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Press Release from the Trustee of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Part of something bigger !

Almost as soon as I'd finished my last post I was told that Richard McCann may have changed his opinion about Jimmy Savile. On November 4th the following story was published in the Sun Newspaper.

The tabloids published a photograph of Jimmy Savile with Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper two years before Jimmy's death, this one *

I've used this image because it clearly indicates the date that it appeared online on this site !

Where it gets really interesting is the fact that Richard McCann gave his reaction to the sudden appearance of this photo said to have been taken in 1991. I haven't found the actual article but the online poster copied his comments. Apologies, some words are missing but you get the idea.

This definitely happened  in 2009, the Sun has a paywall now and I'm sure as hell not paying those buggers, but I did find this !

Strewth, it's hard to see that date innit ? But, I burrowed further and found this !

Some of us were surprised to find just how much the rags obviously hated Jimmy Savile after September 2012 when Exposure was made. The fact that they revisited the scene of the crimes of another Yorkshire man in November of that year, only serve to prove just deep that hatred went.

Naturally, in March 2009 the same newspaper would have been keen to dish any dirt on Jimmy Savile.  After all, he had taken a substantial amount of money off them following their attempt to link him to the child murders that never happened in Jersey.

£30,000 I think it was Jimmy got off them by way of settlement out of court. But let's go back to a real crime now, or should I say, the crime spree that was launched the day Jimmy Savile died. Within weeks of Exposure, that photo of Sutcliffe, Savile and Bruno reappeared - just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. For now, the press were seriously suggesting that Jimmy might actually have either been, or been an accomplice of the 'Yorkshire Ripper' !

One person who supported the theory that Jimmy could actually have been a murderer was Prof David Wilson a lecturer from Birmingham University who just happens to have tutored Mark Williams-Thomas.

The same online article goes on to include the comments made by Richard McCann in response to the Sun article (see first image above). 

I wonder what the son of the first accepted VICTIM of the 'Yorkshire Ripper' feels about the media's exploitation of his and other women's brutal deaths, for surely this is what this is. Richard was just SIX YEARS OLD when he and his sister went out looking for their mother almost 40 years ago (October 29th 1975)

In 2010 Richard McCann expressed relief at the High Court's decision that Peter Sutcliffe should NEVER be released from prison. A year later, despite that earlier attempt to cast Jimmy in a bad light, he uploaded a special tribute to Jimmy on his site and it's still there !

* More information on the Yorkshire Ripper Case can be found here -

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Part of the same thing !

It's funny what you find when you go looking for something else !  Above is an extract from an article written by a man called Richard McCann who is known as a 'motivational speaker'.  It was published as a tribute to Jimmy on the date his death was announced. So what, I hear you lot asking me again ? Well, here's an amazing fact ; Richard McCann is the son of Wilma McCann who was murdered by this man !

I did a double take as I read his opening paragraph !

I had heard of this man before I found his tribute to Jimmy today. I've read stories published about the impact his mother's death had on him. He is, indeed a remarkable man. One thing that he most certainly is NOT is a victim, least ways, not in his own eyes. 

Here's what Richard went through -

It gets worse !

Things were tough for Richard and his siblings for many years !

In March 2010 he wrote about forgiveness -

I have not seen any articles containing Richard and his thoughts post October 2011. I have a strong feeling that his opinion of Jimmy has not altered too much since then. After all, his tribute is still online, he hasn't taken it down. 

The woman who told Richard that she wrote to Jim'll fix it when she was six, now works for channel five news. I hope one of these days she gets to tell a different story to the one's we've been hearing since September 2012In the meantime we could do worse than follow Mr McCann's motivational advice !

Friday, 18 April 2014

When Irish eyes are smiling !

On the 10th April 1998 an agreement was reached in Belfast that came to be known as 'The Good Friday Agreement'. In theory, this ended 30 years of what we all referred to as 'the troubles'. But the road that led to this historic event was a long, painful one. 

 I was in Ireland myself that day and I remember the folks reactions as the news was announced in the early evening !

When I started on my blog last year I had no idea that Jimmy Savile made numerous trips to Northern Ireland, but he was indeed one of the few celebrities to show his support for the ordinary people living through those awful times. 

