Sunday, 29 June 2014

Back to Broadmoor !

Try looking for books about Broadmoor Hospital. There are not many that were written by people who WERE THERE in the early 1970's. The above is one of two written by Peter Thompson who knows quite a lot about the place As it Happens, because he was not only SENT there himself, he went on to become a very influential campaigner for the rights of the mentally ill.

Here's a very good article about this inspirational man ! 

Interested ? Read on !

 OK, so what has this guy got to do with Jimmy Savile I hear you ask. Well, I don't know just yet, I have NOT read the Broadmoor Report but, I do know that he had something to say about Alan Franey's 'early retirement' !

'Tabloid newspaper' 'played a large part' ? Tell me more Sir ?

Strewth, I came across the following article a while ago but this is I think the first time I have mentioned it, especially given the fact that it refers to a allegations about a CHILD PAEDOPHILE RING operating at Broadmoor ! 

Thankfully no evidence of such activities were found !

 It seems trouble had been brewing at Broadmoor for some years prior to Mr Franey's early retirement. On perusing the following from 1994 one name shot out at me that of Harry Field !

 Harry Field said: 'As you can see, it's a very gothic place. Patients experience fear approaching it. They have all seen The Silence of the Lambs. But it's not like that: no chains hanging against the wall and no padded rooms.'

I knew I'd seen Harry Field's name mentioned somewhere this week. Oh yes, it was here ! 

Strewth things get worse but not for Jimmy ! The interview with Field develops into some heavy gossip about his old boss !

The above is from P57 of 139 pages of the Broadmoor Report

I mentioned Peter Thompson at the start of my post because I hoped that he might have been able to provide some input into Ms Lampards Broadmoor 'investigations' ! Unfortunately the man died in 2003 but his writings remain as some of the very FEW written by the inmates (prisoners/patients) themselves.

I'll be taking a closer look at the Ms Lampards findings over the next few posts. In the meantime, scroll down to P86 if you will because here you will find details of WHOM her team bothered to speak to.

Just 8 ex patients were spoken to ! Thank goodness for folk like the late Mr Thompson who did his best and spoke up for those who could not !


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Corruption - an update !

As I type these words a press conference is being held following the release of two Reports into Sir Jimmy Savile's 'role' within the NHS. 

Whatever is said today by whomever, I will continue in my quest for Justice For Jimmy Savile. Him, his loved ones, his supporters, and the rest of us deserve NO LESS.

Never give up on a good thing and always question something that just DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT.

For those of us sickened by the nasty, uniformed rantings of a corrupt media, Justice and Political system, there's always other folks' words to hang onto. 

The following is an extract from an interview with Jimmy published in Mensa Magazine 1992. I've blogged about it before under the heading 'Corruption all round Corruption'. These are Jimmy's own words for what he believed was the worlds 'problems' 

Nothing changes eh ? So, whilst the corrupt do what they have to do today, the rest of us can do what we have to do. We will not be silent ! "ONWARDS" !

Mensa Magazine 1992 David Tebbutt -

I asked him what major problems he thought the world faces.  "The common denominator of world problems, must be AGAIN, corruption.  It is is patently obvious that individual corruption has ruined many an emergent African state.  It is patently obvious that corruption has ruined the country of, shall we say, Iraq.  Somebody like Saddam Husssein who professes to work with God on his side but at the same time builds himself a fifty million pound palace and gasses the Kurds.  Which he did.  Then obviously, the guy is a con man.  If he is not a con man, he is totally deluded in what he is thinking.

"Corruption spreads.  If the boss is corrupt then the deputy boss is corrupt.  And so is the deputy's deputy and so on and so forth, right down as far as it can possibly reach.  If one poses the question, 'Will you ever eradicate corruption', the answer is 'No'.  Because the resolution of the vast majority of things in the world is attempted by debate.  But very few bring into the frame the thing called human nature.  CORRUPTION IN ALL IT's FORMS, IS THE BEDEVILMENT OF THE WORLD (My emphasis) .

