Sunday, 31 January 2016

More sparkle for 'the pops' 1970

By January 1970 Top of The Pops had been on the telly for six years, and decisions were made to put more focus on the audience.

'youngsters brought in' ? Really ? I'm really hoping that the dame has covered the angle of IF and HOW these young girls were chosen as 'dolly' dancers. Were these girls on theatrical agents' books ? The following is said to have been taken in February 1971, a month before Claire's death. Were these girls were spoken to by the press as a result of the NOTW 'Payola' Police investigations ? And, if so, has the dame commisioned 'evidence' from the parties involved ?
You see, the point I am making is that the Yewtree Press as I call them, are manipulating us, again and again. In this 1971 image the girl is described as a 'Drama Student'
 Compare this to the same photo re-uploaded in November 2011. The student becomes a 'schoolgirl'. Of course, one can be both, at school and studying drama, but, well you catch my drift don't you ?

 So, where the hell did these girls come from ? Had they been spotted in some disco or club, as one assistant producer explains ? Did they write in for tickets ?, or were they invited by one of the presenter's or crew ? 

But, back to those attempts to give the show 'more sparkle' in 1970. Here's footage of one girl being awarded best dancer by a recent Arsenal signing who sounds more like Ewan McGregor than Ewan McGregor

 Scanning through the dancers on the same show, I came across this girl 

Here she is again, this time on the show presented by Jimmy. This time, she's the winner, and another geezer is wheeled on to present her award 
The girl on the right looks familiar too but that could just be me 
 Perhaps Geran Tucker could help us out with that one. You see, the story that's being spun, is that these were vulnerable, helpless little girls. And maybe some of them were ! But, can we have the truth please, along with assurances that the dame has ALL the evidence, and spoken to ALL of the people she should have ! She's certainly spoken to 'A7' one of the men allegedly named in Claire's diary. But what about the other bloke ? 

You see, Dan Davies and his chums in the gutter, would have us all believing that Sir Jimmy was one of the two men, while it's now plainly obvious that he was NOT, and never had been 

We know Davies is talking shit, thanks to Exagg news ! Because the dame tells us it wasn't Jimmy being allegedly 'protected'. 

Here's more information Davies provides courtesy of the Daily Mail 5th April 1971, just days before Claire's inquest

'After a broadcast of the Rosko show' What a strange thing to say ? I wonder if Mr Neil spoke to him, back in the day ? How does someone get picked up after a broadcast of a radio program ? Answers on a postcard ! 
I was surprised to find Brian Neil QC alive and talking to the dame. Where's he been all this time ?

To be continued !

Oh, but in the meantime, another mystery solved, this time courtesy of Mr Danny Baker. Nice one Danny, it is the overhead monitors that the guys and gals are looking at. Oh, and Jimmy sure looks uncomfortable crammed in with all them there gals

Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Great British public continued to love him

Goodness Gracious, if the 'leaked' report is authentic, then we're all seemingly to blame for Jimmy Savile's alleged transgressions. Those of us who were around in the early 1970's that is. One has to presume she means all of us !
 Including the Guardian Newspaper that is 
 Shame on us all for not, being 'alarmed' by the contents of newspaper articles and interviews. What were we all thinking ?
 The dame herself was alive and resident in this country during the 'Great British Public's' long love affair with Jimmy Savile. I mean, she didn't just emerge from a spaceship in 2012 did she ?
 Enough of all that guys, I've got a surprise for you. A great big hat's off to members of our 'great British public' for this 
Blimey these lovely chaps have only gone and added sound to what was a muted episode dated 25/2/1971 presented of course by our Jimmy ! It's very interesting on a number of levels. One being this


Now, watch the whole thing and see what's actually happening in that little enclave gathered about Jimmy. He's obviously very excited about his forthcoming 'stroll' from John O Groats despite the fact the girls won't be there cos they are playing football 

Jimmy tells us about his plans for the weekend, for Sunday anyway "Don't forget John O' Groats, haff past three Sunday" He's talking about the start of the first of his mammoth nationwide charity walks. Many folk get the route the wrong way round, but no, thanks to Jimmy, we know where he started, where he finished, and, thanks to me and our enemies with their FOI requests, we also know what he did along the way ! Starting with the Nationwide televison crew
 Being interviewed in Scotland by someone called Alistair Campbell 
 Various recordings of his radio show along the way

