Sunday, 1 June 2014

Talk to the Dame - before it's too late !

Who knows when Dame Janet will complete her review into what did or didn't go on in the corridors of various BBC locations associated with Jimmy Savile. The 'updates' don't give finer details although we do know that, publication of her report will not happen before September 2014.

In the meantime what should we do ? Should we :

1) Do nothing, who cares, it's a forgone conclusion anyways
2) Do nothing, I care but what's the point ?


That's the body of an email I sent to the Dame Janet Smith Review on May 28th. I did not receive a response, so I sent another one -

The extract from Pollard is here - 

 I got a response the same day !

I will be CONTACTING THEM again, and again until someone asks me 

1) Who I am
2) Who is Susan and 

3) How can the review contact this witness !

And that's just the BBC end of things as it were ! I have also contacted the NHS Savile team. I don't about you guys and gals, but I'm getting pretty pissed off when I see stuff like this !

 Another load of BS will be transmitted tomorrow night and, no one in the NHS seems to give a damn about that accusation that JS was in fact given 'free access to the most vulnerable patients at Broadmoor Hospital'

Well SOME of us do give a shit as it happens !!

Their response !

So, I'll be sending more emails tomorrow. You can too if you like. Feel free to copy mine and send as a 'concerned taxpayer' anonymously if you wish. After all, once the estate money and the charity box money has been plundered, it will be OUR money that these public bodies will pay out wont it ?

Here's how you can contact all of these before it is TOO LATE !

BBC Dame Janet Smith Review -

And here's the NHS contact/s 

Bearing in mind the response I GOT - see further info re Leeds General Infirmary (who's terms of reference appear to be slightly wider than the Dame's) 


And, lastly but by NO MEANS least, Stoke Mandeville Hospital 

So, c'mon folks, let's get going. Anyone who KNEW or worked with Jimmy has a right to contact these people BEFORE it's too late.

In my next post it's back to THE MONEY, the estate, the claims AND most importantly HOW YOU can GET INVOLVED with the scrutiny of the claims made against our friend Jimmy Savile.

"It's good to talk" innit ! Send that email !


  1. I do admire your commitment and tenacity, Mr Rabbit, but I don't think you will ever be asked who you are or who Susan is or how they can get in touch with her. The police will have her details if they want to contact her and so will Anna Raccoon. Bombarding them with anonymous emails really won't help. Telling them who you are might be more productive.

    1. The real intrigue is why the police should deny Susan the right to speak at the BBC Inquiry as she says in her story has happened. The second intriguing bit is how the Dame Judge's Inquiry appears to have not the investigative wit to do what you have done, and follow a Blog or two and be even mildly interested in why this is so.

      I tend to agree that anonymous emails are easily ignored, but from what I've just seen above, they were not ignored and so now we know that someone, somewhere has those emails and references... but is anyone looking? Does anyone at the BBC Inquiry care that this is a set-up?

      Maybe Mr rabbit has told them who he is, but he sure as heck isnlt going to tell the rest of the world is he, and certainly not anonymous you. Do you believe any of this stuff by the way? If you don't, please say so. If you do, why don't you seem to be bothered about the web of lies being spun, but rather just castigate somebody who is doing their best?.

      Your thoughts don't need to be anonymous. Perhaps you are indeed campaihgning vigorously but cannot reveal your identity for fear of reprisal. That would be perfectly understandable.

  2. Always with the negative eh Mr/Mrs 'Anon' ! The point is that at least ONE person in this country is bothered to put themselves out and make contact with the various agencies involved in this BS. Yeah, take another look at those adverts chum, we are apparently, being given a chance to SPEAK out. So, I for one am doing that and while it may not make a ha'pence worth of difference to anything or anyone, at least I can sleep at night knowing that I SPOKE UP, and OUT against this disgraceful episode.

    1. Looks like you will have even moor to speak up and out about if this preview of tomorrow's Panorama is anything to go by.

    2. From what I've read about this prog tonight it looks like more of the same crap we've been hearing since Oct 2012. So 50 more folk have contacted the NSPCC since January 2013, and they will be wheeling out some witness/s to allege that Jimmy kissed a few gals at charity events. Really, is this the best Panorama can do. They should have read my 6 pt blog about Broadmoor instead !

    3. I read they have uncovered confidential documents with senior civil servants calling Jimmy, Dr. Savile.

      “I should like briefly to refer again to Broadmoor, about which the noble Lord, Lord Allen, has spoken. The activities of the Broadmoor Hospital Board were suspended during August and the operational management of the hospital is in the hands of a specially formulated task force whose best known member is Dr. Jimmy Savile. Dr. Savile has been involved with the work of Broadmoor Hospital for many years and is now devoting his considerable talents to ensuring that the hospital functions smoothly during this difficult interim period before the new special health authority comes into being.”

      What a bunch of jokers these BBC news-whores are…… :-D

  3. Will they be wheeling Edwina oot ?

    1. Was reading the Daily Mail and apparently the BBC have paid NSPCC to do the research for them...... It's Yewtree reprised.

      The journalists have even out-sourced the journalism !!

      And the License fee is financing NSPCC.
      Fantastic Public-Public Finance Initiative... :-D

    2. That's daft if they're trying to minimise their liability. Is that really believable? DM and accuracy aren't always the best of relatives

      Ho Hum

    3. Does the NSPCC do 'research' for no payment who knows, but they have certainly got a lot of publicity out of it which can't be bad for their funding application/s. I've tweeted them the question about whether they were paid. I'd also like to know WHEN or IF their so-called 'research' will be published.

    4. @ hO hUM
      Having watched it the other evening, the programme certainly refers to the BBC commissioning NSPCC to do the research. Bear in mind that at one stage the BBC was supposed to be getting into financial bed with NAPAC - until NSPCC flexed it's muscle and did them over, so it might be only natural that Auntie is now sleeping with the strongest man.