Thursday, 29 December 2016

It wasn't about the money .. but it is now

Now, guys and gals - time for a bit of lighthearted fun as someone else's expense. After all they've been having fun at ours for the last 4 years, so it's payback (of sorts) time. It's not the big I am - Karma will no doubt, take care of that one. But while we wait for the big K, let's have a look at how life has panned out for, some of the bastards who pimped the Savile lies to the max. Starting with this one (thanks Moor)

 Ex Commander Spindler is now a voice for hire, making money out of all them years he spent not pounding the beat. I've written about this geezer before, so I won't bore you. But you can gen up here

'Grip and good Governance' ? Sounds like a barrel of, does it not ? Give me Nipping with Nipper any day. Now this bloke was a REAL copper who copped in the days when cops investigated criminals. 'Nipper' Read knew who he couldn't trust to keep their mouths shut: most of the Met, by the looks of it. Someone should have told him about Sir Jimmy eh ? He'd have got the job done. Had there been a job to do that is ! 

Somehow, I can't see Pete Spindler nicking the Krays like Nipper did. Can you ?


Sounds a bit like the two year Savile Police investigation doesn't it ? No one outside the need-to-knows, got to hear about that either. Kind of extraordinary when you know, as WE DO NOW, just how many folk actually did know at the time. Including the Sun 'newspaper' whose hacks did everything they could to get Jimmy nailed at the time. 

Fair play to Surrey Police - they held the thin blue. Nipper would be proud of them.

When Peter Spindler looks back at his career as a cop, is it with pride do you think ? Does the same hold true for ex PC Thomas. Him who tried to carry himself off as a former big-cheese  detective when all he actually was was a trainee detective constable for several months.  Ordinary folk exposed him. Well done guys and gals !! 

Actions and words speak a hell of a lot louder than just words. And no one shows this better than them: used to be, fighting for justice, ex coppers, social workers and lawyers who flee your cause for there own. Take Dr Susan Proctor, she who led the Savile Leeds NHS 'inquiry'. Remember her great contribution to the health of our great nation ? 


Of course, Sue had already left the NHS in 2010. Hence her suitability to chair an expensive inquiry into the NHS. We certainly got our monies worth there didn't we guys and gals ? No idea how much she got for confirming Jimmy's interest in the dead. But for a lot less, I would have tried to sound like I wasn't just taking the money, and the piss !! 

 All her views are of course her own. After all, who the fuck else would want them ? 

Ho Ho Ho - how the likes of the Nipper would be laughing as he bought me my 17th Bacardi and coke. 

Happy New Year guys and gals !! 

Monday, 26 December 2016


I heard that George Michael had died at about 1 am this morning. I was in bed and I can tell you now, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a completely random tweet including his name and the dreaded #RIP ! 

This was one of my contributions to the news 

 You see, George Michael's album 'Older' has a special place in my heart. I won't tell you all the details for now, and I shouldn't need to. Those who know what I'm talking about will know, the rest of you can listen to a few minutes of this hugely informative and interesting discussion between two especially spiritual men : William F Buckley Jr and Malcolm Muggeridge filmed in 1980. The subject - How does one find Faith

You can, if you live in the United States, see the full 60 minutes of this delightful exchange, via Amazon video. Otherwise, you have to buy the DVD as I did as a treat to myself for Xmas. I actually watched this yesterday, Christmas Day and was absorbed for the whole hour, which I can tell you, is quite unusual for me ! Like Buckley, I get bored brushing my teeth.

I'm going to keep this as simple as I can folks. Not because I doubt your intellect, but because I doubt my ability to adequately impart my own spiritual experiences to you ! 

 But, here goes .... 

It was Easter Sunday 1998, the Good Friday Agreement had been signed the day I laid my best friend to rest in Ireland. He'd died in England, and we'd flown him home to be buried with his Mother and Father. His death had been sudden and violent, I won't go into  details, save to say that I was pretty devastated arriving back into my little bedsit alone. The one person I'd normally turn to in times of trouble was gone, even my neighbour's were away. I was totally alone with my grief and despair. 

I broke down and turned to the ONE constant I've always had throughout my life - music. My choice at that moment was George Michael's Older , I think it might even have been a cassette as I'm fairly sure I didn't have cd's then. 

As I listened to the first track Jesus to a Child my whole mind and body experienced an immediate transformation. I suddenly felt an enormous sense of peace as though my friend was there in the room with me. Maybe he was or maybe ... it's a mystery that I cannot explain. Like so many I have had, but this one was special. 

You see, I hadn't played George's album for quite a while when I dug it out a few nights ago. I found myself listening to it every night before bed for 3 or 4 nights running this week. It soothes me, that's all I know !

George had been there hadn't he folks ? He certainly knew something of the : 'suffering, affliction, disappointment' Muggeridge defines as an integral part of the drama of existence'

God Bless you George  Thank you for helping me get through one shit awful day x

Faith ..... Onwards 

'They ever must believe a lie - who see not, through the eye' (William Blake)  


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Whose voice is it anyway ?

