despite MT repeatedly putting his name forward. JS had told The Sun Newspaper about his "past and, sexual exploits. This nearly scuppered his chance of a knighthood" Another memo reads 

'Mr S is a strange and complex man who has made no attempt to deny the accounts in the press about his love life"


SJ " For a time in the 80's through his charity work he became friendly with Prince Charles"


Dickie Arbitter (former Royal Press sec)

Of JS's visits to Royal establishments - "He'd swan in a bit like a Prince himself " he goes on to say that Savile was allowed to wonder around unaccompanied. More tittle tattle and then the claims are met with a strong rebuttal from a spokesman for Prince Charles. I found this line quite amusing -

'It is ridiculous to suggest that HRH sought marital advice from Jimmy Savile. On the few occassions JS visited St James' Palace, it was as a guest of the household and, as such. would have been accompanied "

Panorama really has it in for HRH as SJ goes on to describe how "We've been told the Prince called a meeting at his home in Highgrove in the late 80's about the CLOSURE of an EMERGENCY SERVICES AT HIS LOCAL HOSPITAL in Tetbury. The Senior Health officials were APPARENTLY GOBSMACKED to find Jimmy Savile was there"

SJ "In private the DJ resorted to bully-boy tactics. A manager wit the Health authority AT THE TIME, told us he UNDERSTOOD that after Charles left Savile siad that the Prince was NOT HAPPY ... and even suggested that the chairman wouldn't get a knighthood if the downgrading of services at the hospital went ahead"

 Next, it's back to the palace ho hear about Jimmy's habit of greeting female staff with a kiss on the back of the hand, which many have described as a slobber. 

SJ to Dicker Arbiter "Did anyone object ?" 
DA "They didn't show any signs of objecting"
DA "I remember saying to him I thought he was a dirty old man and he looked at me and said, "Not so much of the old" ' (he smiles)

 According to the Prince's spokeman "No complaint was ever recorded"

Then onto other reports about Jimmy's kisses including the curious tale recounted by Trevor Smith (see above). He tells SJ that despite staff complaining about his behaviour nothing was done. 

During one CHARITY event at BM JS exchanges autographs for kisses .. "smack bang on the lips .. he virtually was giving them a french kiss ... the most passionate kiss was MY NEICE "

SJ "Did you say anything ?"
TS " No, I waved off (inaudible) because the girls were QUE ING UP FOR HIM !

Next claims of a more serious nature as recounted by a former Psy Nurse NAOMI STANLEY who whilst never having worked in BM told the tale of a woman patient transferred to her hospital who is alleged to have told her " that she and others had been was sexually assalted by Savile" 

SJ "Naomi says that she told a manager and two local POLICE OFFICERS during a routine meeting.."

NS "The nursing officer became quite angry with me .... I would probably be sacked if I EVER, EVER said anything like that again"

Cambs and Peterborugh Hosp Trust say they cannot comment and a different authority ran the hospital then. " Cambridgeshire Police say they have NOTHING on record about it "

Read more about the story here. You will note that Ms Stanley's press offering is a bit more detailed and includes the alleged accuser threatening Savile !

SJ "We've been told that other complaints were made about Savile from inside BM twenty years ago. A member of the patients council at the time, has told Pan that 3 women had wrote to him detailing serious complaints of SA by Savile. He said he forwarded the complaints to ALAN FRANEY but .. nothing was done "


"He said that no issues about Savile were raised at regular staff and patient meetings "

The Trust that runs BM now 

OH, this does NOT bode well as far as the forthcoming NHS Savile Investigation/s is concerned. They are 'EXPRESSING SYMPATHIES to his VICTIMS'

OK, it's 26.12 mins and still NO details of that TWO YEAR OLD.  instead we have to settle for more opinionating from a Consultant Pyschiatrist Dr Chandra Ghosh who offers no first hand information about the man. Then E Currie is wheeled back in to confirm that 

"We DID NOT have a single complaint "

The final contribution comes from Dan Davies who forthcoming epic 'definitive account' of Savile was due to be published in July but has been postponed. Then it's back to SJ to deliver her VERDICT on Jimmy Savile -

"Jimmy Savile hid in plain sight his whole life and hundreds of victims have been denied the chance to see Britain's most notorious sex offender brought to justice "

Yesterday morning this tweet appeared and was retweeted 6 times. I couldn't have put it better myself Chris !

By the way, I haven't forgotten that I promised to blog details about scrutiny of the claims. I will do this next I just had to get this completed first.  

Below are links to two of my 6 pt blog posts on Broadmoor -











  1. I was watching the footage of Jimmy kissing the girls and listening to the words that he was "French Kissing" them and the images did not match the words. Lies in plain hearing. The BBC journalists got the NSPCC to do their research? So presumably the BBC paid them. Anyone know how much?

