Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dee's compo claim !

To be read in conjunction with this 

The other night I received notice (by way of a tweet) describing Dee Coles as the 'poster girl' of Slater and Gordon. I was still in my purple haze, so I filed this information under pending blog and went back to my Prince cd's. 

And it's true ! The woman who claims Jimmy Savile abused/attacked her, is indeed a 'client' of this awful law firm. 


Yes, I'm sure 'others can (and have) put it far more eloquently than you'. Slater and Gordon, for a kick off ! 
 Was she 'one of the first' to instruct you Liz ? What is her claim worth, to her that is, we know your end ! (£14-£16K). Couldn't be the biggie (£60K) surely even she has not claimed Jimmy raped her in that campervan while her mate looked on ?

The above followed her attendance at the McGowan play, an audience of liars as I like to call it. Dee wasn't entirely happy with Alistair's portrayal of Savile. He wasn't evil enough, his laugh wasn't sinister enough, it just did NOT convey the hell she went through those TWO times she visted Jim in his van ! Thank Goodness she kept the photo's of her terror !

 And thank God she's being kept in the public eye just long enough to claim her miserable compo before Slater go bust ! 
 Being the c*** I am, I asked Ollie the producer of 'abused' the untold truth (he got one thing right), a few questions about his star witness and the other liar Karin Ward. Strangely enough he didn't respond, actions speak so much louder than ..
 What is it with these people ? Why can't they accept an invitation to debate the matter, what is it they are afraid of ? 
Back to that twitter alert I told you about earlier. Here's the dialogue that ensued via Maggie's tweet

Who was grooming who - not Jimmy that's for sure !

Remember Liz Dux didn't come into our lives until a few days after Exposure. And when she did she already had 5 or so 'victims' (from memory excuse me if I'm not 100% accurate). Right on Maggie, when did Dee become Liz's 'poster girl' ?


Sunday, 24 April 2016

For a Prince in heaven

Prince - I loved his music since forever so here's my Prince story 

I can't remember exactly WHEN I realised that Prince was to play Leeds Arena, but I do know that the tickets sold out in 15 minutes on 2nd May 2014. So there I was at exactly 12.00 on Tickmaster like thousands of others and I can tell you now guys and gals, it wasn't easy, the process was confusing and if you were lucky enough to actually get in the queue for a ticket, the worst thing you could do was give up the ones offered hoping to secure better ones !! 
And that's exactly what I did, I gave them up and started again. OMG, several more tries and all seemed lost, I kept seeing some message that more or less said, none left. I was gutted, and then at 14 minuites past 12, this happened 
I actually managed to get FOUR, yes four tickets, two standing and two sitting. To this day I don't know how I managed it, but I did and despite feeling really ill that May night in Leeds, me and a three great gals took our seats and standing positions and shared the experience that was Prince, LIVE on stage.
My memories are a bit hazy to be honest, I wish I could say that I remembered all the songs he did, in which order and for how long, but I can't. But I do remember that he sang Purple Rain and I remember standing up out of my seat along with just about eveyone else around me in block BK (yes I decided to sit) waving my arms and singing as loud as I could : Purple Rain, Purple Rain
In the standing area my pal caught some of Prince's Purple Rain and with that, I feel there's only one thing left to say by way as a heartfelt message to our Prince 

I wish you heaven x


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Abused - Pt 2

Good grief, for a bunch of schoolgirls allegedly attacked by a monster in a Rolls Royce, Karin Ward and her pals had a jolly good laugh about it at the time ! 
 In her 'autobiography' which no-one would ever see or download, she wrote words to the effect of : I never thought of it as abuse. Sorry, I really can't be bothered to scroll through that book again to find the actual words, but I know I'm not far off. Indeed, she repeated the same to the press early on in the game.

No, she wasn't 'aware' of feeling any anger now towards Savile, maybe because she was too busy being angry with the journalists, one in particular !
 Hard not to be angry when everyone has you somewhere you weren't. Chew on that piece of irony if you will ! Ward wasn't in Exposure, but the worlds press and his wife placed her there just the same !
Twat Thomas had interviewed her but not for his October 3rd program. She describes events in her own blog - get ready for a bit more anger !
'last October' I thought it was five days AFTER Savile's funeral ?
It's not really Jimmy who's 'still hurting you' is it Karin ? 
Email response from Karin Ward to Fiona who she couldn't remember being at Duncroft with her because she WASN'T ! But I've covered that one already, repeatedly. Google Fiona, Rabbitaway, Karin Ward, Duncroft, anyone who wants to can find numerous blog posts on that one, including extracts from actual emails like the one above. Here's another 
No wonder Jones heaps so much praise on Ms Ward, keep your friends close and all that !

