Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's not about the money !

I wonder why it took four days for the mainstream media to report the fact that the JSCT has been given leave to appeal Justice Sales' earlier High Court decision ? Could it be that no-one INCLUDING Liz Dux were even prepared for such an outcome ?

Here is one of the most useful pieces of information I've seen since Saturday evening when I was first told about the appeal. I'm starting to get my head round all this guys and gals !

 NOTE that the above is an 'update'. The writer must have contacted someone from the lawyers acting for the Trust. Those acting for the claimants have a very different view of the matter.

I don't understand why Dux does not understand but I'm sure she does really !

Is Dux playing a, not very subtle game of emotional blackmail here ? OF COURSE the Trust is NOT liable for any claims made on the estate. However, that ESTATE was meant to go to the Trust and Jimmy Savile's beneficiaries NOT a bunch of liars and their legal representatives.

Let's read what Dux had to say to the BBC !

 What on earth does she mean by the following ? Is the 'estate' (meaning the Executor) really on the same side as her, the BBC and the NHS ? Obviously, they are !

NOW CAN YOU SEE WHY the JSCT wanted rid of both the scheme AND Nat West ?

The following and most recent article clarifies the matter rather succinctly. Aside from referring to claimants as 'victims', it is really very good !

The links are very good providing more or less all the reader needs to know about the case so far !

Ms Dux had nothing to say just this once !

But, she reappeared in the latest BBC article published today. The gloves are coming off Ladies and Gents !

Interesting days ahead ! The appeal will be heard sometime after October, so keep 'em peeled folks !

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Jimmy Savile's Charitable Trust gets Right to Appeal

The Sir Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust has been given the right to Appeal for the reasons below.  This case will be held in London at The Royal Courts of Justice in front of Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Patten. The appeal refers to the decisions made by Justice Sales in March and left the Charitable Trust with £350k Court Costs.

 1. "The Grounds of appeal seem to me to raise properly arguable issues about the nature of the Scheme; whether it provides an appropriate (or necessarily effective) means of dealing with the claims by the PI claimants given the available alternatives; and whether National Westminster Bank has surrendered the need for objectivity in its promotion of the scheme."

2. " The hearing of the appeal is to be expedited and heard during the next term"

THE GAME as they say is on Guys and Gals !

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

In plain sight of us all Part 2

Two days before Exposure - the other side of Jimmy Savile aired, the following article appeared in the Independent Newspaper. Note, Jimmy is at this point still given his proper title; 'Sir Jimmy Savile' !

We now know that that 'journalist' was Dan Davies, what I didn't understand at the time was why he and the program makers saw the need to disguise his voice !

Here is that conversation

It seems strange that, even now Davies does not admit that it was him on that tape, even though he appears in the program talking to MWT without any disguise whatsoever !

 You can scroll along to about 14 mins guys and gals, see how good I am to you !

Strangely enough, this is the ONLY part of Exposure I could find on you tube and I found it straight away. Thanks Jimmy !

I'm not listening to his crap again but be my guest ! I do recall him repeating a bit of gossip about Jimmy in his younger days and how the talk was that he would either; become famous or end up in jail. Something along those lines and I'll get to that in another post. For now, I'm concentrating on Davies and what NEITHER HE OR THOMAS MENTIONED at the time was that the conversation was NOT just about Gary Glitter, that defense, as the media have chosen to depict it, was part of a more general conversation about how celebrities and ORDINARY PEOPLE alike can be "DEMONISED" by the MEDIA !

 Naughty, very naughty Mr Davies. You should be ashamed of yourself. Jimmy was just doing what he always did; sticking up for the underdog. The actual conversation according to Davies' latest version, went as follows !

'They were trying to demonise me, ..' 

I won't speculate as to WHY neither Davies or MWT and the program makers decided to use Jimmy's words against him, but I am seeing a pattern here. After all, it's NOT the first time Jimmy's words have been misrepresented is it ?

