Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Footsteps across London, revisited

A few weeks after the DJS Savile BBC review was launched in October 2012 it's terms of reference, or remit was described by BBC News thus 
 Note the use of the word 'victims' in this call for 'witnesses'. It goes on
Just last night I read Ms Smith's description of a police activity around the time Brian Neil was doing his best to acquire the evidence he needed. In October 1971 he received a letter from the News of the World's solicitor 
Neil never did get that 'evidence' despite his best efforts. We are not told what became of those 'tapes', but it's clear that the dame must have acquired her bits of transcripts from the Metropolitan Police. So, where are they now ? Dame S doesn't appear to be too interested in providing this information for the reader. She and her Hall dame are only being paid £700,000, who needs facts when you have an opinion to express ?

Mr Dorfman only worked on TOTP's for seven years what would he know ?
Then there's Goodwin's assistant Ronald, who, whilst confirming claims that films were shown, these were not pornographic, and that no such photos were taken of audience members 
But, says dame, Howard would be gone before these photo-sessions took place, so how would he know ? Really ? this dame is trying my patience here ! At the very least she could tell us where all this allegedly took place ? Whose dressing room was used by whom for what ? Where were the ushers who accompanied the audience in and out of the building ? 
Where were the dressing rooms ? According to dame, the 'stars' were situated on the ground floor, the groups were in the basement. I suspect she means TVC here not Lime Grove, but how would I know ? 

 Or was she ? Goodness Gracious, I thought I'd better check my first ever fact finding mission back when I didn't have a blog to call my own, and look what I came across ! Yes, really 
This blogger's talking about Lime Grove
That's not to say that Goodwin did not take naught photo's of gals AFTER the recording. The evidence upon which dame basis her conclusions, would not in my opinon, pass base with a decent CPS. Even a broke watch is right twice a day !
The above is from p63 of her report BTW ! 

Where are the 'stars' in all this ? In the basement, according to one ex floor manager who didn't like the way the gals were filmed 

 A lady production assistant found some of the folk involved in the show 'seedy'. These were the stand-ins not production staff 

Then there's this revelation on page 73 a police report from 1972 parts of which the dame's been allowed to see. 
 Will we, the folk who have paid for this 'review' get to see this report ? If so, when and if not, why ? 
The MPS report alleges that Goodwin had shown blue movies in Lime Grove in the late 60's, but so what ? No one appears to have been harmed. Certainly not these 30 gals who left the TOTP venue as intact as they went in. 
Told by who ?

Enough now guys and gals. I need a break, see y'all in a week or two ! Big smiley face ! 
 Rest in piece Harry ! 

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

A disc jockey called 'Mr T'

Today another dead radio 1 disc jockey's name was dragged through the mud by the press. This time it's Tommy Vance, but where have our brave gutter hacks been all this time ? That information has been available to all of us since June 2014.

Must check out that mirror FOI, see if the contents of the response is any different from that obtained by the telegraph. Anyways, that reference to Tommy Vance in Brian Neil's report had me wondering, could he be 'Mr T' ?
Before I tell you about the, getting less illusive by the day, Mr T, let's refresh ourselves with what Neil found in 1971.
 The reason Vance's named has not been blacked out is no doubt because he died in 2005 so his name like Harry Goodwin's before him, is no longer worth protecting ! 
Here's that anonymous letter, penned on BBC headed paper, from someone who claims to be a BBC radio 1 producer ! I'm not convinced are you ?

Tommy Vance still has friends, he also has a son who is not happy with the latest yewtree ish press revelation. Note the reference to Neils' 1972 conclusions 
 Which brings me to 'Mr T' ! I came across 'Mr T' a while back and I wasn't quite sure how to include him in previous blogs. You see, I found myself wondering, could he be Tony Blackburn ? No ! Could it be Tommy Vance, or could it be another disc jockey not even called 'T' ? after all, it seems a bit daft to protect a man's identity using one of his initials. There can't have been that many BBC disc jockeys called T  ....
I recommend you get yourselves on the press archives guys and gals, the coverage of the Janie Jones/Payola trials are a hoot, even Kenny Lynch gets a mention 
Is it only dead men whose reputations are up for grabs ? What about the others who are 'thought to be still alive' ? What indeed 

On a lighter note - Janie Jones wrote an autobiography in 1993, oh to have been a fly on the wall in that police cell !
Needless to say Ms Jones never mentioned Sir Jimmy in her 1993 masterpiece. Meanwhile in the mirror in March 1971 


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Undercover in Lime Grove, Wood lane !!

