Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Body Politic

The Body Politic ! I'm not sure what it actually means even after reading the wiki definition. But it was an expression that came to mind earlier this week when the death of former cabinet minister Leon Brittan was announced. 

 Howard went on

A twitter storm began around midday on Wednesday, the hateful began attacking others who challenged their pique that Brittan had somehow, slipped the net. Donkeys led by donkeys as I back peddle to October last year and a tweet from an MP
Here's what our favourite ex-Police constable had to say on the day
And the abuse lawyers 
David Rose amongst others came to the defense of the deceased 
You can imagine the response Mr Rose received for that one ! The mentality and intelligence of these folk suitably illuminated by the earliest
It's good to see good folk speaking out in Brittan's defense. It would be great to see a few more speaking up for Jimmy Savile. 'New evidence' has already been published vindicating Brittan. How sad that no-one with the exception of Mr Rose, me and a few others apply the same due diligence to our working class hero !
I hope Mr Howard is right when he opines about Brittan's feelings re the accusations and slurs. I myself find it hard to believe that it did not affect his health. I didn't much like Leon Brittan, his politics that is. I used to vote labour but I doubt I will again !


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Jimmy will NOT be removed from his grave !

Sir Jimmy Savile's earthly remains will NOT be removed from his grave in Scarborough. This has been FORMALLY confirmed this morning by the funeral director Robert Morphet , in an interview with Radio Leeds.
You can hear what Mr Morphet has to say from the following link, it may not be available for long. 
Scroll to about 2hrs 11mins 
NB whilst he confirms that a plan had been in place for the exhumation, Jimmy's family had NEVER agreed that it should actually happen.
The original outrage which resulted in the removal of his headstone was, as Mr Morphet put it, 'MEDIA LED'. No doubt, this latest scare is too ! 


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Grave robbers !

Just when you thought the UK press could not stoop any lower
The truly sick people involved in this include one councillor Haddington of Scarborough !
I checked some of the usual subjects twitter accounts for their take on the story :
 And, asked a few more for their reaction, to which I have not received a response
 I told the Daily Express and their readers what I thought of their 'horrible story'
Then I thought about one tweepies response to Wilby and I just thought, FUCK 'em ! 

Onwards !
Addendum 19th January 12.31 gmt
I have been reliably informed that Sir Jimmy's body will NOT  be removed from his grave. I'll leave it up to the reader to ponder why a newspaper would want to cause such upset not only to Jimmy's family and friends but to others in Scarborough whose kin are also buried in the town's cemetery !

Friday, 16 January 2015

I am Jimmy !

On 7th January 2015 a crime was committed that provoked decent people of all creeds etc to take to the streets in Paris and across the world. One image that will stay with me forever will be this 

When the outrage that is Operation Yewtree began in October 2012 no one took to the streets. Of course the two events were vastly different, 12 innocent people had lost their lives. BUT, those of us on the front line of the campaign for Justice For Jimmy Savile and anyone else deemed guilty without due process, the parallel is there.
When fellow blogger Moor Larkin amongst others began challenging the Savile narrative we were shouted down by the anonymous and the not so !

Most of those who wanted to silence us used personal insults. A few threatened to turn up at our event in Leeds two years ago, who knows why. BUT - look, we are still here. We are still out there speaking up for the dead guy and here is where some of us will stay.
It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH and we are all entitled to our opinions. If someone offends or annoys anyone else online or social media they can, in the case of twitter, block them.
What you should NOT do is resort to violence or incite others to commit violent acts, because then you have LOST whatever moral argument you and your cause might previously have held.
Speaking for myself, I only want the truth. I only want justice for everyone. Say what you like to me on twitter etc etc I won't come to your house or place of work, with a gun and I won't incite others to harm you. 
I am not Jimmy. I have not died and been found guilty of things that, to date, no-one has had to PROVE happened. I am Jimmy because, like him when he was alive, I am entitled to the protection of the laws of our land and I am innocent until someone proves otherwise.
I am also Charlie - I think you know why ! 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Les Laches