By the time Davies was making his recorded interviews Jimmy Savile was a man who, some might describe as VULNERABLE. I'll tell you about that in my next blog post !



Monday, 21 July 2014

In plain sight of us all ! Part 1

Dan Davies wasn't having much luck with his attempts to find a publisher interested in a book he had been working on for years. Here's how he describes the situation at the time in an article for his magazine Esquire in 2013.

 It must have seemed like a manna from heaven when, a few months after Jimmy's death he was contacted by someone whom he does NOT name alerting him to Karin Ward's blog !

 A month later he says he has his first contact with Meirion Jones ! I find it rather strange that he waited a whole month to contact Jones. Was he not interested to find out more from the ONE JOURNALIST who would know exactly what was going on ?

Those who read my last blog post will know that Davies first interviewed JS in 2004 for Jack Magazine. His last official meeting with him was to write an article for Esquire in 2008. In 2013 he describes several more meetings usually involving a stay in one or other of Jimmy's homes. 

So, what was this man, a friend, a biographer ? What kept him going back to Jimmy ? What the hell was it that he hoped to uncover ?

In 2004 and 2008, Davies' envisaged that 'truth' as being connected somehow to Jimmy's links to the establishment, namely the Royal Family. But by 2013 he admitted defeat. He had not found the 'terrible secret that he took to his grave'. No, it took a few clicks of a mouse on Meirion Jones' laptop to accomplish what he could not in TEN YEARS !

Davies' book was to be called 'Apocalypse Now then' 

Mr Davies must have been pleased by the response his book received and the positive reviews it received including one from the Telegraph. 

Another reviewer praised Davies' effort but found his propensity for self analysis jarring !

But some of us do care because, far from finding anything in the way of PROOF, some might be led to conclude that the only 'dark heart' Mr Davies' uncovered is his own !

OK, we know that Davies partly befriended Jimmy post official articles 2008. We know that Jimmy was kind to him at a time when he was low, so low indeed he may have considered a 'new life'. That's if the following is anything to go by !

Enough of this guy and his problems eh. I too couldn't care less. I'm interested in FACTS and the truth. Isn't that what any good biographer would want ? No wonder Jimmy didn't like the idea !

 One thing that Davies does have that is not in the public domain is the audio tapes that he claims to have made whilst interviewing Jimmy post 2008. Strange, how a man who sought to deceive and manipulate would agree to such a permanent record of his dishonesty.

Yes, Davies' book is called, 'In plain sight - the life and lies of Jimmy Savile'. It wasn't enough that Jimmy's good name had already been destroyed by others in the media, Police etc etc, Davies' adds insult to injury by insinuating that, more or less, everything the man did was a lie !

He documents the man's life from cradle to grave. The uninformed reader would think he did a very good job of it but look closer and you will find plenty to take issue with. 

One example is his treatment of Jimmy's stories about time as a Bevin Boy and especially the accident he had that left him in a body brace for two years.

Davies sought proof that Jimmy had indeed been underground at all.

Hearsay, theories and possibilities are NOT GOOD ENOUGH pal ! Jimmy WAS a BEVIN BOY. He completed his training in December 1944. He was just 17 years old so he'd have been 16 when he began. How do I know this ? His family has confirmed it and they have the certificates to prove it !

Sorry you can't read it but the dates, names, addresses are all there.

IF Davies cared about facts he would have asked the same people I did. But it's clear from the above, that his agenda mirrors that of the people he acknowledges at the end of his book and that 'TRUTH' has very little to do with it !

Join me next time and I'll show you how he and MWT joined forces in an attempt to dupe the public in Exposure ! Ya might wanna be in my gang by the time ya finish reading it guys and gals !

  Addendum 23rd July 10.00 GMT

I made a mistake when I said Jimmy was 17 in December 1944. Of course he would have been 18 years old when he completed his training as a Bevin Boy. His birthday was 31st October 1926 so he will presumably have started his training some time BEFORE his 18th birthday. Thank you to the anonymous commentator who pointed out this mistake in a comment on Moor Larkin's blog.