First off, thanks Bandini, your information took me in one direction, but as usual, I got way-laid and here's where I arrived.
 'Transcripts' ? She has to mean transcripts of the recordings made by the News of the world but, how did she get these ? Remember Brian Neil's lament back in 1971 ? 
The news of the world would not assist Neil, and neither could the police
 The dame concludes that the BBC back then, received a number of what she refers to as 'wake-up calls', that dark deeds were afoot, the first of these occurring in the late 1960's. Here's where I find the answer to my confusion as to why producer Stanley Dorfman made this statement in 2012. 
Police had interviewed BBC staff ? He's clearly referring to an investigation by the BBC itself into claims made in an anonymous letter involving Harry Goodwin in 1969. I know this now because the dame mentions a contemporaneous memo supplied to Neil in 1971. He was, at this time investigating the contents of a series of press reports the first of which appeared on the 14th February "Scandal at the BBC" (see payola blogs). 
No mention of anything involving Top of the Pops until a month later
 Now, here's where things get real interesting guys and gals. You see the same paper had published a seemingly 'trivial' (dame's word) article entitled 'secrets of the pop top dollies' featuring Clare M among others (covered earlier here) 

 The dame has already said that HG had had some kind of investigation back in 1969. Goodwin spoke to the news of the world undercover boys sometime in mid/late 1970. Neil even describes him as an 'informant' and the dame has seen the transcriptions and concluded that he did indeed make the claims he later denied making. All this indicates to me that the press were paying particular attention to Top of the Pops and that the interviews with the top pop dollies was nothing more than a stunt to extract information about Goodwin etc.
Am I making sense guys and gals ? 
Here's where she refers to the 1969 memo ch 9 p20
I have to admit, her next bit made me smile
Now don't get mixed up because dame is reciting events from 1969 as per the memo sent to Brian Neil two years later. It seems that, after the sting that wasn't, the case was closed and no further action took place. Note that Neil later describes Goodwin as having mistook the BBC investigations team for the police, so maybe that's where Stanley Dorfman came up with that. Who knows ? so far I haven't seen any reference to a police investigation in dames report. Let me know if you find it ! 
Note how cautious her predecessor was during his examination of the HG evidence. Of course he didn't have the benefit of seeing the notw transcripts
'alleged to have been made' - from article 

The notw demanded Goodwin be sacked 

 Back to the dame's memo again because I'm trying to work out just who might have reported HG in 1969. 
Cotton did not want Goodwin to go, then came the undercover op that went nowhere 
Amazing how specific some reports can be when they have been supplied with the information/evidence they need ? Goodwin was recorded by the press in November 1970 
 I doubt Brian Neil heard the following in 1971
More specifics, on the 25th March 1971 in response to questioning 
Of course, the matter could be settled if whoever supplied those transcripts could supply the rest of us with the actual  recordings. 

Now, here's a thought guys and gals, while on the subject of recollections, I wonder did the dame ask Tony Blackburn about those dressing room tales. I mean, one would assume he and quite a few others would have been of such goings on had they actually been going on that is. 
Here's something else to ponder, IF Harry had been making porno movies etc etc in his dressing room, why the need 'fuck "em outside there". I just threw that one in to amuse you because I know y'all know how big TVC in Wood lane is or was. Maybe whoever wrote got mixed up with Lime Grove. After all, that's where the anonymous informant (reporter) got his headed paper isn't it ?

 Lots was going on in 1969 as it happens. Next time guys and gals 

Addendum 22.24 9th March 

As Bandini has quite rightly pointed out, it seems that it was the Daily Mail that carried the feature 'Secrets of the top pop Dollies' not the notw. I naturally assumed it was the latter as dame hadn't said which 'newspaper' it was see P16/92 here 

It's strange that she does not reveal the name of the other gals interviewed on the 2nd February. After all, the Mail did

I can't take this plot getting any thicker tonight ! I'll come back to it later ! Thanks again folks, you are all gems !