    1. These hacks get hackier by the second. I guess the idea is to lend an air of authority to the subject by indicating that the NSPCC did 'new' research. Failing that, these low life's can always blame the charity when the story goes tits up !

  2. Thank goodness we have you two to wade through the morass for us so we don't have to. You deserve a Pullitzer prize for the investigations you've conducted so far, without access to any witness statements or confidential documents, on what happened at the BBC and Broadmoor. We can only hope that Dame Janet and Kate Lampard will now accept Susan's story in evidence, as well all the research Rabbitaway has done on the role of JS at Broadmoor.

  3. Bless you for doing the hard work of watching this claptrap which makes me just too angry to watch.
    Nicely dismantled as well.

  4. Thanks 'Anon' and Eric it's amazing how LONG 29 minutes can be ! x

  5. The BBC should know better regarding their pronouncements on this affair. On the BBC News Channel, I’ve heard presenters say “We know Savile did this” and “We know Savile did that”, when they really don’t know anything of the sort. None of these numerous allegations can ever be tested or proved in a court of law, because the man is dead and can never be charged or prosecuted. Therefore, the allegations will remain allegations and it really puzzles me as to why these accusers are being awarded compensation when their claims can never be verified. In effect, this means that anyone can jump on this very lucrative bandwagon and claim Savile touched them up forty or fifty years ago, even if they’d never met him, and they’d be compensated for it. So I can’t understand why the BBC are taking the view that he’s been tried in front of a jury, been convicted and sentenced, because that has never happened and can never happen.


    1. Thanks David - Who the hell are the BBC anyway ? I'm sure there are lots of folk who work there who are as appalled as we are by all this. One shitty guy who does films for the BBC decides he needs a great story, he thinks he has one, the rest is history. Naturally, the bosses have to be seen to support the hypothetical 'victims' as they close the door behind themselves and walk with 6 figure pay off. C***s the lot of them !

  6. Reminded myself of this old Blog of mine, which makes a mockery of this whole angle of savile abusing anyone at Broadmoor.

    Frank Mone, chairman of the Broadmoor branch of the Prison Officers' Association, said the suspended staff were scapegoats for the more liberal system introduced at Broadmoor since it came under the full control of the Special Hospitals Service Authority four years ago. Since then the number of escapes had increased dramatically. 'Between 1981 and 1991, there were about three,' he said. 'In 1993, we have had between eight and nine. Patients have access to phones, to banking systems, their mail is not looked at or read prior to leaving hospital. 'A number of patients are manipulating the prison system to their benefit. The nursing staff walk a fine line between defending themselves against patients and being prosecuted by their own management.' Calling the decision to suspend four members of staff 'unforgivable', he said: 'This is something that has been done to appease the public.

    This whole notion of Jimmy stalking the corridors and putting the patients in fear is uttely absurd. A criminal abuse of our intelligence.

  7. Kimi here...

    Haven't seen the 'documentary' yet, will watch it tomorrow though and no doubt it's going to be an exaggerated, poorly constructed, misleading load of rubbish and more dosh taken out from us taxpayers' pockets !

    Great work yet again Rabbit, every little fragment of info you gather seems to piece together. Have they heard about Susan's story yet ?
    All this BS the media is spewing needs to stop. It's disgusting and makes me feel sick to the stomach... guess modern society has really gotten to a new low. Lies in plain hearing !!!

    1. Hi Kimi - the worst part of any of these tv shows is the hype that preceeds them. Every one promises new lows on the part of the great man whose name they abuse. This time, the viewers were told that a TWO YEAR old was among the so called 'abused'. What can one say ? No words can describe the contempt that I have for these bastards !

  8. Bill Cotton Jr, Bryan Cowgill, Johnnie Stewart, Robin Nash, Michael Hurll, Johnny Pearson, Flick Colby, 'Dignified' Don George, Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, David Jacobs - there's just 10 names (off the top of my head) of people Panorama insulted by proxy by the BBC they worked loyally for - all of them conveniently dead in recent years. Then there are those still living who are having their lifes work ruined by the corporation whom they dedicated their working lives to - Derek Chinnery, Johnny Beerling, Roger Ordish, Stanley Appel, Ted Beston, Stanley Dorfman - all now elderly and unwilling to speak up for fear of being made an example.
    Not to mention the corporations absolutely disgraceful stance over Dave Lee Travis - an insult to everyone who ever worked on Radio 1 and Top Of The Pops, and particularly insulting to those former BBC hands - Kevin Howlett, Dee Dee Wilde etc - who gave evidence as to his character at his first trial, the result of which all "Radio One" era allegations were in fact found NOT GUILTY.
    Tom Giles, Meirion Jones & co all have blood on their hands - let's hope soon karma strikes these shitehawks.