Saturday, 29 November 2014

Outreach Concludes !

Goodness Gracious me ! Operation Outreach has concluded !
 Here is a letter that has been passed to me from an ex Duncroft pupil from Surrey Police dated 27th November 2014 !
 Here's a better image of the most important paragraphs

How's about that then Guys and Gals !

Friday, 28 November 2014

Tim's letter !

Yesterday a grand total of 12 or was it 11 MP's attended this debate in the House of Commons
I received this tweet yesterday from someone who was obviously following the debate keenly !
Naturally, I had to check whether Loughton used these words or not, so I turned to trusty Hansard for a line by line transcription of the actual debate
Simon Danczig was the first to speak, naturally !
 Loughton made several references to Savile. Here is the first
 A little further on he mentions a LETTER !
I wonder how many other MP's received the same 'letter'. I also wonder WHY Mr Loughton so eagerly brushes aside the writer's concerns ! 
It's just a shame Jimmy's no longer around to fix things innit ?


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Letter or letter's Plural ?

Re-reading my last post, my eyes were drawn in particular to this Pollard extract !
 'A dozen girls, not just Duncroft interviewed by the Police' ? How the hell does Jones' crew know this ? Answer, they don't but Jones is certainly being less than honest with his boss when he uses the words 'WE KNOW' !
Remember, at this stage, neither Jones or his reporter's do not appear to have met ANY of the witnesses who will eventually appear in Exposure or the later BBC documentary. Indeed, their first filmed interview was only to take place that very day ! All Jones had to go on so far, was Ward's on-line memoir. Until this that is !
By 17th November Jones' crew had still not got anywhere with the 2007-09 investigation despite speaking to SIX duncrofter's !
'None can help with cops' what does that mean ? Then there's (R3) obviously Rochelle Shepherd who was not even at Duncroft but that's another matter.
Back to THE LETTER ! Obviously NO letter specifying reasons for the CPS decision in 2009 was received by anyone BUT, a number of women DID RECEIVE  letters according to the Operation Ornament Report that is !

Now, let's look at that Daily Mail, fake letter article again
If only Jones had done his job properly a couple of years ago we wouldn't be in this mess now. At best, he's an idiot who cannot even compose a decent email ? WHY ? read this, the Letter's PLURAL have become Letter singular by 19th November 2011
It's certainly worth reading the rest of this email from Jones to ex-cop MWT as it appears that the letter's PLURAL he seems to be referring to are those sent BEFORE the Police investigation ended. Confused ? 
P43 App 12 Pollard
 And, what about the others Jones refers to (see top extract) 'not from Duncroft' Would Fiona or any of the other Duncrofter's have been able to supply that sort of info to him ? Or, did he have another source ?
And, just for completeness, I came across one interesting reference to the LETTER on the Raccoon blog dated November 10th 2012, four days before the forgery was exposed by the Mail
I guess 'Tracie' is Fiona ?

Monday, 24 November 2014

Your letter might be the end of it !

Anyone sick of me banging on about 'Fake letter Fiona' yet ? Well hang on to your hats because, in the course of further burrowing I've found out a few interesting things !
It all started on Saturday night when this interesting exchange took place between; Meirion Jones, a tweep called 'Father Jack' and Peter Jukes (a journalist who spent every day tweeting from the hacking trial). 
Jones makes a lot of the fact that the article exposing Fiona's fake letter was written LONG after his expose about Savile was pulled. Is this man a fool or is he just desperate to keep his little game going for as long as possible ?
For Jones the mere 'allegation that Savile was a paedophile' was  'enough' 'hard evidence' to justify ruining this man's name posthumously !
But let's look a little moor closely at that one tweet in particular where Jones defends Karin Ward's 'credibilty' on the basis that he claims, she never went to the Police and thus could NOT have claimed to have received a letter later acknowledge to be fake (if it ever existed in the first place), but what of Jones other alleged 'VICTIMS'/Witnesses ? Where does this leave THEM ? And I say them, because according to APP 12 of the Pollard Report, Fake Fiona was NOT the only one alleged to have received the same !
 The importance of the existence of this letter, or rather it's contents cannot be underplayed. Peter Rippon et al would surely have pulled the Newsnight expose MUCH earlier had he been aware that Jones was being lied to by at least ONE of the women eager to go on camera.
Here's a few more of those emails demonstrating the letter's importance !
I take it (R2=Fiona) ?
 The CPS finally confirmed that Jones' women were lying about the CONTENTS of the letter. Cue, Newsnight dropped post haste and the rest is history ... only it isn't !
The tweet that started the above exchange between 'Father Jack and MJ was this one 
 Jukes takes a keen interest in all things hacking related. I'm becoming moor interested in the subject myself especially when i came across this name in the course of my Pollard Report burrowing !
The above was lifted from an email sent to Jones by his trainee investigator Hannah 
The same Jaime Pyatt who is currently on trial with other Sun Newspaper Journalists for :  
'conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office by approving or making payments to a variety of public officials.'
And, what does any of this have to do with the Savile story ? Read on !
No story was ever published ? What does he mean ? Had the Sun tried to publish the Duncroft story before Jimmy died ? Is this the answer ?
Now guys and gals I'm not sure WHAT to make of all this and I welcome your comments. Moor Larkin stumbled across Mr Pyatt before and that's why the inclusion of his name in App 12 made me burrow in a new field for a bit !

Peter Jukes aka Hacking trial tweeter extraordinaire, took a keen interest in the Savile/BBC Newsnight fiasco. I know this because he reminded all and sundry on Saturday night about his work with Miles Goslett !
For some light entertainment the reader may wish to read the rest of the Jukes/Cole conversation ! It made me smile anyway

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A few brave women !

Last night at a rather plush venue an award ceremony took place 
 Mark Williams Thomas forewarned us of this event on twitter 
 By yesterday those FIVE very brave women had become TWO
Even I was SHOCKED to receive a tip-off last night as to the identity of the TWO !
 YES, guys and gals, Fiona aka fake letter Fiona, awarded for her bravery !
But, it gets worse ! Because the second awardee is this woman Sue Thompson the allegedly ex-BBC employee who appeared in Exposure NOT as an alleged 'victim' but a witness !
 Anyways, this is how it went. You can't watch the video but we are given a lowdown on the event as it happened !
How's about that then Guys and Gals ! At first I was quite horrified that Thomas had FIXED IT for these liars to receive an award for their part in Jimmy's downfall, until that is I realised that this was NOT an official ceremony supported by the powers that be but a largely media led event,  sponsored by a UK woman's magazine !

 No pics of Fake letter Fiona or Sue then Mark ?
Ruth does not tell us which category Sue and Fake letter Fiona come under ! Maybe Thomas pulled some strings and managed to get his heroine's in at the last minute. After all, there was at least one woman there who deserved the title 'brave' !
Another PR stunt pulled off by the ex-cop who was charged and found not guilty of the offense of blackmail !