Saturday, 28 November 2015

Meirion's Manchester Gig


I personally did NOT attend the meeting and not for the want of trying, I might add. However, I've decided to do a post about it anyway mainly because, no one who was there (except Mr Rosthorn) will. I've had some information from him and other attendee's and that is what I provide. I admit it's hearsay, but it's all I have at the moment because no one bothered to record it.

 Firstly, here's WHY I wasn't there 
 And here's what was being tweeted LIVE from the gig

 It seems Meirion was a tad unnerved at the thought that not everyone in the audience, agreed with behavior since October 2011. Another blogger has posted intention to show up and ask him a few question's, presumably regarding her old school, Duncroft.

The evening began with a woman thanking Jones for giving her the incentive to report her rape twenty years before. I have no idea how she came to be at the event. But she is in business now as a life coach and very good luck to her.

Here's how the first published report described the beginning

The local reporter continued describing how Manchester played a major role in the Saville cover-up' Her spelling mistake not mine !

And, not only the Manchester Police, but journalists and the Police in Leeds. Oh, and not forgetting the BBC and the editor that "derailed" his Newsnight story. His 'Brave Choice' was to disagree with management and his defiance cost him his job !

The above was published two days after the show. The reporter did NOT detail any of the questions asked of Mr Jones. We had to wait for a real journalist to do that ! Sorry Kayley

Phil Brisk introduced us to 'Jennifer', a historic rape victim who reported the crime after twenty years: “I was one of the lucky ones. The man who raped me is now serving time.” 
Then, after an appeal against disruption and an unexplained further request, “Do not attack my family. Attack me”, Meirion reminded us that “Jimmy Savile met Ray Teret round the corner from here.

Jones did not explain WHY he made that appeal not to attack his family. Personally, I have not heard of any references to his family, except for the time he lashed out at members of his profession for daring to call at his house to ask him a few questions back in 2012. 

Whatever, Rosthorn nicely sums up the composition of the audience 

Fireproof seemed appropriate when it transpired that the audience of ninety Anotherway Now groupies included rape victims and sex abuse survivors sitting shoulder to shoulder with the very barristers, solicitors and self-appointed investigators of moral panics who insist on challenging the accuracy of Meirion’s story.

Jones was applauded when he answered one question put to him after his speech 
Meiron was applauded for his resolute answers to an adversarial question from the barrister Barbara Hewson who wanted to know what training or experience he or his fellow reporters possessed for dealing with vulnerable claimants.

It's not in the article, but Mr Rosthorn has told me that Jones' answer to that was that he simply said that he was an 'investigative reporter' This strangely contradicts what he put forward to Pollard, as one of his explanations for hiring MWT in 2011. 

I'm sure there were lots of other questions put to Mr Jones. The live tweeter's and fans of brave Meirion, told me all I needed to know 

 Someone even dared to suggest than any sex that might have taken place was consensural 

And when some of us non-attendees dared to respond via twitter 
 But, let's get back to someone who was there. For in Mr Rosthorn's piece was a reference to a play which I'd never heard of 'til now. 
 The new play about moral panic over sex abuse, Madra by Frances Poet, daring to suggest that Jimmy Savile might not have assaulted any girls at Duncroft, had been short-listed for Britain's most valuable playwriting prize and featured at last Tuesday’s awards ceremony for the £16,000 Bruntwood Prize.

 Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street between 1998 and 2014, acted the title role of Madra in a scene where a mother is horrified to learn that her mother-in-law has allowed a stranger to take her little boy to the lavatory in a McDonald's restaurant.

 Most members of the audience were unaware of the references in Madra to Savile and Duncroft, as they appeared in unperformed scenes. Prince Edward was seen discussing the performed script with the playwright after the awards. 

So much for freedom of speech and expression ? I wonder why no one ever explains or seeks to understand WHY so many voices are being silenced in this way. Funny, that Coronation Street has a 'presence' in Manchester too !

 Link to Andrew's article

Anyone who has any information to add to this blog, please feel free especially anyone who was there ! I'd really like to know how he responded to those questions that so rattled his fans. 

Update 28th November 

A few more quotes from Jones on the night 

"Seen abusing a disabled 13 year old at the BBC in Leeds"

"The BBC criminally wiped all the material on videotapes. But we found Clunk Click in studio with Jimmy Savile... really good corroboration."

Corroboration ? the fact he "found" a tape od Clunk Click ? Give me a break ! As for that 13 year old in Leeds ? This would be the Sue Thompson story ? What 'corroboration' did he find for this ? 

So many question's - glad I wasn't there !




Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Michael 'Butty' Sugrue

Goodness gracious ! When I first watched the St Patrick's/Gary Glitter, Clunk Click, I didn't take too much notice of the strongman guest. Too much notice of his surname that is. Because, thanks to Moor Larkin, a thirty year old memory has been jogged. I won't go into details but I do know that Butty Sugrue was a legend in London in the 1970's. 
Butty was certainly a great character, a showman and I can see many similarities between him and Savile. These men were a product of their age and a working class culture that has all but disappeared thanks to the pathetically political correct mob, who've managed to make all our lives, that little bit more miserable.
This is the building that was one of  Butty's pubs. The Wellington Arms, Uxbridge Rd, Shepherds Bush just a short walk from the BBC theater.

You may have little interest in Butty as a showman strongman. But there's one thing he did that has his name enshrined forever in sporting history. Bringing Muhammad Ali to Ireland ! 

  HOW Butty got Ali's manager to bring him to Dublin, is a story in itself. This is how we used to bank when a man's word was his bond 
 And, so it was that Muhammad Ali came to Croke Park in 1972 and the grateful Irish sang their hearts out
 Here's the whole fight

I have to admit that far more interesting to me is the story of the barman persuaded by Butty to be buried underground in a coffin for 61 days. I recall a few people tried this when I was a kid. You have to laugh at the hand waving from the coffin. The crowds were massive too.

This footage shows the great event before and after

It must have been great fun being around these great character's in the 60's and 70's. 

 One more thing I'll mention before I end my little tribute. Jimmy and Michael 'Butty' Segrue appear to have more than just acts of physical bravado in common. They BOTH lie in unmarked graves. Butty died just a few years after his spot on Jimmy's show. He was 53 years old and carrying a fridge upstairs at the time so the story goes. A documentary was made in 2012 'When Ali came to Ireland. Can't find it anywhere, but it will pop up somewhere I guess.

Rest in peace Butty. You seemed like a real nice guy ! 

They're standing on him. I'm sure he doesn't mind !

 OMG as I often say on twitter, just noticed that one of the few article's I came across while researching this, was published less than a month ago. Coincidence ?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

St Patrick's Day 1974 Clunk Click

I've done the Clunk Click starring the Minister for the Disabled, and Slade. Today I'm focusing on the episode starring a bunch of Irish people and Gary Glitter ! 
 The 1947 indicates that this is the 7th episode of the series and that it was recorded on 14th March 1974 a week after the Freddie Starr episode was made, or so we are told ! 
Before Jimmy introduces his more famous guest, he points out a few of his bean bag occupants. One of whom he refers to as Dickie Rock a well known Irish singer. Now it's only when you can watch the WHOLE film, not just the bits the media allows you to, that you begin to understand what this program was all about. More importantly, you get to understand the significance of the bean bags and why those people are there !
Now, until this film was leaked, some of us thought this guy (second along from left) might have been Jimmy Savile's brother, Johnny !
 But, he isn't. He's actually an accordionist from Ireland. And the blonde haired young man in front of him, is Dickie Rock, a well known (in Ireland) singer. Jimmy explains the Irish bean-bag presence,  by the fact that it's St Patrick's Day "tomorrow" ! It's not, but then the show will be broadcast on the 16th, two days after recording. See how much you can learn when you see the WHOLE picture ?

 Of course Jimmy was well acquainted with the Irish and had probably met Dickie during one of his huge charity walks. 
 The above comes from a post October 2012 article. It seems, these events were even bigger that even I imagined, and involved some pretty famous folk ! 
 But, Jimmy's charitable efforts were but a disguise for his real purpose. He risked his life going to Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, just so he could abuse youngsters ! Yes, really !
Only problem being, there appear to have been next to NO, reports of any inappropriate behaviour on Jimmy's part whilst in Ireland, even AFTER October 2012 

And, that's it 'sex mad' because he says so 
 Saner voices confirmed that
OK, back to reality and before Jimmy Savile arranged to give Gary Glitter a few of the bean bag occupants, we got to see a side of Glitter we don't often see. Now, I have no idea what Glitter did or didn't do. But, I know what I see and in this film I see a shy, sincere looking young man who really hasn't got a clue what's coming next. I guess that's what it was like for the more famous guests on Jimmy's show. Indeed, even Jimmy didn't appear to be sure what he might do or say next !
 My goodness, this show is great. It's a document of days past, a social history of a time we will never see again. In 30 or so minutes, Savile manages to fit in, the Irish, the disabled and footage of a Townsend Thoresen car ferry with it's car doors open. 
 I guess it's an earlier model of the Herald of Free Enterprise. A car ferry that left port with it's car door open. Doors that would act as a giant scoop if they were not closed . A fatal design flaw that had been known for some years, with some calling these ferries 'roll on roll over' ! Not funny though is it ? You'd think someone on the inside, would have warned this powerful member of the establishment before he went to Calais on one of these things !
Sorry, I digressed a bit there. You see I'm interested in FACTS, historical facts especially. 
Someone force the BBC to release tapes of all the Savile shows especially that one involving Sue Thompson ! These shows belong to us, we paid for them. 

