Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nothing like the NSPCC

Dame Janet Smith is not the NSPCC - LOOK here's the Dame 

And here's the NSPCC 

What am I going on about now I hear you say ? Well, I couldn't help but notice Ms Dux's response to MWT on twitter on the 21st May and not just because it was practically the same as one she had sent him earlier in the year. The Dame, according to Liz is still 'hearing evidence' 

Since Dame Janet Smith began her inquiry into, what the BBC did or didn't know about Jimmy Savile, a number of updates have been released indicating that publication of said findings had or would be delayed for one reason or another.

DJS began her journey of discovery in October 2012 - here's a timeline -

16/10/2012 Independent Review announced by BBC

14/11/2012 DJS Appeal for witnesses  launched


Six days later this interesting extract -

Just after Xmas we were advised that formal interviews were to start in January 2014 

 Twenty five more people had contacted by the next 'update'

The numbers making contact grew and then in May 2013 the Dame's had to 'amend' her 'terms of reference' to reflect the fact that another ex BBC presenter Stuart Hall, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 13 girls and, would be the subject of a 'separate inquiry' !

The Dame's 6th June update explained this 'conflict of interest'

The same update reveals that publication of the review's findings may be delayed 

 The Dame then explained that the report should be available by the end of 2013. By November 2013 though came the news that the report would not now be published before the end of January 2014.

And then this happened  and the Dame was NOT amused !

It went on -

A Dame moves fast when she needs to, and on Monday this update appeared 

The following day came the news that publication would be delayed because of Hall's trial

Meanwhile over on twitter, MWT was moaning about the fact that he had NOT been summoned to see the Dame. I wonder WHEN he contacted them ?

Perhaps someone reading this will be able to tell me WHAT HAPPENED once you contacted the Review, were you given an appointment, were you told whether or not you would be interviewed and by WHO

Trawling for useful information from MWT on twitter is hard work but I'm glad I did because I came across this interesting news article, the Dame must have missed this !

Complained about what Mr T ? Jimmy Savile ? Er, no actually, it was someone else, who was on trial at the time of his tweet.

 Four months later, the Dame finally noticed that Dave Lee Travis also worked for the BBC. The wording of her latest update seems strange given the fact that Mr Griffin (DLT) has already been tried (and found NOT guilty) of all but one of the charges he faced !

They attended Mr Hall's second trial ! Did they attend the first, or DLT's first trial I wonder ? It goes on !

  And so it goes on, or does it ? What is actually happening here, have findings been made, is the report complete, are the Dame's still hearing evidence ?

You may wonder WHY i began this post comparing Dame number one (Jimmy's Dame) to the NSPCC. Well, here's why 

The NSPCC never did give us an adequate explanation as to WHY it took almost six months to publish a report described as 'new' in Febuary 2014 ! Dame Janet Smith is nothing like the NSPCC though is she. She is nothing like Alison Levitt or Kate lampard or any of the others busily investigating the late Sir Jimmy Savile - is she ?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Charity Box !

You know I really don't care who comes on my blog and offers constructive comments about the why's and wherefores of a very complex subject. I hope my last few posts have opened a few eyes, and made folk think about the consequences of the disgrace that is, the payment of compensation to people whose claims would never have seen the light of day had a few liars not been presented on National television on 3rd October 2012.

Someone described me as 'old fashioned' the other day. They are quite right I am ! I was brought up in a Catholic household, I had to endure the weekly trip to mass on Sunday. One thing I learned very quickly was the significance of that plate that was passed around near the end of the service. Everyone felt obliged to put something on that plate no matter how small you actually felt embarrassed if you didn't. One thing that you certainly didn't do was 


I certainly sent a few noses a twitching with my announcement that charitable funds NOT monies from Jimmy's estate would be used to cover the Trust's legal costs in it's attempts to, get rid of Nat West. Naturally, it is the estate that is being sued not the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust but, what is the estate if it is not charity money, after all, that is where most of it was going !

OK, let's back track a little here so we can all be sure that we know what we are talking about ! On October 8th 2012, the word was that, Jimmy's two charities would either : change their name, close or, distribute it's funds to other charities !

