Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Less than truthful

For some reason, no one in that courtroom manged to confirm exactly when the episode of Clunk Click featuring Freddie Starr was recorded. Had Sir Jimmy Savile been alive and in the dock, the prosecution would have been forced to provide that information. It's important because Karin Ward was sixteen later that month, not fourteen as she's repeatedly claimed on camera and in print. A fact we'd never have known had it not been these proceedings.

 Karin breathes a sigh of relief as Thomas replies 

Now, fortunately for those of us who like to double check and cross reference our material, we have access to the Judgement of the case 

However, Ward's interview with MWT as broadcast on ITV 

'He was not cross examined about this evidence' ? He most certainly would have been cross examined about this statement in another courtroom on another day had Jimmy Savile been in the dock. 

From Ms Ward's decrepit old bag blog she wrote about her interview with Thomas 

 She told Liz Mackean in 2011 that she was 14

She told Channel 4 news she was 14 

For some reason, come June 2015 Ward says she didn't believe her interview with Thomas would be broadcast. The words of a desperate woman left twisting in the wind by both the BBC and ITV 

LOL - the Daily Mail didn't help her either 

Everyone except MWT was told that Karin Ward was 14 when she was at that show with Freddie Starr. No wonder she breathed that huge sigh of relief after Thomas finished his testimony and fled without a backwards glance !


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The truth, the whole truth - Meirion & Mark take the stand

Before getting back to what went on in court, Karin Ward describes how she came in contact with the BBC. It was some time around June 2011, she doesn't get a specific date (what's new ?) but .. here she goes 

As I said, Ward doesn't confirm WHEN she had this first conversation with Jones. And, no one bothers to ask either him or her, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not reading App 12 of the Pollard Report again !

Fast forward to June 2015, Meirion and his pals are supporting his main Savile witness as best they can. After all, if she goes down the pan, he follows ! 

The BBC had left Karin Ward 'Twisting in the wind' refusing to help her in her time of need, said the Press 

Time to take the stand Mr Jones ! 

 Karin obviously hadn't read the Pollard Report 

Jones wasn't happy in the witness box, Freddie's brief earned his fee that few hours at least !


 In short, Jones's evidence as documented here revealed little of use to me. He didn't hang around once his 'ordeal' was over, he was away before Ward could thank him 

After the recess, MWT is called to give evidence on oath !

According to Ward, Thomas makes himself something of a pest. Repeatedly calling her landline and mobile phone number (how did he get them ?) She pretty much hates the bloke and suspects he passed her personal information with other sewer hacks ! 

Hence that tweet she made 

 Courtesy of Moor I knew I'd find it there ! 

Not July 2011 then ? 

Once, Peter Rippon pulled the plug on Jones's film, Thomas found himself 'redundant' 

 And, as for all that harassment via phone etc 

 I wonder how many others also thought Ward was in Exposure too ?

'Replicate it' ? As in Fiona and the other ex Duncoft women he managed to persuade to appear disguised in his show ? Like 'Val' and 'Angie' ? 

Two days before Thomas and his women became media stars, Ward decided to get in on the action. Heck, after all, this was her fan story, not theirs !

 Plenty for Ward to find to smile about during Thomas's torment on the stand. Including a suggestion fro Freddie's brief that parts of that filmed interview may well have been 'staged' ! 

Phew, don't recall anyone publishing any of this, do you ? There he is, the man who destroyed Jimmy Savile, threatening a barrister with legal action in plain sight, and not a bloody FOI request in sight ! 

Continues tomorrow - I've had enough today !