Now, for some light relief ! I hadn't meant to make Karin Ward the focus of part 2, it just happened that way. Let's get onto the next 'victim' presented to us in Abused.
The narrator informs us that after Merry ann's film was scuppered 'a former detective who'd worked on the piece, took the story to ITV and began working on his own documentary'
The screen then says 'nine months later' and 'September 30th 2012' (the interview with Lucy Manning was screened on 2nd October 2012 on ITV news)

'We had heard that ITV had this documentary that was going to make claims about Jimmy Savile . Straight away we knew this was going to be big and in the Sunday papers it got a lot of coverage ...... someone from the newsroom came over and said, 'we've had an email from a woman who wants to speak to a journalist about Jimmy Savile'

 Ever helpful, Manning does NOT say WHEN this email came in or even how this complete stranger to how TV companies work, was able to access ITV planning ! 
Next, we're treated to just PART of the interview made back then. Just a few words that is until we arrive at Dee's caravan home for her Abused interview ! Firstly, in an attempt to jettison any thoughts that she may have appeared a tad 'matter of fact' in her earlier appearance, she explains that she was on Beta-blockers that day 'I couldn't have done it without. But I felt when I looked at it I was so detatched from it ... sexual assault, so matter of fact. It wasn't matter of fact at all, it really wasn't and that's why I was determined not to take beta-blocker's today (she smiles) cos it is messy'
 Not quite how you'd expect someone about to talk about something very painful, to look is she ? Next, remembering she hasn't taken her beta-blockers, she becomes upset, yet manages to compose herself 
'My mum and I were dead close ... I was definitely going to be a teacher' Her mother took her on holiday to Jersey because she'd done so well at school. She says she was 14, an odd time to be congratulated for your grades, but moving along 
'I chose the hotel (God she sighs) How many 14 year olds chose holiday hotels even now ?
'We were at our table and he just wondered in with gold shorts and a vest ... worked the room came over to our table .. my mum thought it was incredibly exciting.
It was the next day that the assault happened. Next morning there was one other girl about my age staying at the hotel had a back door through the car park to take you to the beach, and that's where Savile was staying in his motor-home in the car park ...he came out and got this girl to take photos of me and him ..

The first two he's really pulling myself into him, thrusting his leg between my legs and it was ugh. I could tell when I look at that expression on my face I'm not comfortable with it.
 And then the third one, I do remember cos he said, oh he took his vest off and got me to stand behind him. I was more comfortable in that one.
Apologies guys and gals, those few pics are photo's off my tv screen, here are those I copied earlier, one's we've seen many times. Does she look in anyway 'uncomfortable' in ANY of these 

'and then we got invited into the van ... locked the door pulled me towards him ... ' Becomes very upset, tearful but says nothing more about what actually happened, choosing to bemoan the fate of others, sex with minors etc etc.
 'I didn't tell my mum what had happened. He was still in the hotel ans she was still talking to him, and I thought; you must know there's something wrong with me you must see it. And I really hated her in that moment' 
Oh my giddy God, now she's turning on her mother, blaming her for not protecting her
It's her job to protect me and that hadn't happened. I couldn't tell her, oh God I couldn't tell her. It's only because she's dead I was able to come forward when I did (sniff sniff)
 The interviewer remarks her current abode of choice, being a caravan by the sea, not dissimilar to the place in which she'd suffered such a 'horrendous experience' ?
Dee forgetting to remember to forget her beta-blockers, breaks into a hearty laugh  with a line that could have been drawn straight out of Jimmy Savile's own mouth !
'I never thought that .. really funny' and continues with a line that could have come straight out of an interview with Jimmy himself ..
'This is total freedom  ... (describing her joy at realising she might get her this home 'This is it - my house is going to happen'
Mmm, when did she buy this I wonder !
Her interview with ITV news broadcast on 2nd October 'her claim triggered an immediate public response' 
Cut to audio of a radio phone in, the Vine show I think. The great British public were astounded by the revelations. A few objected to the claims being made against a dead man
'maligning a man who made £40,000,000 for charity'
'if this is true, why did they not report it to someone'

The rest is, as they say, history, rather THEIR story, their spin. They had the upper hand, they controlled who was able to say what to whom. The little people's voices were drowned out and the UNTOLD story is yet to be told ! 
But we're working on it Jimmy, we really are !








Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Abused - the first 21 minutes Part 1

Goodness Gracious guys and gals, it's a shit job but someone has to do it ! I did not watch 'Abused - the untold story' last night, but I have now. The first 21 minutes is all I've seen so far and I think it just about tells me all I need to know about this 'show' ! I must check out 'Pauline' later, but for now, here's my review of the latest abuse of the dead. 
I'm not interested in the first few minutes, I'll go straight to what the important players have to say. First up, Karin Ward who's obviously learned a few things since she first opened her mouth, destroying Freddie Starr's life a few years ago ! 
We see Kas in her home, the author at her desk with her cat.
'I'd just written an autobiography from the very earliest I can remember ... I never had the remotest clue that anyone could download it, but Marion (meirion) read it and that's what started the ball rolling'
 'When I moved to the BBC in the mid ninety's, there were people there who'd tell you stories about Savile. I would try and trackit down but I never found a victim or a witness. But the stories were everywhere'
Good Grief is this guy really NOT going to mention the FACT his aunt ran a school from whence his first 'victim' came ? Maybe he comes clean later in the show, I'm thinking not, but let's get on 
'I came across this autobiography online one of these DIY wrting sites .. what she recalled was abuse by 'JS' and immediately it's obvious who it is'
Mmm, like it was 'obvious' who FS might be eh ?
'This is a fantastic memoir , she's absolutely caught everything that's going on. I thought if I could get her to do an interview, perhaps I could persuade her. So I rang up Karin (how did he get her number ?) 
The film then cuts to Karin to take over the story, bit like how two newreader's finish each-others sentences 
'Would this JS be Jimmy Savile ?'
'Yes, yes it is'
She continues underplaying the importance of any reference she might have made to anyone living or dead in her DIY memoir
'This Savile thing was only a paragraph or two where I was describing Duncroft ... 'Til Savile came along it was the safest place I'd ever been' 
Mmm, didn't she meet Jimmy in Jersey before graduating to approved school ?
'We used to laugh about whoever had been out in his car and, you know ... 'he's a dirty old man and we'd go off into screams of laughter .... and then of course Marrion rang me. He was pleasant but very persistant' 
Every single word these two are saying has been very carefully, but NOT carefully enough, thought out ! Ward is clearly laying the blame at Merry Ann's door, it was just a few paragraphs in a blog to her, what did she care ? 
Meirrione ever the brainless hack, refers to her, one or two paragraphs that no-one will read let alone download, as a kind of 'death-bed confession'. Mmm, bet she liked that !
Voice over - MJ took a team from BBC Newsnight to meet Karin  It was just FIVE DAYS after Savile was buried' 
Bring on Liz MacKean and that revelation on camera 
Liz describes her mindset towards any such claims she investigates and for this she is to be credited. 
'I could believe anything is true, but I didn't KNOW that it was true, I was there to be convinced and persuaded' As indeed she was 'meeting her I absolutely KNEW that she was telling the truth' 
But you can always rely on a Savile film to go that one stretch of the imagination too far, when Ward comes out with this beauty on the doorstep 
'You won't be allowed to go ahead with this' 
'We will definitely'
You will NOT be allowed to go ahead with this, it won't happen'
Sounds a lot like a Merry Ann Jones script to me !

Makes one wonder why she got so pissed off when it was 'pulled' doesn't it ?

Part 2 - Dee's tale - and what fun we'll have with that !  



Monday, 11 April 2016

Jimmy did NOT have a vasectomy - FACT

No doubt, we'll not be told how old 'Pauline' today. That would make things too easy for the fair-minded, wishing to check whether any of her story has even a chance of being true. You see 'Pauline' age 24 puts herself in Jimmy's mother's house in Leeds. The fact she refers to the scene of the alleged crime, as being 'the star's mother's house' indicates Mrs Savile had not as yet moved to Scarborough !
 She went for a cup of tea, got raped and then got told not to worry because her attacker had had the snip ! Goodness Gracious, does this even sound plausible ? How many rapists tell their victims not to worry .... ? It's rubbish isn't it ?
Of course Jimmy having had 'the operation' would explain how he managed to rape hundreds if not thousands of women/girls without one single confirmed pregnancy/birth. Hard lines Liz 
So, what do we have to look forward to tonight ? 

Yes, that's Dee Cole and here's another 'victim' !

Why didn't she try contacting Peter Spindler in 2001/2. He was after all,knee deep in famous sex offenders (slight exaggeration) back then ! 

Ray Galloway ? I've not heard of him before ! Be interesting to see what comes out of his mouth ! 

Here's how Minnow put it 
 The Mail provides the most detailed account of what to expect tonight !
Which brings me back to the question of that vasectomy ! You see, irrefutable proof exists that Jimmy did NOT have a vasectomy EVER !
Of course, the question as to whether Jimmy actually had a vasectomy or not doesn't mean Pauline is telling lies. Remember, she says he boasted of having the snip, that doesn't mean he did. But why even mention it and where was she when Georgina Ray's paternity claim surfaced ? Wouldn't that make you bloody angry, knowing you'd been raped by some bloke who afterwards boasted about having the snip ?

Of course, Jimmy himself told us all a long time ago about his feelings all things vasectomy related. Tell us Jim, did you have 'the operation' ? 
 'because it looks like I've had the operation' 

It would be funny if it weren't so damn horrible ! 
It's all bullshit innit ?