Tuesday, 29 December 2015

People Power a hack's gotta hack

I wondered, WHY no one thought of speaking to the 'journalist's' at the heart of the Payola story, these two 
 Kempson is dead and I can find no trace of Cooke. I've googled BOTH these names with Jimmy Savile, and come up with nothing. NOT one story, even now ! Am I the only person who thinks the way I do ? Surely, if our Jim was up to no good, one of this class of hack would have hacked him ? Especially when you think so many of them were trained by Laurie Manifold editor of The people newspaper, which just happened to employ Savile from the early 60's and into the seventies.
Here's a bit of background on Mr M and his style of journalism. 

The above is an extract from an article written in 2008 by Roy Greenslade called People Power

The same journalist who wrote this 

Please tell me just WHY the tabs were 'unable to publish' stories about Jimmy, Roy ? Well, according to the article he cites

Mr White's 'tabloid friends' mustn't have worked with/for or even been trained by Mr Manifold, who just happened to have mentored Mr Kempson, along with a fake shake or two !

'He left nothing to chance' a claim that appears to be supported by another of Manni's men Alistair Campbell 

 Oops I should have included the first sentence of this paragraph
Nice one Spiked
And what bullshit do the likes of Greenslade, White, Connew, Wallis etc etc come up with now by way of explanation for NOT exposing Savile decades ago ? Well, he didn't have a computer is one. He was too clever not to spot a fake floozy !

 In other words, he was ALIVE. Moreover, that '20%' just wasn't there. The Duncroft women were apparently 'credible' to Connew at the Mirror in 1994, just not credible enough to risk a few quid for. White continues
 His predecessors weren't so fearful back in the day. Murdoch's scum faced the wrath of Ms Dorothy Squires TWICE ! Once in February 1971

She sued, they paid 
Oh, and then there was that small matter of not one, but TWO LORDS resigning in 1973 
Who wrote the above ? Well, it's our old pal Roy that's who. It's 3rd September 2012 and here he is mid leveson hacking time ! Just before Exposure.

Poor Roy, someone really should tell him how much sense his take on Savile, doesn't make !
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Jimmy was NOT named in the diary

He couldn't have been could he ? Not if you believe what the BBC's press officer at the time said that is. He appeared in the Panorama What the BBC Knew, in November 2013. The presenter, Sheila Jofre began by accusing the BBC of turning "a blind eye .... " and allowing Savile to "get away with it unchecked for 50 years"

First up, the 'professor of pop' Paul Gambacchinni who proceeded to peddle in-house Savile gossip, proclaiming :
PG  "How did one man, con the entire society ?" 

We're told that PG "worked in an office next door to Savile's Travel's London base", presumably the studio where he did the voice-overs. Gambo was told sinister tales of the road by production assistants. 
"We were told he'd go off with an institutionalised young woman" 
And it wasn't just lowly production  assistants who 'gossiped openly. Gambo incriminates a Senior member of the crew too.

PG "I'm sure he regrets it now. He had a big mouth, he would talk to the record company promotion people about things that went on in the caravan"

Next up one Rodney Collins, described as a Press Officer at the BBC from 1971 to 1974 who claims to have this conversation  with Douglas Muggeridge in 1973.

"Look, I've heard rumours .... and perhaps some problems with underage girls. Do you know anything about this ? And I said I heard NOTHING Douglas.
He even asked his pals in Fleet Street.
"They said the same, they'd heard rumours about JS. But they know of no inquiries going on by their newspapers, and they'd certainly NOT heard of any Police interest "
Now, would be a good time to give you readers a bit more information about the huge scandal happening in those same three years Collins was press officer for the BBC

The BBC Payola story hit the headlines in February 1971. Four days before Samantha Claire McAlpine's suicide, the Mirror published this

Mr Collins would have been aware of any incriminating evidence against Savile, had any surfaced in 1971/2 ? Do the people who make these silly films think we are stupid ?

Funnily enough, Mr G was pretty well up on the Payola scandal in 1973. Here's what he wrote back then 

Nineteen months of inquiries .. interviews of naerly 1000 persons ..' So what happened ?

Result ? Turner was 'immediately dismissed' by the BBC

Another immediate sacking. Next, sex 

Here's how the story was reported in Billboard Magazine in February 1971. Here, we see Ms Squires fighting back issuing a writ against the screws

Note, how the screws says it will furnish the BBC with evidence 'at every stage of the newspaper's investigations'. Not according to Mr Neil it didn't ! Criminal charges ensued, here's what happened

Dorothy was acquited as was radio producer Jack Dabbs.

And, yes she won damages from the screws. Well done Mam - from her BBC obituary 

NINE people had been charged by May 1973 

One woman was at the heart of the story, singer Janie Jones. She was sent for trial after a magistrates hearing on the 19th July 1973. 
On the 10th January 1974 a disc jockey gave evidence at her trial. And no, it wasn't Jimmy Savile. It was a man referred to as 'Mr T'. 
I've no idea if it was reported at the time, but in 2004, Louis Barfe named one disc jockey who had attended Ms Jones's orgies in his book 

 'one DJ (name removed by me) explained his presence at one of Jones's orgies by saying that he was 'always on the lookout for new songs' and Jones's husband just happened to be a songwriter' 

The only 'celebrity' if you could call her that, convicted as a result of the 19 month, 29 detective, Police investigation, was Janie Jones herself. 
 Her two male co-defendants walked free 

And, it appears that many of Ms Jones's clients were of a slightly higher social standing than any old disc jockey from the BBC. 

Facts that rankled Paul Foot, a committed supporter of the underdog, especially where the 'establishment' was concerned. He believed that her jail sentence of 7 years was too harsh. He duly named the 'Mr Y' referred to in evidence, and was later fined.

From Streets of Sin 

And still, no mention of Jimmy Savile in any of this ? Until forty years later that is ! 

Where (or WHO) do they get this shit from ? An ex 'BBC source' perhaps