Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our friends even further North !

Here they are, the guys and gals from Edinburgh University who are doing some proper research on the Jimmy Savile saga !

And here's what they are doing and WHY !,_jimmy_savil

I really can't thank Steve Kirkwood enough for tweeting this article today

 My heart was in my mouth as I read this article ! Would I really get to the end without seeing some reference to Jimmy's guilt and everyone else's innocence until proven ? But I did, and you know what guys and gals ? I think we have turned a corner. I can JUST make out a faint light at the end of this tunnel of misery.

Hurrah and, Onwards !

Credit to Anna Raccoon for all her hard work and the fine writing that attracted such interest from the academics in the North !

I am happy today !


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Yewtree a CRIME that really is, shaking Britain !

Today I received the following message from one of Jimmy's closest family member's.

It is important that the reader understands exactly what has taken place here, so, here are the contents of the emails exchanged between the Savile family and A and E networks an American company which owns the Crime and Investigation Channel !

First, let's see who these people are. It's always helpful to know just WHO or WHAT you are up against ! Here's the wiki entry 

 The Hearst Corporation, I've heard of them, a bit bigger than the BBC I would say and much more influential but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong !

Another multinational/Global company for the very ordinary working class, Savile family to have to FIGHT !

First email (dated 5th August 14.04) to the Savile's following an earlier phone conversation 

Response from Savile's to AE same day 16.21

 EIGHT days later came they replied I've had to split this into 3 parts 

'Significant public interest' now where have I heard those words in the last few days ?

Cliff Richard should the need arise, will be able, quite rightly to rely on a hugely formidable fan base who will fight tooth and nail to defend their boy. Tomorrow you will be able to download for Cliff and show your support !

 Jimmy Savile's family are not so fortunate. They are the David that takes on one Goliath after another. So please please guys and gals, show your support for Jimmy and his family. Send your comments to A and E networks - here is their contact information. Let them know what you think about their decision that Jimmy is/was a 'rapist' and a 'sadist' etc 




Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A TRUE crime !

Strewth, that's some faces on the front of Martin Fido's latest 'true crime' book ! From left to right we have; Bernard Madof, Charles Manson, the nutter with the gun in the cinema (I think) and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Who else should Fido include in his updated chronicle of baddies but Jimmy Savile !

 I'm not buying this and I'm not going to the trouble of finding out what this guy says about JS. Maybe he will TELL ME what I want to know !

I only came upon this book (published October 2013) after being advised that the Savile story features in the first episode of a new series of 'Crimes that shook Britain' on the CI (crime and investigation channel) !

Here's the outline !

 Emm, wonder who those 'family members' will be ? None of the one's who actually had anything significant to do with Jimmy that's for sure. And what 'former colleagues' will be unearthed, alongside this geezer I wonder ?

It's the man with the motorway services story again ! I'd quite forgotten about this ridiculous story !

The article is worth a read if only for the comment by 'Del boy'. "Attaboy !" as Edwina might have said !!

 Yes, we've talked about this guy before. Jimmy was good enough to give him a lift to Mansfield from London and this is no doubt another effort to get something for NOTHING !

Happy days ! Thankfully, someone who KNOWS something about the YEWTREE stitch-up is squawking loud and proud ! Somewhere in Moor's blogs I remember remarking how Jim Davidson provided some levity amidst the madness unleashed in the wake of 'Exposure'. He made some joke about WHO might be next not thinking for a moment that it would be HIM !!

Thankfully, after 'the darkest year of ' his life, Jim has done what no-one else has been brave enough to do so far. He's spoken up for Jimmy and spoken out against the injustice that could so easily have destroyed him !

You can read more about this in Moor's latest blog post. It's a cracker !

I wonder WHO fixed it so that the story of Jimmy's death published on 29th October 2011 found it's way into second most 'popular' news story after Robin Williams' death on the BBC site yesterday !

Indeed the story appeared to go up/down the BBC charts yesterday although I'm not sure what time it slid or rose to fourth place !

Right now it's No 1 guys and gals ! Which, after all, is just as it should be "as it happens" !

Tony Blackburn adds his tribute to the list of contributors !

I can only think of one (or two) words to describe Tony Blackburn. I never liked him in the 70's when he was on first thing in the morning. Hypocrite would be one of those words !

Thank goodness for a few good men and women out there. I'm about to start reading Jim Davidson's book. I'll share moor about what else he has to say about his awful ordeal next time !

Addendum added 12.13 GMT 14th August

The Martin Fido I tweeted is NOT the author ! I sent my apologies and deleted the tweet. If I find the real one, I will re tweet !