In 1976 three children were killed by a car whose driver, an IRA fugitive had been shot by the army. The sister of the mother of one of the children went on to form a movement for peace called the community of Peace People or the Peace People for short.

The co founders, Betty and Mairead won the Nobel Prize for Peace a year later, but in September 1976 the former issued a plea of sorts for someone to help organise a pop festival in Ulster !

She had her sights set on a certain 'star' don't you know !

On Saturday 13th November Jimmy was there !

The walk was indeed well planned !

The Peace people in East Belfast and Jimmy doing his thing !

 Someone else recalls the day with affection !

Jimmy did the same walk in 1979 !

 The photo is from a facebook page which describes the event 

Strangely enough, that entry is dated just a month before Jimmy died.  In the aftermath of Exposure, the papers went on the hunt for less happy recollections of those events, and they almost found at least one here !

What on Earth is she going on about 'without realising it' ? She did 'realise something though !

Blimey, surely she should be grateful, but no, cue a potential case of False memory !

The same site published another article on the subject.

Here are a few extracts !

Cue a trawl for stories !

 I like to end on a happy note and don't think for a minute that I'm finished with Ireland or even Northern Ireland yet in my quest for Justice for Jimmy. But I must tell you this - it's surreal !

I wasn't sure what to call this blog post, but my mind suddenly settled on the song - 'When Irish Eyes are smiling' ! My blog kind of made itself up as it went along, but after coming to that bit about the Peace People I had to do a double take as I read Ms Williams plea for help from September 1976 again !

Happy Easter guys and gals - these half Irish eyes are smiling at you.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Mandy Tory Reporting !

Do you know what Mandatory Reporting is, or what will happen if it is driven through Parliament any time soon ?

Today, I stumbled across someone who claimed to be able to explain the whole concept in 5 minutes ! Brilliant, I thought, bring it on !

Ok @Mandate Now tell us all, what is wring with the current system of reporting real and suspected abuse ?

 'Behavioural expectation' in other words, we cannot rely on staff in these 'Regulated Activities' to tell their next in command. Worse still, it would appear that these Designated Safety Officer's don't have the skills to assess claims or concerns raised, according to Mandate Now that is !

Before we go any further, I should advise the reader the meaning of 'Regulated Activities'

BTW these are the folks behind 'mandate now' !

I thought I'd ask them a few questions, firstly I wanted to know WHO would provide the 'specialist training' that the DSO's require.  

I cannot show you the response I got to this and my next question about their 'research' into False Allegations because after I responded to their request for clarification about the 'point' I was trying to make, this happened !

Here's what they say about False Allegations enclosed in my second tweet !

I can't think why they would take umbrage at what is a perfectly reasonable comment, after all, they HAVE NOT done much research have they ? Oh well, I guess I'll live without being able to follow this lot, we will hear enough about them at a later date I'm sure.

They are kinda hypocritical though don't you think, when you consider their barrage of tweets to the NSPCC today including this one !

The NSPCC do not support 'blanket Mandatory reporting'. From their statement in March 2014 !

Emm, maybe they will regret the pandora's box they co opened in January 2013, that one involving 'victims' and voices !!

There's been lots of coverage today of former DPP and future government Minister's, interview on Radio 4. He was talking about the victims law that he hope's will replace proper law, much like his Savile Polis replaced the real Police !  

 I wonder if the BBC got the next bit right as it implies that 'victims' should themselves be MADE to report incidents whether they want to or not - PLEASE FEEL free to correct me if I'm wrong, because this next bit does NOT make sense !

 Or does it ? Is he saying that alleged 'victims' can by pass the Police Station as well as cross examination in a court of Law ? Dear me, this just get's worse !

Here's what teachers have to look forward to if they vote labour in the general election !

Only a fool would risk the wrath of the most combatant of combatant national unions and guarantee non election success by saying the following !

I covered the issue of Mandatory Reporting back in October 2013 in a blog post that included the following NSPCC tweet !

The battle lines appear to be drawn and the vested interests are all lining up for a piece of the 'victims' cake.  I still don't know HOW MR will work in practice or WHO will force staff to report suspicions to a senior designated person, maybe the threat of a few years in prison will help. 

And, just WHO will provide that 'specialist training' that the likes of NAPAC seem so keen to sanction - I wonder !

In case you are in any doubt, MR will fall within Safeguarding legislation !


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