A few months after the Savile saga began - Charles Moore wrote a fine article. He'd read the Giving Victims a voice report (January 2013) and tweeted this 
 I recall feeling something like hope as I read his fine piece. How refreshing it was that one journalist was bucking the trend. Not that he was dismissing the individual claims being made mind you. But still - here, read it again folks

Fast forward almost four years and those 'future Saviles' he warned us about in his last sentence have surfaced. Only, the  future Savile's have turned out to be contemporaries. Time for another article Mr Moore 

 The Telegraph makes you pay to read these days. Here's the few paragraphs hidden behind the paywall !

 It ends

Oh dear, I hope someone legally minded, answers Mr Moore's question. Even if it is rhetorical ! But, what's he on about ? What "hush money" ? More importantly, WHEN ? 

Wiki does a good background to the Johnson story. The Football abuse claims had hit the headlines a few weeks before 

A whole two weeks passed before Mr Johnson's voice was heard

The background to the "hush money" being paid is nicely summarised in this Evening Standard piece. The PR machine is by December 4th in full, support for the 'victim' swing !

Chelsea today "apologised profusely" for the sexual abuse Gary Johnson said he suffered at the hands of former club chief scout Eddie Heath during the 1970s, with the club saying they have "no desire to hide any historic abuse" that is uncovered.

About that gagging order ? 

 More recently, against the current backdrop of wider revelations and other victims coming forward bravely to tell their story, we no longer felt it appropriate to keep the confidentiality agreement in place. It was therefore removed. 

But, why did Slater and Gordon, the firm whose - cause is your case agree to be part of this 'gagging order' in 2014 ? Naturally, both they and their client would be delighted for a bit of easy hush money. I can only surmise that - in this case, the money was indeed, more important than voices being heard or helping others find theirs ! 

To a lower than sewer publication, the line becomes 

He claims to have approached Operation Yewtree Police in 2014 who told him to 'go back to Chelsea' Only Johnson didn't want to go back to Chelsea did he ? So, where else to turn, but Yewtree's finest ?

So, he got his £50,000, we have no idea how much SG got, and he kept his gob shut. Until other voices in other rooms started being heard. Because, that's what happens once one comes forward isn't it ? 

So,why isn't Slater Gordon getting it in the neck for their part in the silencing of an alleged 'victim' ? The press have been quick to attack Chelsea FC 

A 'clause' that 'protected Chelsea to the detriment of the victim' ?

How the hell does Slater and Gordon account for itself ?

It required Johnson not only to keep silent about the fact he had received £50,000 from Chelsea, but also to agree that: “the underlying facts of the dispute and the terms, existence, or any other detail of [the settlement] Agreement shall be kept, and will remain, confidential to the parties and their advisors.”

Scorer, whose firm is representing many sexual abuse victims giving evidence to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, said he could not discuss the specific details of Johnson’s case or settlement, but urged other clubs to be more open.
“It is very important that organisations are open and honest about abuse so that it can be properly dealt with and investigated, and gagging clauses should not be imposed to prevent organisations being open and honest about abuse which has occurred and addressing it properly,” he said.

 Johnson has said he felt he had no option but to accept the settlement, after the police decided not to investigate because Heath is dead. He also said that the Professional Footballers Association, the players union, had not returned his call, but the PFA said an official had talked to Johnson in 2013 and advised him to go to the police. 

Is it just me ? No, it isn't is it Mr Moore !!

Addendum 8/12/16 

I am indebted to a lawyer who offered this wise observation via twitter

 Of course, it would have been Mr Johnson's decision to accept these terms. Indeed, had this all gone down before October 2012 I wouldn't have bothered. But it didn't, and Johnson claims to have reported to Operation Yewtree Police (the Met), before approaching Slater Gordon. Be interesting to see the actual Police report IF there was one ! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Less than truthful

For some reason, no one in that courtroom manged to confirm exactly when the episode of Clunk Click featuring Freddie Starr was recorded. Had Sir Jimmy Savile been alive and in the dock, the prosecution would have been forced to provide that information. It's important because Karin Ward was sixteen later that month, not fourteen as she's repeatedly claimed on camera and in print. A fact we'd never have known had it not been these proceedings.

 Karin breathes a sigh of relief as Thomas replies 

Now, fortunately for those of us who like to double check and cross reference our material, we have access to the Judgement of the case 

However, Ward's interview with MWT as broadcast on ITV 

'He was not cross examined about this evidence' ? He most certainly would have been cross examined about this statement in another courtroom on another day had Jimmy Savile been in the dock. 

From Ms Ward's decrepit old bag blog she wrote about her interview with Thomas 

 She told Liz Mackean in 2011 that she was 14

She told Channel 4 news she was 14 

For some reason, come June 2015 Ward says she didn't believe her interview with Thomas would be broadcast. The words of a desperate woman left twisting in the wind by both the BBC and ITV 

LOL - the Daily Mail didn't help her either 

Everyone except MWT was told that Karin Ward was 14 when she was at that show with Freddie Starr. No wonder she breathed that huge sigh of relief after Thomas finished his testimony and fled without a backwards glance !