So, that's the whole of March 1971 taken care of guys and gals. I'm very grateful to Chris for sending me the link to this episode of Top of the Pops. I'll leave you to watch it and make your own mind up ! 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Top of the pops a rehearsal

Strewth, I hope the dame's crew have spoken to the right people. I mean, Top of the Pops didn't make itself, there were cameramen, sound engineers etc etc. And, just as the prosecution came across that clip of Sylvia Edwards enjoying herself, I have come across this ! Goodness Gracious, a film of rehearsals in 1975.
 Yes, indeedy, yodel yodel, how's about that then ! A place for everyone and everyone had their place. On the set that is. And, if someone was say, standing next to a presenter then they had been put there. 
It's short but it's useful. We can hear a female voice directing the camera's, while a member of the crew, doubles as presenter and artiste for the run through !

Look, how many people are there guys and gals ? Have they been contacted by the dame ? Let's wait and see shall we ? In the meantime. I'll be a burrowing into what others said about the program, at the time. Folk who were there that is.
Short and sweet, better than long and boring .... sometimes

"Hold me close don't let me go, oh no. You, I love you and I think that ya know .. with your love light shining, every cloud has a silver lining, so "


Friday, 22 January 2016

He had his hand up my skirt !!!

Goodness, they're all coming out of the woodwork since the report was 'leaked'. I've kind of done Steven George (Broadmoor) to death, but one tale teller I haven't taken much notice of, is the woman who claims to have been 'molested' on camera during an episode of Top of the Pops ! 
What a find this woman was, especially as we have video evidence to peruse. Today, the press have kindly provided the clip featuring the alleged molestation in this article. 

Ms Edwards is described as 'struggling to get away from Jimmy Savile' according to the mail. 
Note, no mention of a skirt here but the sun toilet paper does
 As happy as Ms Edwards looks in the clip, she claims to have been so shocked and distressed, that she went straight to a 'floor manager' to complain !
Did the Dame really decide that this was one of 'two quite serious indecent assaults' ? Really ?

Ms Edwards first came to our attention in October 2012. Naturally, she was in some demand, being the first Savile complainant to have proof that something took place between her and Savile. It's certainly clear that she was spooked, but distressed ? Judge for yourself and don't just look at her, look at the faces of the girls around her. 

 This is a still a few seconds into the incident. The blonde girl right behind her can clearly see what's happening, but doesn't seem perturbed at all. In the next image we see another face with a clear view of what's happening and agin, no revulsion, quite the opposite 

Remember, these girls have been placed where they are. Sylvia is telling the truth when she says she's 'trapped' there. But, for the life of me, I cannot see any distress in her face or general demeanor. My conclusion is that he's tickling her because she's moving in a way that everyone moves when they are being tickled. Had that hand been up her skirt, or under her bum, her reaction would, I'd say be very different. To be fair, I'm not sure what this girl in the middle's face indicates, judge for yourself 
As usual, we in the Jimmy camp, have so little to work with. Had this been a trial, a trial of facts even, I'd be wanting to see the whole film, especially what came AFTER this. WHY ? because of Sylvia's claim that she told a BBC 'boss' straight away.

This leads me to believe that filming continued after this incident. The problem with that being the fact that the program was being transmitted live (correct me if I'm wrong) and what followed was the LAST track followed by the credits. There was no more filming to be done. Certainly not in the film I've watched ! 

Dear me, where do they get these people from ? The so-called investigators that is, not Sylvia I mean. After all, she's just making something out of nothing, they, on the other hand should know better. It will be interesting to see if this incident is reported on in the final 'draft' of the dame's report. Especially the bit where her team question the others present at that show. After all, that's what would happen in court, isn't it ? It wasn't just one person organising that audience that night, that part of Sylvia's story rings true !
Oh, and I'd also want someone to see if they can spot the skirt she claims to have been wearing. Because from what I can see, she isn't wearing one. I am not 100 % but she appears to be wearing black leggings. At one point her hand goes between her own legs, something a lady doesn't do when she's wearing a skirt. 
I call into evidence, a good quality copy of the footage. If anyone can find one that is ! 

BTW, the last track was not live, it was filmed footage of Chicago, If you leave me now. 

Addendum someone on twitter has just pointed out that leggings were not in fashion back then. I had meant to add the words, or thick black tights, to that sentence. I really cannot see a skirt though !