"The Alternative is within your circle, to do what you can starting with yourself, to resist corruption.  At the end of the day, you have to be prepared to jettison those people who won't knock corruption on the head and get on with your own little thing.  Conversely, you can have ceaseless, endless, pointless and stupid debates about so - called global problems when it's comfortable not to acknowledge the real problem, which is corruption."

 Another answer,he suggests is  "sensible and honest education.  Education is different things to different people.  If you have a nationalist group that instructs it's children to sing nationalist songs and actively hate those not of their nation, that is not education, that is corruption.  So corruption can be passed on by education"

I'll close with words that are not Jimmy's but those of the the man who interviewed him that day. I was surprised when I read the opening sentence - was Jimmy that misunderstood by those who had yet to spend a little time with him ?

I'll tell you now.  I was not  lookinf forward to meeting Sir James Savile OBE.  Although I love programmes like Jim'll Fix it and Savile's Travels, I was convinced he'd bury me in banter.  I am delighted to say that I was wrong.  He was  extremely pleasant and courteous and  gave very thoughtful answers to my questions.  The man is undeniably kind. He is relentlessly logical.  But the thing that impressed me most was the quality and strength of his convictions. 

I sincerely hope to meet even  at least one person with a fraction of the 'quality and strength' of conviction that this man obviously had.  I've spent a long time on this wee post.  I wanted to do right by Jimmy.  I hope you will do the same !

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Upon Further Scrutiny !

In April 2014 Peter Garsden of Abney Garsden Solicitors published an article entitled 'Is it reasonable to advertise for Savile compensation ?' which included this interesting piece of information

This followed Justice Sales' High Court decision agreeing a scheme that would enable PI claimants to have their claims made as soon as possible and with the LEAST EXPENSE !

I don't intend to go over old ground again and again. But, the more I read the decision the more I understand the frustration of the individual beneficiaries especially, let me explain !

When Liz Dux of Slater and Gordon Solicitors announced that she was representing in excess of 120 'VICTIMS' of the late Sir Jimmy Savile, she DID NOT use the word ALLEGED ! Her claimants were/are 'victims' she appears to be certain of this.

Here is how JS describes the compensation claim process applicable under the SCHEME

 If a person with a personal injury claim against the estate (and, as may be, against a Third Party Defendant) chooses to make an application under the Scheme, the Bank (and any relevant Third Party Defendant) will be required to consider the claim according to a set time-scale and procedure and to decide whether to accept or reject it. The consideration of the claim will involve all relevant evidence in relation to it being referred to a barrister to review. The barrister will then produce a recommendation whether the claim should be accepted, rejected or accepted in part.

Q -  What  'the time-scale and procedure' ?
A  - 56 days

 So, Osbourne Clarke solicitors for Nat West Bank have 56 days to either 'accept or reject the claim' have I got that right ? Go back to the first point, the consideration of the claim MUST 'involve all relevant evidence' for review by a barrister who makes his/her decision !

Here's where it gets sticky : COST ! 

 Similar to 'road traffic accidents' not wishing to be flippant but I think we would all agree that 'scrutiny' in this instance would at the very least involve, establishing that the RTA had actually TAKEN PLACE ? 

I include the following three important paragraphs from JS AGAIN. The reader is urged to consider these words carefully. The meeting he's referring to, took place over two days(24/2/14 - 26/2/14). The claimants' lawyers had some issues with the SCRUTINY process !

Were the claimants' legal team effectively trying to PREVENT the bank and the BBC etc from obtaining information 'from any other person who might have relevant information bearing on such claims'. Surely not, after all, the Lord Justice did use the word 'fair' did he not ? 

Perhaps it was this particular line that worried them ?

Since the individual beneficiaries maintained that they had information which might be relevant to assessing whether some claims were bogus or not, and were concerned that the Bank would not have regard to this in assessing such claims under the Scheme

Remember, the resulting judgement addressed TWO issues :

1) The Trustees of the JSCT wanted to remove Nat West Bank as executor

2) The Trustees objected to the scheme per se

But, getting back to the claims themselves 

I broke the paragraph down for easier reading !