And, I haven't even got to Butty Segrue yet ! Another guest on Savile's special St Patrick's day show. 

Butty oh my goodness, what a character, the like of which we won't see again. The Irish pub landlord who became a legend in London. 
I'll tell you more about Butty in part two. Thanks to Moor larkin for jogging my memory !

Thursday, 12 November 2015

No feet to drag !

Today guys and gals I'm going to tell you about a man I myself had never heard of until I watched an episode of Clunk Click transmitted on 30th March 1974
 This particular episode of Clunk Click is very special, and not just because it's guest pop group was a fave of mine at the time. But because it featured people like this ! 
Michael Rogers crippled from the neck down but more able than most able bodied folk anywhere ! 
Then there's these two 'gangsters' from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Dennis and Steven 

 Dennis the gangster as Jimmy calls him, had been a naughty, and had drawn a cartoon like picture of Jimmy. Jimmy kids around with the two of them and they are clearly delighted he's there. 
And then there's this man, someone I am ashamed to admit, I'd never heard of prior to watching this. Alfred Morris MP and first ever Minister For the Disabled   

Goodness Gracious, imagine if we had even a few politicians like this great man today ? Someone who gave a damn about the genuinely needy, someone who used the kinds of words he uses during this short but touching interview. You see, Alf had been there, he knew how hard life was especially for amputees and wheelchair bound folk at that time. He didn't know just one disabled person, he knew many !
Here's most of the discussion between him and Jimmy, starting with the latter's introduction 
"In this country we have something that no other country has, a Minister for the Disabled"

"What I hope to do is to serve disabled people, making them a part of society, instead of treating them as if they were apart from society. Disabled people don't want anything more than to live as  normally as possible"

This guy is not just saying these words he means them. As he speaks Jimmy is thumbing through a book that Alf had written two years before. Here are some of the photos and people in it
 This woman is not on her knees because she wanted to be, she had to crawl along the floor because she only has one leg

There's also Bobby Baker's mam a widow with 8 other children who's waited THREE YEARS to get the two adaptions to enable her son to get around, a ramp and some grab rails. When she finally got them, she was asked to pay towards them.
This is how disabled people(if they were lucky) were transported by some kind folk back then, in removal lorries

Jimmy is particulary interested in the issue of accessiblity. He's had lots of experience of the difficulties faced by the wheelchair bound, getting into public buildings and across roads. Alfred had lots of great ideas and relates the story of someone who designed a building suitable for the disabled by spending nine months in a wheelchair whilst he drew up the plans.
Alfred is sincere, you can see it in his face 
"At least our attitude is right. We are determined to make the best possible job we can of the challenge that's been given us" 
Jimmy "The spirit of people that live in wheelchairs, puts mobile people like you and me to shame doesn't it ? ..They've got twenty as much fight as we've got"

And then the part of the conversation that touched me most when Jimmy asks Alfred about his book 
"This book you wrote 'No feet to drag'. Why did you call it 'no feet to drag' ?"

 "Well, I was asked how my Act of Parliament for disabled people, I'd piloted through Parliament (the Chronic Sick and Disabled Persons Act) to help all disabled people"
"That was a private bill ?"
"Yes, a private members bill in 1970. And a lady in Lancashire . Now then, this lady had no feet, she was heavily disabled and she said, 'Well, you can tell them that they very lucky to have any feet to drag'. Which I thought was a very eloquent statement from a very dear person to me, so I thought I'd call it, No feet to drag"

How lucky we had Alfred in 1970 and what a lovely episode of a great show that YOU are now NOT allowed to see. But, as any follower of this blog will know, where there's a will ... 

Oh, and here's another thing for the hopeful ! I started writing this last night, the 11th November, armistice day ! The very first page of Alfred's book in the prologue, he starts with the words 

My father died as one of the tubercular poor before I was eight years old. He was forty-four at his death on 11th November 1935. 

Alfred, Lord Morris of Manchester, died himself before the hideous Exposure was broadcast. Just a few months before, so I hope he never heard the gossip. Not that he would have taken any notice I'm sure. But whatever, who cares, let's remember the good that good men do. Because only the good really deserve to be remembered. 

Thank you Alf 
Thank you Jimmy