The first hand into Jimmy's charity box was NAPAC whose boss Saunders sent an email the VERY SAME DAY !

 How disapointed he must have been to learn that !

Bear in mind folks, this information comes from an article dated the 22nd may 2013. I have no idea whether Saunders made public his October email before that and I could care less ! Have a read guys and gals - i just had to include this paragraph ! 

Shame eh ?

Just a month before this article appeared, the abuse folk lawyers were targeting Nat West accusing them of 'milking' the estate.

It went on 


Enter Alan Collins from Panones (now Slater and Gordon) Soliciors. Did he REALLY mention Jimmy's funeral costs ?

So, what was the position legally around this time ? Well, it was this

Back to the civil society piece dated May 2013 and this interesting snippet - who are their 'sources' I wonder ?

It is all very complicated isn't it ? I do wonder though WHO IS running up the legal COSTS and HOW MUCH these are to date ? If, the sources are correct and the JSCT funds are still frozen, then presumably, these COSTS have NOT been paid out of the estate yet.

No, I ain't finished plundering the charity box money issue ! More burrowing to be done, but I'll leave you with this interesting tweet from Anna Raccoon a few months back. What was that the Judge said about cutting costs ?


Sunday, 4 May 2014

"Think about the money !"

Twenty days after the UK transmission of 'Exposure - the other side of Jimmy Savile' the following article was published detailing the closure of Jimmy's two charities !

The BBC Panorama follow up had put the final nail in the coffin of Jimmy's beloved charities

SO, how much money did Jimmy leave to his two charities and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how much did the charities themselves already have BEFORE Sir Jimmy passed away. 

I don't have a copy of Jimmy's will but the ball park figure BEFORE the auction of his personal effects and sale of his various homes, was said to be £4.3 million. £3.7m of this was to go to his charities, the rest to be shared among family and friends. Now, here's where I got confused because £3.7m is exactly the same amount as was in the Jimmy Savile CT as of March 2011 !

Here's a story published in the mail on the 9th March 2012 !

Here's how much the JSCT had in it's coffers for the year ending 31st March 2010 > 18 months BEFORE Jimmy's death but signed off on 9th November 2011.

Here are the accounts for 31st March 2012 approved in July !

And here are the latest figures for year end 31st March 2014 

No increase (save £90 or so) since before Jimmy's death meaning NONE of Jimmy's money has appeared in the account of THIS CHARITY. So, where the hell is it ?

Well, the estate was FROZEN wasn't it ? Remember this -

Further along it reads

I have NOT been able to find details of accounts relating to the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust (JMSMT) but, I think that it's safe to assume that it's funds were as described in various publications 

Before Jim's charities were officially closed, the trustees considered various options including changing its name. HOWEVER, an interesting paragraph appeared in this Telegraph article dated October 7th 2012 

Read that last sentence again ! When did any of us take our eyes off the ball to even consider that MONEY DONATED TO CHARITY would or could be targeted as a result of the scandal ?

The following article is even more interesting !

But, the charity funds were NOT frozen, the estate was !

'Protect the charity's funds' - indeed !

Maybe it wasn't about the money for Alicia but, others were circling for their share of the loot !

But, before we go there let's see what charity media folk made of the charities decision to close in November 2012 

 Tell us more !


So what could they do ? 

The third sector was one of only TWO sites to have published this weeks press release. The other was Lancashire and North West Magazine a fact I only realised TODAY ! They didn't mince their words on Thursday !

Strewth, these folks are on my very short list of nominees for journalists of the decade being one of the few to publish the story about Jimmy's DNA clearing him of any known crime !

Any clearer readers - I am ! I now know that there is in excess of £5m that belongs to a charity NOT Jimmy Savile. That money should NOT be up for grabs by ANYONE period !

I haven't finished my investigations into this disgraceful episode yet.  Join me in my next part. In the meantime, here's a word from the man himself doing what his does/did best. I found this little gem yesterday by pure chance, enjoy !