JS is confidant that the Executor will carry out it's duties in a fair and expedient manner. He refused the Trusts application to have them removed 

When Anna Raccoon published the Judgement on her blog on March 11th 2014 the following comments in particular caught my eye 

 The barrister will only see what he/she is given ?

Just because Nat West accepted the scheme DOES NOT mean mean that monies will be paid out to anyone ! But, I'm sure that you, like me are still unsure as to just HOW this will work in practice !

Remember, most of the estate was to left to the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust. What input so far have they had in this ? Have their solicitors received any of the claims yet ?

There is NO REASON why the public should not be told HOW the scrutiny process is carried out. After all this is matter of PUBLIC INTEREST !

In the last 24 hours the press have printed the news that ONE of the THREE NHS reports due to be published THIS WEEK will not now be out until the autumn. I wonder how ROBUST Kate Lampards team have been in their pursuit of FACTS.

Ms Glover has been sent the following link to hundreds of pieces of EVIDENCE that could and SHOULD be used in the scrutiny process. WHY ? because it contains PROOF not hearsay, not gossip but PROOF of when and where Jimmy Savile was on SPECIFIC DATES AND TIMES !

Better still, these came from THE BBC who have a vested interest in ROBUSTLY SCRUTINIZING the claims. The NHS gets a mention too so Kate Lampards team have a similar DUTY. Here is the link, add it to my blog, Moor Larkin's and Anna Raccoon's as a STARTING POINT for your investigations.

I will forward this blog piece to the BBC and NHS so they won't be able to say they never had this information. At some point in the future, someone may decide to revisit re investigate and/or reopen the case for FURTHER SCRUTINY !

Because, for some of us it really isn't 'ABOUT THE MONEY' 




Thursday, 19 June 2014

As it (Really) happened !

Strewth, life get's so heavy man. Let's go back to happier times before cowardly journalists and con men sullied some of out nice memories. Enjoy - shame about some (most) of the comments. Although the good guys always come through in the end !

So, when was this tribute to Sir Jimmy shown for the FIRST time ? The BBC bosses were accused of dropping Meirion's Newsnight film for amongst other things, the fact that it's transmission would mess up the Christmas schedule ?

But, what would have been the big deal in pulling this program, after all, it had ALREADY been broadcast in November !

 Ah, but there were other TRIBUTES planned were there not ?

On 15th November this appeared 

 But Meirion Jones hadn't even scribbled out his Savile script yet had he ?

Useful Timeline Josh Thanks !

 And there was another, longer (one hour) tribute for Jimmy aired on December 28th and, again on 29th January 2012 ! 

Sad, that you can't watch this on the BBC's iplayer anymore. Glad that we have youtube now ! Enjoy guys and gals - the NHS report will be published NEXT WEEK.

Don't get angry - get Fixing it for Jimmy. Contact Claudia Glover now at Osborne Clarke Solicitors 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Scrutinizing the Scrutinizers !

Hi. I’ve actually done this - not for Savile but in another similar sort of case. I wanted to comment/advise (sort of) on

"Osborne Clark Solicitors only receive claims that have PASSED some sort of SCRUTINY from the PI (Dux etc)/ third party (BBC, NHS, etc)  solicitors”

Having been asked to comment on several signed witness statements supposedly so checked, I would advise you (or the solicitors) against assuming this. The impression I have got is that absolutely no checks are done whatsoever except the most desperately obvious, and often not even then. AFAICS all they do is simply write down whatever they are told, re-arrange it into the appropriate format and get them to sign it. (This is not Dux, but one of the several similar scammers). They seem to be often cut and paste jobs.

There are frequently things that are not a matter of opinion, interpretation, or belief - there are things that are either impossible, or utterly improbable.

The one thing that is true, confirmed to me by a solicitor with many years experience of this stuff, is that these people, for all their public shouting about how much they care, are bone idle, and incompetent. They ignore judges guidelines, don’t bother to do anything etc.

The reason they get away with it is because often the ‘defending’ solicitors are equally lazy. It is (IME) almost often two sets of solicitors not trying too hard, not picking up obvious things. the solicitors almost have an arrangement not to push each other too hard, it is really just a negotiation about how much money should be paid out rather than whether the claimants claims are remotely credible. 

Anyone working for the trust must check that their solicitors are fighting hard, making the likes of Dux’s job difficult. It is very easy, IMO, for them to get into a position where they are just both running up bills ‘checking’. I have read things and said - look this is actually impossible, this is utterly implausible. 

There are two reasons for this ; firstly under pressure they fall apart, make really simple errors. Secondly, because they are basically lazy, and claimant whose case is ‘too difficult’ is just abandoned. The compo solicitors basically rely on no-one bothering too much, and when they are pushed they can collapse in a heap.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sir Jimmy's Car Wagon

It's always nice to come across folk IN THE MEDIA who had a GOOD WORD to say about Jimmy Savile AFTER HE DIED, especially when you note that the piece is written TWO MONTHS after Goslett's masterpiece exposing Jimmy was published in the Oldie Magazine. 


 Reading on our h(z)ero describes how, his rag had been beaten to the story by the DAILY MIRROR a month before. I found this bit particually interesting !

Missed out on the name of the school, the 'victims' being 'underage'  and NO details about 'BBC premises' ? What on earth is he on about ? Surely Meirion Jones supplied all that information to his press chums. Why was it left to the Oldie to break the story I wonder ?

Read that headline again 'no newspapers would touch my story'. Is he doing a MTW here or could he be telling THE TRUTH ? I'll let you think about that one reader. After all, the forces had yet to assemble as they did indeed in September 2012. It takes time to mobilise a great army folks ! 

Going back to the title of my piece; Richard Streeton who is Deputy Editor of Land Rover Monthly wrote 'Jimmy's Saville Wagon' in April 2012. It's hard to find online but I tracked it down and provide extract for my readers. See how good I am to you guys and gals !!


would later have his own suite inside the hospital during his role as a hospital porter

This man obviously thinks alot of Sir Jimmy !

 He ends 

 BUT this earlier paragraph took my interest for VERY DIFFERENT reasons 

 The V5 ? That's a log book to you and me guys and gals. What was that story about the boys and the Rolls Royce ? 

 Erm, I'm not big on cars meself but I got kinda interested in Jimmy's Car wagon. I knew that there had been a story about the poor geezer who decided to TRY and sell Jimmy's Rolls post October 2012, but I was quite taken aback to find this ebay listing from 2011 

So what ? I hear you say. Well, I only came upon the above via this forum. Bear in mind, Jimmy was STILL ALIVE a fact that may account for some restraint on the part of some !

 You can read the comments here. They are or, should I say were libelous at the time !

Sir Jimmy's car wagon has found a certain notoriety online. It was for sale again just 3 months after 'Exposure' Oh dear !

The comments are as one would expect, nasty. The same troll forum carried this post the day Jimmy died ! Note how one commentator's mind has changed in that short period of time.

A week before Farqur's nasty piece. The following appeared elsewhere on the net. It's an interesting read in more ways than one ! The writer appears to be oblivious to the shits torm heading all our ways later in the year. Or is he ?

 It goes on to include details about Jimmy's appearance on 'Open to question' in 1987. That program where Jimmy gets a hard time with some of the youth of the day.

Read that again, Jimmy admitted 'sexual shenanigans' with 'young fans'

  Here's the video, see for yourself how 'open' Jimmy is. Alot more 'open' (minded) than his interviewer would be 14 years later ! Yes, that's Krishnan Guru Murthy by the way.

Oh well, at least some folk have some good words to say about/for Jimmy. I hope Mr Streeton has a bit more cop on than most and has not changed his mind about Jimmy. I liked that first paragraph 'a slew of prefabricated stories'. Indeed Sir, indeed !